Why Blue Balls or Blue Vulva Might Be a Secret to Pleasure


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The unhappy fact is that the majority of us have been socialized to imagine that “blue balls”—a time period that basically describes genital discomfort following arousal that does not lead to ejaculation—is among the many worst ache a penis-haver can endure. There’s additionally a layer of blame hooked up to its incidence, as in “Ugh, you gave me blue balls, and now I am so uncomfortable.” The subtext right here is that somebody ought to really feel private guilt for his or her companion experiencing blue balls—maybe to an extent that leads them to have interaction in sexual play past their consolation zone.

On this approach, the “blue ball” fable—extra in a while why it’s, certainly, a fable and never trigger for medical concern—has lengthy been used to excuse sexual coercion and non-consensual behaviors. (The particular person enduring it could persuade their companion to have interaction in intercourse acts to alleviate the feeling.) However, when not used on this problematic framework, the essence of “blue balls power” can really degree up a sexual expertise.

Forward, sexologists break down precisely what “blue balls” imply (and, crucially do not imply). Plus, they clarify how people with any genitalia can use the bodily sensation related to the time period to really maximize pleasure. In reality, with a constructive rebrand that facilities consent, it stands to take your solo or partnered pleasure observe to new heights.

The learn deal on blue balls (and blue vulva)

Formally generally known as epididymal hypertension, in accordance with the Worldwide Society for Sexual Drugs (ISSM), the time period names the bodily sensation an individual would possibly expertise when aroused for an prolonged time frame with out reaching orgasm.

And regardless of the title’s implication, “blue balls” don’t discriminate by intercourse: As any vulva-owner who has ever had a vibrator lose cost in the midst of a solo sesh is aware of, penis-owners aren’t the one individuals who can expertise some bodily discomfort after being on the verge of orgasm and never attending to the end line. When “blue balls” occur to vulva-owners, it’s generally known as both “blue vulva” or “pink pelvis.”

However whereas blue balls and blue vulva are a factor by this definition, they’re hardly the worst ache a person can expertise, says Jordan Soper, PsyD, CST, licensed intercourse therapist with Promescent, a sexual wellness model: “The feeling could also be uncomfortable, however it isn’t damaging, lethal, or lasting,” she says, including that it usually takes a couple of minutes to go away. Moreover, in accordance with intercourse educator Searah Deysach, proprietor of pleasure-product firm Early to Mattress, experiencing it’s really a superb signal on your physique’s sexual functioning, suggesting that you just’re ready to reply to arousing or sexual contact.

“The feeling could also be uncomfortable, however it isn’t damaging, lethal, or lasting.” —Jordan Soper, PsyD, licensed intercourse therapist

Understanding precisely how on earth blue balls or vulva may recommend such a factor requires an understanding the sexual response cycle. Devised by early intercourse researchers, the sexual response cycle says sexual encounters usually begin with need, earlier than evolving to pleasure after which orgasm.

When a person begins to get sexually excited, blood circulate is directed to the genitals, Dr. Soper says, which is the physique physiologically readying itself for the sexual expertise. In vulva-owners the rise in blood circulate to the genitals helps the pure lubrication course of, in addition to engorges the clitoris, rising sensitivity. In folks with a penis, that is when the penis will get arduous and the scrotum contracts, she provides.

Throughout orgasm, the buildup of blood within the genitals releases. However what results in blue balls or blue vulva is a person shifting via the need and pleasure part of the sexual response cycle, however not shifting onto the final step—orgasm—which might enable the blood circulate to dissipate instantly, Dr. Soper says. In different phrases, regardless of blue balls popularly being thought to be a medical ailment, the incidence really means that the physique is optimally attaining need and pleasure.

Learn how to relieve blue balls or blue vulva

1. Attempt masturbating alone or within the presence of a companion

Although medically NBD, provided that the feeling will go away by itself quickly sufficient, an individual experiencing discomfort related to blue balls or blue vulva can take issues into their very own arms—actually. However when you don’t need to look ahead to the blood to maneuver again to your limbs naturally, the ISSM suggests masturbating.

In case your companion(s) are nonetheless in your presence, you will want their consent earlier than continuing. But when they provide it, know that touching your self after a partnered sexual expertise, whether or not solo or subsequent to a consenting companion(s), may be a good way to finish the sexual response cycle, Dr. Soper says. Masturbating permits you focus by yourself orgasm, which may be helpful for individuals who have hassle with partnered orgasm for any cause, together with a psychological block.

2. Embrace the facility of edging

Another choice for navigating blue balls or blue vulva is to lean into orgasm denial or edging, which includes deliberately delaying or denying your self (or one other particular person, consensually) an orgasm to be able to improve long-term sexual pleasure, in accordance with Deysach. “Intentional orgasm denial builds up pressure within the physique in order that when the orgasm lastly occurs, it feels greater and extra intense,” she says.

Dr. Soper provides that orgasm denial can extend a sexual encounter, whether or not practiced throughout solo, partnered, or multi-partnered play, typically in a BDSM context to solidify a dom/sub relationship: “Partaking in delaying or forbidding orgasm is utilized in energy play dynamics to be able to improve sensation, solidify the facility place of the dominant social gathering, or as a result of it’s part of the submissive’s kink,” she says.

No matter why you’re exploring orgasm denial, know that doing so in a partnered relationship may improve connectivity, says Deysach. “Whenever you observe edging or orgasm delay with a companion, you actually must be paying very shut consideration to what your lover is experiencing to be able to guarantee that they don’t orgasm too shortly,” she says. This will, in flip, give method to a deeper sense of intimacy.

In the end, although, simply do not forget that neither blue balls nor blue vulva are irregular, unhealthy, or probably the most painful factor on this planet. And in case you are experiencing a degree of discomfort that’s impacting your day by day functioning, it is best to hunt medical help.


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