What Is a Cazimi? An Astrologer Explains This Facet


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The solar is without doubt one of the strongest forces we all know. Casting its ever-present rays and shrouding us in heat, the star on the middle of our photo voltaic system has lengthy been worshipped in numerous cultures for its life-giving properties. From an astrological perspective, the solar can also be thought to spark vitality and vitality, and in flip, to spice up the power and energy of any planet with which it varieties an in depth connection or conjunction. This alignment is what astrologers name cazimi, an idea that first appeared across the sixth or seventh century within the works of the Hellenistic astrologer Rhetorius.

When referring to cazimi, astrologers usually converse of a planet being within the coronary heart of the solar. This poetic parlance is definitely a mirrored image of the phrase’s origin, derived from the Arabic time period kaṣmīmi, which suggests “as if within the coronary heart.”

What, precisely, is a cazimi, and the way does it have an effect on us?

As famous above, a planet is cazimi when it varieties an in depth conjunction with the solar. However what does shut imply? Medieval astrologers outline this as a planet being inside 17 minutes of the arc of the solar, whereas in different traditions, the proximity between the 2 might be as much as one zodiacal diploma (which accounts for 60 minutes). Whatever the exact definition, we are able to expertise the energetic results of this astrological phenomenon for hours earlier than and after the precise conjunction.

When a cazimi happens, the qualities that the planet embodies are considered purified, strengthened, and extra vastly illuminated.

When a cazimi happens, the qualities of the planet concerned are considered purified, strengthened, and extra vastly illuminated. Basically, the closeness of the solar is believed to fortify the planet’s vitality, making it a good time of auspiciousness for all of the traits and realms of life related to the planet. (Discuss a planet having star energy!)

For many planets, cazimi happens as soon as per 12 months—when the planet’s orbit aligns with that of the solar—whereas, for a faster-moving planet (like Mercury), it could possibly happen a number of instances yearly. And if we take the moon into consideration, there’s a lunar cazimi month-to-month, on the moments simply earlier than and after the brand new moon, when the moon traces up instantly with the solar.

Whereas all of us have entry to the inspiration that every cazimi presents, if the cazimi planet can also be the planetary ruler in your solar, moon, or rising signal, you might discover it particularly straightforward to attach with the rays of alternative out there.

Under, you will discover an exploration of every of the eight planetary cazimis; mark your calendar for the upcoming ones, whereas additionally reflecting again to the previous to see what could have unfolded for those that already occurred this 12 months. Contemplating how every cazimi could have given your life a singular enhance may help you higher harness its vitality the following time it rolls round.

What you may count on from the eight cazimis in astrology

Mercury cazimi

On the day of the Mercury cazimi, discover how your thoughts could really feel brighter and your communication extra coherent. Mercury is the planet of knowledge and journey, and all issues in these realms are dialed up by the solar’s proximity.

Conversations can change into portals for dynamic studying and assist us join with others who’re concerned about topics we maintain close to and pricey. We even have the power to house in on the important info inside a sea of knowledge. Cosmic downloads abound; be open to receiving them, particularly in case you’re a Gemini or Virgo, that are the indicators most affected by this cazimi.

2023 dates: January 7, March 17, Could 1, July 1, September 6, October 20, December 22
2024 dates: February 28, April 11, June 14, August 18, September 30, December 5

Venus cazimi

When love-planet Venus rests within the coronary heart of the Solar, pure love shines. We will entry crystalline readability relating to what has worth and what doesn’t, in addition to learn how to treasure our personal value. Magnificence, pleasure, and delight reign, and the richness that comes by relationships can change into that rather more obvious.

Areas of life usually related to female vitality additionally flourish underneath the Venus cazimi, and we could really feel extra captivated by the facility of attract and seduction. That is notably true for Taurus and Libra, the Venusian indicators particularly impacted by this cazimi.

2023 date: August 13
2024 date: June 4

Mars cazimi

When Mars conjoins with the solar, we are able to entry a storehouse of vitality and willpower to gasoline us within the pursuit of our goals. In any case, Mars is the planet of motion and initiation, and with the additional energy of the solar, it solely follows that these qualities will really feel that rather more potent.

