Why Consuming Heat Water for Constipation Reduction Helps


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PSA: Your poop can inform you a lot about your well being. The most recent intel it has to supply comes from a TikTok posted by Kelly Peterson, DPT, who goes by @the.stomach.whisperer on the platform. For those who’re struggling to poop and/or bloated, Dr. Peterson’s web page is stuffed with ideas and tips to assist with constipation and pooping recurrently—like this colon therapeutic massage for constipation aid and this video on diaphragmatic respiration. However one latest tip she shared stood out: an excellent simple methodology that will help you poop extra recurrently.

No, critically, it is really easy: Drink heat water each morning and night time. Based on Dr. Peterson, this helps her poop one to 3 occasions a day.  “It stimulates my bowels and makes my tummy really feel nice,” she writes within the feedback part of the video. And no, your morning cup of sizzling espresso does not fairly depend—she says she drinks a glass of heat water earlier than consuming her espresso.

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In Ayurveda, an historic, holistic drugs follow that originated in India, it is suggested to drink heat or room temperature water for optimum digestion. “Chilly liquid slows down your entire digestive system by constricting blood movement to the abdomen and intestines and slowing enzyme secretion, which in turns may cause lymphatic stagnation and a slower metabolism,” Surya Spa founder Martha Soffer beforehand advised Properly+Good. “Room temperature and heat water, nevertheless, have the other impact, serving to enhance circulation to your digestive system and stimulating your ‘agni,’ or digestive fireplace.”

Consuming heat water, like water of any temperature, additionally helps you keep hydrated, which is key for wholesome poops.

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