There are numerous myths and misconceptions about creatine’s unwanted side effects.

Some are critical (“Creatine causes kidney stones”), whereas others are extra innocuous (“Creatine retains you awake”).

Such misinformation deters many from taking creatine and leveraging its varied advantages. 

On this article, you’ll be taught science-based solutions to the highest 10 questions I get about creatine’s unwanted side effects.

1. Will Creatine Make You Fats?


As I clarify in my health books for women and men, Larger Leaner Stronger or Thinner Leaner Stronger, consuming extra energy than you burn is the one solution to achieve fats. 

That stated, your weight could enhance whereas supplementing with creatine for 2 causes: initially, it might trigger you to retain extra water, and in the long term, it might promote muscle development.

2. Will Creatine Make You Larger?


Analysis reveals that creatine will increase the quantity of water held in muscle cells, making your muscle seem larger.

It additionally positively impacts nitrogen stability and the expression of sure genes, which helps you achieve measurement by boosting muscle development

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3. Can Creatine Trigger Zits?

There’s no proof that creatine causes pimples or makes present pimples worse. 

In truth, some analysis means that topical creatine can enhance the pores and skin’s look by defending towards oxidative and UV injury. It could additionally stimulate collagen synthesis, tightening saggy pores and skin and decreasing wrinkles. 

4. Can Creatine Trigger Hair Loss?

One examine by scientists at Stellenbosch College discovered that creatine raised ranges of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, a hormone that hastens hair loss in vulnerable males.

Particularly, they discovered that the usual protocol of taking 20 grams of creatine each day for every week, adopted by 5 grams each day for two weeks, elevated DHT ranges in male rugby gamers by ~40-to-60%.

That stated, the examine had a number of limitations (one being they didn’t really measure hair loss, only a hormone usually related to it), and scientists haven’t replicated the outcomes since. Thus, there’s scant proof creatine causes hair loss.

5. Can Creatine Trigger Kidney Stones?

There’s no proof creatine causes kidney stones, even in individuals with a historical past of kidney stones.

Equally, analysis reveals that creatine doesn’t put undue stress on the kidneys or elevate creatinine (a substance your physique creates when metabolizing creatine that may point out kidneys points) to dangerous ranges.

What research do present, nonetheless, is that creatine doesn’t trigger kidney injury of any sort, offered you’ve got wholesome kidneys to start with. 

6. Can Creatine Trigger Complications?

There’s no proof creatine causes complications. 

A attainable motive some individuals expertise complications after they complement with creatine is that they prepare more durable and, thus, sweat extra, inflicting them to dehydrate, which may exacerbate headache signs. 

To keep away from dehydration, drink to thirst earlier than, throughout, and after your exercise. 

7. Can Creatine Trigger Excessive Blood Strain?

There’s no proof creatine causes hypertension.

Creatine causes your muscle cells to carry extra water. In principle, growing “intracellular water” could trigger blood quantity to rise, elevating blood stress. 

Nevertheless, a number of research present that creatine has no vital impact on blood stress. 

8. Will Creatine Make You Bloated?

Throughout the first 5-to-7 days of supplementing with creatine, taking a better dose of 20 grams per day can velocity up creatine accumulation in your muscle tissues (a method known as “loading”). 

For those who load creatine, your physique could retain extra water than if you happen to took smaller doses, probably resulting in a short lived feeling of bloating. That stated, most of this water will probably be contained in your muscle tissues, which makes them look larger (not your stomach). 

For those who’re anxious about this potential bloating impact, skip a loading section and take 3-to-5 grams each day as a substitute. Analysis reveals this can enhance your efficiency by about the identical quantity as “loading” 20 grams of creatine per day, however has a decrease likelihood of inflicting bloating or abdomen discomfort. 

9. Will Creatine Preserve You Awake?


Creatine isn’t a stimulant, so it gained’t maintain you awake if you happen to take it earlier than bedtime.

That stated, some animal analysis suggests taking creatine reduces whole and deep sleep length. 

Whereas decreasing sleep length and high quality normally harms psychological and bodily efficiency, different research present that taking creatine makes you mentally and bodily sharper, even when sleep disadvantaged.

Whereas speculative, this might imply creatine reduces your want for sleep and offsets any unfavorable results of inadequate sleep amount and high quality. 

10. Are Creatine Dietary supplements Secure?


Analysis reveals supplementing with creatine is secure, even when taking massive each day doses (30 grams per day) for a number of years.