Who Are Leos Most (and Least) Appropriate With?


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Leo is dominated by the solar and is a daring, big-personality signal of the zodiac, in addition to a set signal, that means they’re fairly set of their methods and fewer open to altering themselves for a associate. However who’re Leos suitable with?

“Leos are sympathetic, big-hearted, conscientious, pure leaders, and are usually in style, protecting, energetic, self-sufficient, and motivating,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, religious healer, counselor and astrologer at The Better of Psychic Reader. This positivity could make for lots of enjoyable and journey, and so they have a pure approach of creating others smile and revel in life with them.

Nonetheless, they can be too self-absorbed and anxious about the way in which they’re perceived at instances, and infrequently prioritize themselves and preserve their want for recognition and esteem, first.

“Leos can be possessive, narrow-minded, self-conscious, approval-obsessed, and a spotlight looking for,” says Newman, the place their ego can get in the way in which of a cheerful relationship except it’s nicely managed and humbled. Indicators most suitable with leo will search for a daring, “star” of the zodiac to indicate off, and so they’ll be capable of deal with any theatrics that will include courting a Leo.

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1. Leo with Aries

Aries is a fireplace signal and one of many preferrred indicators suitable with Leo. Aries are usually intelligent and understanding, with a fiery vitality that matches nicely with Leo’s persona, wants and way of life.

“Aries can readily meet Leo’s necessities and so they can do nice issues in life in the event that they work collectively, the place Leos can use their associate’s highly effective qualities to realize their objectives in life,” says Newman. They possess related requirements and love of life, and so they’re higher capable of belief and open up for a profitable and long-term relationship. They overcome adversity as a dynamic duo.

2. Leo with Libra

Libra is an air signal and should present companions with unconditional love and luxury, that are two requirements that Leo lovers ask for and worth most. “All of Leo’s needs could also be fulfilled with Libra and so they change into an influence couple once they get collectively,” says Newman.

What’s extra, there’s a wealthy foundational friendship, too. “The friendship is strengthened by their commonalities and heightened by their variances in persona, and so they each are arduous staff and complement each other,” says Newman.

Libra is all about romance and concord, and so will typically go the additional mile to win Leo over and maintain on tight. “Libras are givers who like gratifying their companions, which Leo will worth,” says Newman.

3. Leo with Gemini

Gemini is an air signal and one other nice match as one of many prime indicators suitable with Leo. “Each are nice and welcoming personalities, which can rapidly seize the hearts of one another,” says Newman.

Based on Newman, Gemini is notorious for being bored rapidly, and extra simply than different indicators; nonetheless, Leo thrives on journey and enjoyable, so collectively they’ll get pleasure from new, thrilling experiences as an influence couple. Plus, Leo likes to shine and stand out, which may preserve a Gemini entertained for a very long time.

“One other factor to think about is that Gemini is a water signal, which implies they by no means compete with a Leo associate, and as an alternative, help them in attaining their success,” says Newman.

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1. Leo with Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth signal, and very like Leo, additionally occurs to crave the limelight and may be very persistent in protecting it, moderately than sharing it with a associate. “Each companions would start the battle for energy, and neither is prepared to surrender,” says Newman. This could create jealousy and aggressive vitality, which may result in obstacles and resentment and stop the connection from progressing or creating additional.

Even when there’s not a gift state of affairs that requires comparability, such emotions are likely to linger and change into extra continual, by nature. “As a result of they’re holding grudges towards one another, each companions fail to know one another’s emotions,” says Newman, making Capricorn one of many least advantageous indicators suitable with Leo.

2. Leo with Virgo

Virgo is one other earth signal, and they’re clever and sensible, and so they have a forward-thinking angle that’s intentional and analytical, which sadly Leo doesn’t get pleasure from an excessive amount of. “Leos wish to stay within the present second,” explains Newman, and so they place a better emphasis on having enjoyable and seizing the current alternative for pleasure and pleasure.

“Virgo is extremely mental, and it might be an excessive amount of for Leo, the place they might change into rivals,” says Newman. Because of this, they battle to type a optimistic connection and may’t maintain the connection.

3. Leo with Most cancers

Most cancers is a water signal, and Cancerians are usually too passionate and emotional for a Leo associate. “Leos are wise and revel in making an attempt new issues, whereas Most cancers is typical in pondering and in issues of relationships, and so this relationship typically seems one-sided,” says Newman.

Finally, they do vibe too nicely and have completely different approaches to life and the center. What’s extra, Leo loves consideration and may be self-absorbed, at instances, in order that they’re extra unwilling to try to perceive or fear about Most cancers’s sensitivity and emotional temper swings.

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