Why You Have an Urge To Pee Extra on Your Interval


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Have you ever felt such as you’re heading to the toilet greater than typical throughout your interval? And, though you won’t be consuming greater than typical, does it really feel such as you continuously need to pee? If you happen to’ve skilled this, you are not alone—apart from cramps, frequent peeing might be my most annoying interval symptom. So, I requested a number of consultants whether or not or not I used to be imagining issues. (Spoiler alert: I am not.)

Why does extra frequent peeing occur

Hormonal modifications are a major trigger. “Previous to the interval, a hormone known as progesterone is elevated,” says Samantha M. Dunham, MD, an OB/GYN. “When the progesterone ranges drop, which happens each month to set off menses, there’s a fluid shift within the physique. This releases loads of fluid and infrequently makes individuals need to pee extra.”

Stress in your bladder could cause that urge, too. “The contraction, which is felt as interval cramps, causes stress in your bladder, which is able to make you are feeling like you should pee,” says Rebeka Raczz, NP, a girls’s well being nurse practitioner at Deliberate Parenthood in New York Metropolis. “Resulting from this stress, generally you don’t even have that a lot urine in your bladder, so it might simply really feel like you should pee even for those who don’t.”

Is extra frequent peeing one thing to fret about

If it occurs to you each month, it is regular. In any other case, it could possibly be an indication of one other problem. “If it’s a brand new incidence, they need to see a physician to make sure the frequent urination will not be an indication of one other drawback,” Dr. Dunham says. “Urinary tract infections, and generally sexually transmitted infections, can present up.”

Racz agrees that an ongoing urinary problem that worsens with every interval—particularly if it entails not having the ability to really go—means you need to contact your supplier, as a UTI could possibly be the issue. Noticing ache whereas peeing, blood in your urine or different signs that negatively have an effect on your high quality of life, are additionally indicators it’s a good suggestion to see a physician, Dr. Dunham provides.

Can something forestall or reduce this fixed urge

If you happen to’re busy like I’m, you know the way annoying a visit to the toilet each hour could be—and how necessary not holding it in is. Fortunately, there are some issues you are able to do to minimize your urge.

Avoiding fluid retention as a lot as doable can really assist. To attenuate fluid retention earlier than your interval, Dr. Dunham says you need to enhance fluid consumption and keep well-hydrated. “Avoiding salty meals additionally helps scale back fluid retention. Consuming extra crunchy veggies and fewer processed meals may help transfer fluids by way of our techniques.” Apart from consuming water, Racz recommends taking Advil or Ibuprofen to assist with cramps.

It’s also doable to handle the hormones instantly. “The opposite approach to forestall the progesterone plunge is to take a mixture contraceptive and suppress the hormonal ups and downs of a daily cycle,” Dr. Dunham says. Taking “the capsule” may help in a wide range of methods. “Contraception could be very efficient to alleviate cramping, and really painful durations is usually a signal of an underlying drawback,” Racz says.

Apart from that, you could have to stay it out. Peeing continuously in your interval is not any enjoyable, however at the least it solely lasts every week or much less, proper?

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