What Is Fascia Flossing? The Mobility Methodology, Defined


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If you do not floss your tooth each evening, your dental hygienist will most likely warn you about gingivitis throughout an additional lengthy teeth-cleaning session. However because it seems, your pearly whites aren’t the one factor in your physique that may profit from the follow. Your fascia (aka connective tissue) wants a bit of flossing every so often, too.

If proper about now you are considering, I’ve so many questions! What’s fascia? And the way do I floss it? This is the deal: “Fascia is the physique’s scaffolding, a matrix of hydrated, semi-crystalline collagen fibers in various strengths and interweaving patterns that wraps round our organs, bones, tendons, ligaments, mind matter, and extra,” says Bonnie Crotzer, founding father of the fascia-focused motion methodology The Floss.

If not for fascia, our our bodies would basically collapse. “With out the strain and compression of the connective tissue community, we might haven’t any type,” explains Crotzer. “Fascia takes on the [shape] of no matter it’s wrapping whereas sustaining separation—for instance between organs—and creating steady connectivity all through the physique.” TL;DR: It is actually essential—and never simply bodily talking.

A rising physique of analysis signifies that our fascia acts as an archive of our most emotional and distressing experiences. Most notably, trauma. “Latest analysis has proven that every one previous traumas, each bodily and psychological, are saved throughout the fascia, inflicting its pure type to be disrupted and hardened to carry the physique in a distressed state,” says Crotzer.

Taking it a step additional, analysis signifies that—left alone—fascia can harden and impair motion and circulation. “So after we really feel a knot in any muscle, it’s a construct up of fluid, toxins, adhesions, and scar tissue throughout the fascia that’s unable to maneuver throughout the lymphatic system of the physique,” says Crotzer.atic system of the physique,” says Crotzer.

Thankfully, there are a variety of the way to care on your fascia whereas enhancing your mobility and flexibility within the course of. Forward, Crotzer provides you the 411 on fascia flossing, its advantages, and 5 straightforward strikes you’ll be able to attempt at this time. (No extra muscle gingivitis for you, fam.)

So, what’s fascia flossing?

“Fascia flossing, a time period that I coined in 2019, describes the simultaneous elongation and contraction of main muscle teams dictated by Conventional Chinese language Drugs (TCM) meridians,” says Crotzer. In TCM, meridians are 12 vitality (or “Qi”) passageways by means of the physique which are usually utilized in acupuncture. For instance, the center meridian runs out of your armpit to the tip of your pinky finger. (Attempt extending one arm straight out to your facet, and holding your hand out like a cease signal. Gently tilt your neck the alternative method, and you will most likely really feel your coronary heart meridian stretching and activating.)

In fascia flossing, elongating and contracting the fascia alongside these meridians creates what Crotzer calls “inner exfoliation,” which breaks up outdated connective tissue, and releases toxins saved within the fascia.

All of this sounds actually sophisticated (and hey, it’s), however in follow, you’ll be able to consider fascia flossing as intentional stretch and mobility work. And for those who’re somebody who’s ever used a foam curler or therapeutic massage ball, you have already skilled a few of this within the type of self-myofascial launch (SMR), which focuses on releasing tight spots in fascia by means of therapeutic massage and manipulation of the connective tissue. However fascia flossing places an emphasis on mobilizing fascia alongside your meridian channels particularly of preserve blood (in addition to good vibes) flowing.

This 15-minute foam-foam curler self-massage video is a good instance of SMR in motion: 

The advantages of fascia flossing

We have talked a bunch about the advantages of fascia flossing, however simply to place a finer level on it, let’s assessment. Though fascia flossing is a brand new idea (and thus, wants extra concrete analysis), Crotzer explains that it gives a number of benefits for everyone. Like SMR, “fascia flossing alleviates scar tissue, densified fascia, and systemic stagnation for an virtually fast sense of improved mobility, rigidity reduction, and symmetrical posture,” she says. 

