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Do you usually get up with a sore jaw? Do you appear to always have a morning headache? Or, has a beloved one ever instructed you that you simply have been grinding your enamel and clenching your jaw at night time? Tooth grinding, also called bruxism, is a comparatively widespread situation that impacts a lot of our sufferers. Whereas most of us could clench or grind our enamel sometimes, common enamel grinding if you are asleep can negatively have an effect on your oral well being if left unaddressed.

Why Do I Grind My Tooth at Evening?

Nocturnal enamel grinding will not be fully understood, however has a number of contributing components. In some circumstances, it’s the results of elevated daytime stress, nervousness, frustration, and anger, particularly for these with aggressive, aggressive, or perfectionist personalities. In different sufferers, grinding is a facet impact from elevated consumption of caffeine and/or alcohol, or the usage of leisure medicine, tobacco, or sure drugs, reminiscent of anti-depressants. For others, clenching or grinding enamel at night time is related to sleep apnea, a severe sleep problem that leads to interrupted respiratory all through the night time.

How Does Tooth Grinding Influence My Well being?

Not solely can enamel grinding disrupt your sleep and preserve you from getting the remaining your thoughts and physique want, it could actually have extreme penalties on your enamel. Persistent enamel grinding can put on down your enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity, discoloration, and an elevated susceptibility to decay. It may additionally break, chip, and loosen your enamel, in addition to trigger jaw ache and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).

How Do We Deal with Tooth Grinding?

If stress and nervousness are inflicting you to grind your enamel at night time, we could advocate in search of skilled remedy. Or, if the enamel grinding is brought on by sleep apnea, we could prescribe an oral equipment that you could put on at night time to enhance sleep high quality. A custom-fitted night time guard may shield your enamel from additional injury till the underlying reason for your bruxism is recognized.


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