Why Water Tastes Candy After Intense Train


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The first gulps of water I’ve after a long term are scrumptious. They’re refreshing and life-giving, sure, however the water additionally tastes good. It really tastes candy, to be extra exact.

Which, once I stopped to consider it mid-gulp at some point, I discovered odd. Isn’t water a famously, um, impartial taste? And why does it style totally different after one in every of my lengthy runs?

I’m not imagining issues: A systematic overview of literature on the connection between style and train discovered that candy style depth and sensitivity will increase after acute train. Nevertheless, Jason Machowsky, an train physiologist and registered dietitian on the Hospital for Particular Surgical procedure in New York Metropolis, says why that’s really taking place will not be so clear.

“There doesn’t appear to be any well-researched causes for it,” Machowsky says. “There are, nevertheless, numerous theories.”

The primary speculation has to do with the concept of “heightened sensitivity.” Machowsky explains that there are minerals in water that do style candy to some individuals, and so after a strenuous exercise, these minerals may style much more noticeably sweeter.

In a associated (however semi-gross) clarification, your post-workout water might be dredging up outdated meals particles or residue in your mouth that you just’re re-tasting in a extra dramatic manner, due to that sensitivity.

Or one thing else might be happening completely. You’ll have heard of “ketosis,” the metabolic state by which the physique burns fats as an alternative of carbohydrates (attaining ketosis is the purpose of the keto weight-reduction plan). This state happens when glycogen shops (which come from carbohydrates) are depleted, so the physique turns to fats for vitality. What, moreover the keto weight-reduction plan, could cause somebody to run by means of their glycogen shops and use fats as an alternative? Intense, extended train.

Being in ketosis can have some bodily manifestations, together with—look forward to it—candy breath.

“A ‘candy’ taste or aroma to [the] breath is a byproduct of the breakdown of ketones for vitality,” says Machowsky. So consuming water and noticing a candy taste might come from the interplay of water and your personal breath. Nevertheless, Machowsky notes that this is able to solely come about if somebody is adhering to a strict ketogenic weight-reduction plan, or if they’ve accomplished “sustained exercise to considerably deplete your glycogen reserves.” So not simply any outdated exercise would trigger this—you’d possible have to be doing cardio train for about an hour and 45 minutes earlier than hitting this level.

The ketogenic state leading to candy breath will not be one thing you need to essentially aspire to. Particularly, for individuals with diabetes, a candy style or candy breath generally is a warning signal that their glycogen shops are low.

“Those that have diabetes who train when their blood sugar will not be properly regulated or too excessive (>250 mg/dL) might expertise ketone manufacturing, indicating their physique will not be correctly utilizing the glucose of their physique for vitality and could also be resorting to ketones as vitality,” Machowsky says. “Intense train can generally exacerbate that situation.”

That’s why Machowsky advises that “if you’re diabetic and your blood sugar is just too excessive, it could be finest to do low depth exercise (like strolling) or get your blood sugar again right into a safer vary earlier than beginning excessive depth train.”

It doesn’t matter what your post-workout water tastes like, you need to agree that the best way our our bodies gasoline our motion is fairly miraculous. So ensure you’re giving your self correct vitamin and loads of relaxation in between exercises so you’ll be able to preserve dwelling that candy life.


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