She provides that a few of her college students have skilled enchancment of their digestive and hormonal well being since starting their fascial flossing journey, which anecdotally is sensible seeing as de-stressing can have constructive impacts in your intestine and cortisol ranges. However, after all, everybody will expertise their very own private advantages. “As a practitioner who feels extra open and spacious of their physique, fascia flossing impacts the well being of the nervous system, relieving every day stress and ultimately serving to to resolve previous traumas,” provides Crotzer. Much like how sure yoga poses like hip openers can result in emotional releases and even tears.

With all this in thoughts, you are prepared to start out flossing your fascia.

5 fascia-flossing strikes to get you began

1. TMJ

Begin mendacity in your again with legs bent and toes flat on the ground. Cross your ankle over left thigh, simply above the knee (foot flexed). Press left knee into proper ankle for resistance, then drop each legs over to the best facet and slowly pull them again to heart. Repeat 10–30 occasions after which swap to the opposite facet.

The advantages: “This transfer is helpful for TMJ because the fascial tissue of the jaw and quad dwell on the identical meridian—the abdomen meridian in TCM—with the quad having the densest quantity of fascia alongside this explicit chain,” says Crotzer. “Because the fascia from the quad releases, it can enable the jaw to launch as properly.”

2. Higher-body floss

Begin on all fours with knees below hips and forearms on the ground so elbows are proper below shoulders. Forearms make a quantity 11, which means they’re parallel and palms are urgent down. Tuck your toes below, and slowly pulls your hips again to hover over your heels. Arms will straighten, and (with out transferring them) really feel like your dragging your elbows again towards your knees. Slowly pull your self ahead, lifting hips, transferring by means of all fours, and pushing your shoulders ahead of your elbows. Repeat rocking forwards and backwards 10 to 30 reps.

The advantages:This transfer helps open up the fascia across the higher again, lats, armpits and higher arms and is nice for transferring stagnant lymph. Nice for many who work at a desk and have a tendency to hunch of their higher physique,” says Crotzer.

3. Higher shoulder floss

Sit together with your toes flat on the ground knees broad with elbows contained in the knees, arms collectively, palms urgent into each other (you’ll be able to watch Crotzer demo this within the second video above at 16:40). Protecting arms collectively, unfold elbows broad urgent out to open knees, then squeeze knees closed to deliver elbows collectively, lengthening the backbone to sit down up taller as you do. Repeat 5 to 10 occasions.

The advantages: This floss is nice for relieving rigidity across the neck and traps, and permits the shoulder to retract. It may additionally help digestion as it’s activating the small gut meridian in TCM,” says Crotzer.

4. Hamstring floss

Come right into a kneeling lunge with proper foot ahead. The left leg stays again with left knee on mat, toes untucked, and torso over the best quad. Arms are straight by sides, arms below shoulders and eitherbe on the ground (propped up on finger suggestions) or you’ll be able to deliver them onto two blocks or books to deliver the bottom nearer (demo at time stamp: 3:28 within the video above). Flex proper toes as much as the sky, digging heel into the mat, energetically pulling again in area (it gained’t actually transfer backward) as you sit your hips again over left heel and straighten entrance leg. Come again to beginning place bringing proper foot down and lunging ahead to really feel stretch throughout the quad and hip of your left leg. Repeat 10 to 30 occasions on both sides.

The advantages: This floss permits the pelvis to come back again into impartial place and stack the backbone with extra space between every vertebra, which relieves the low again and helps an erect posture,” says Crotzer, including that extra time this transfer might also launch neck ache.

5. Pelvic floss

Lie in your again with a pillow below your head and press your left foot right into a wall. Cross your proper ankle over your left thigh, simply above the knee. Create rigidity by urgent left thigh into proper heel and proper heel into left thigh. Then use arms to hug proper knee into chest, then use palms to press it gently away from you. Repeat 10 to 30 occasions on both sides.

The advantages: Do that floss for low again help and to vary the performance in your glutes,” says Crotzer. You have a tendency to carry a whole lot of rigidity in your hips, so don’t be shocked if this motion makes you extra emotional, in addition to cell.

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