Underneath Mars cazimi, we need to combat the nice combat and champion causes that ignite our spirit. There’s additionally a laser-like high quality to this alignment, which turns our consciousness towards what it’s that we need and encourages us to hunt it out. Moreover, we are able to achieve extra understanding into the basis of our anger—one other emotion related to Mars—and see what actually conjures up our ire. Aries and Scorpio are the indicators that may particularly resonate with the Mars cazimi.

2023 date: November 18
(No 2024 Mars cazimi happens)

Jupiter cazimi

Throughout a Jupiter cazimi, we could really feel swathed in positivity and risk. Jupiter is the planet of luck and auspicious vitality, that are additional emphasised underneath the solar’s rays.

Glasses could seem half-full quite than half-empty. Not solely will we faucet into an urge to increase our world, however we are able to additionally extra readily join with the steps we have to take to take action. A philosophical orientation lights our path, our beliefs tackle larger import, and answering “why” questions can conjure distinctive delight, particularly for Pisces and Sagittarius, who’re favored by this cazimi.

2023 date: April 11
2024 date: Could 18

Saturn cazimi

When taskmaster Saturn meets the solar, we are able to faucet right into a cache of dedication and self-discipline. The planet of construction is related to boundaries and laborious work, and leaning into each feels particularly fruitful underneath Saturn cazimi.

By prizing the worth of robust foundations, we are able to craft blueprints to assist us entry long-term success. We additionally really feel the necessity to transfer slowly with a purpose to be sure that we don’t skip any steps vital to maximise productiveness, effectivity, and sustainability in each final result. Capricorn and Aquarius, specifically, will see the place time might be an ally and the knowledge of expertise a useful asset underneath Saturn cazimi.

2023 date: February 16
2024 date: February 28

Uranus cazimi

The winds of change blow strongly on the Uranus cazimi, a day on which we are able to benefit from shaking issues up within the pursuit of progress. Uranus is the planet of innovation and ingenuity, and this alignment places each on a pedestal.

As we resist the established order, we are able to be taught new issues about our internal insurgent, extra clearly perceiving when it will get activated and why, and discovering new methods during which we are able to apply it to behalf of the frequent good. Detours could seem frequent; as you encounter them, contemplate how they could not truly be main you astray however as a substitute directing you to a path that may spark larger consciousness. As Uranus is Aquarius’s modern-day ruler, the water-bearer may also particularly jibe with this cazimi.

2023 date: Could 9
2024 date: Could 13

Neptune cazimi

Discuss a love fest. The Neptune cazimi conjures up us to see the sweetness and magic on the planet round us by turning up the amount on Neptunian realms of life, like spirituality, goals, and the collective consciousness.

There’s a chilled vibe to the day, as we extra readily understand the soulfulness that surrounds us and the way an ethereal interconnectivity weaves us all collectively. As we faucet into empathy and hook up with compassion, we can also discover it simpler to entry a movement state. There’s a peculiar readability to our goals—each our inspirations and nighttime visions—that may clue us into our personal instinct. And there is no signal that may entry this vitality fairly like dreamy Pisces.

2023 date: March 15
2024 date: March 17

Pluto cazimi

When Pluto connects with the solar, it is a highly effective second to let issues go—particularly that which has reached its expiration date and could also be holding us again from connecting to our innermost essence. Pluto is the planet of transformation, energy, dying, and rebirth, and all of those themes could floor extra readily underneath the Pluto cazimi.

This alignment encourages us to revel at nighttime and embrace our personal shadow sides, discover energy dynamics, and dive into the buried treasures that usually lie hidden in our subconsciousness. Pay attention to what’s coming to the floor for you and the sincere truths which may be revealed. Scorpio, specifically, will really feel empowered to dig deep underneath this cazimi and to look concern within the eye with the objective of loosening its grip.

2023 date: January 18
2024 date: January 20


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