Tips on how to Do the Romanian Deadlift: Kind, Advantages, and Variations


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At first blush, the Romanian deadlift appears to be like like a lazy or downright harmful model of the common deadlift.

Mockingly, it’s not a one-way ticket to snap metropolis, however one of many single greatest workout routines you are able to do for growing your hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, lats, and even your forearms.

It’s additionally straightforward to study, load, and program, and when it’s carried out appropriately, it’s additionally completely protected.

On this article, you’ll study what the Romanian deadlift is, which muscular tissues it really works, the advantages of the Romanian deadlift, Romanian deadlift with correct type, the very best Romanian deadlift options, and extra.


What Is a Romanian Deadlift?

The Romanian deadlift, also called the “RDL” or “barbell Romanian deadlift,” is a lower-body train that’s much like the traditional deadlift, nevertheless it targets your hamstrings and glutes greater than your again.

It obtained its title in 1990 when a Romanian Olympic weightlifter named Nicu Vlad was in San Francisco demonstrating an train that regarded like a cross between a stiff-leg and standard deadlift. 

Somebody within the viewers requested what it was known as. He shrugged and stated it was simply one thing he did to strengthen his again. The U.S. Olympic weightlifting coach was there and prompt they name it the Romanian deadlift, and the remaining is historical past. 

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Romanian Deadlift vs. Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift and the traditional deadlift are comparable workout routines that practice comparable muscular tissues. 

The primary variations are that within the Romanian deadlift, your legs keep straighter, bending solely barely on the knees as you decrease the bar. You additionally solely decrease the bar to only under your knees or about mid-shin earlier than standing up once more (not all the best way to the bottom, such as you do within the standard deadlift).

This implies the RDL emphasizes your hamstrings and glutes relatively than your again and quads. It additionally prevents you from lifting as a lot weight, which makes it significantly much less fatiguing than the traditional deadlift, and means you are able to do it extra typically with out sporting your self to a frazzle.

In the case of programming coaching, many individuals assume by way of deadlift vs. Romanian deadlift, however that is wrongheaded.

There’s no cause to decide on simply considered one of these workout routines. The most effective resolution for most individuals is to incorporate each workout routines in your program

A great way to do that is to program the Romanian deadlift after one other fatiguing lower-body train, just like the squat, on a day you aren’t doing one other deadlift variation (this lets you practice your whole “deadlift muscular tissues” no less than twice per week). 

That is additionally how I program the Romanian deadlift in my exercise applications for women and men, Greater Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger.

Romanian Deadlift: Muscle groups Labored

The primary muscular tissues labored by the Romanian deadlift are the . . . 

It additionally trains smaller muscular tissues just like the rhomboids, rear delts, infraspinatus, teres main and minor, and forearms to a lesser diploma, too.

Right here’s what the principle muscular tissues labored by the Romanian deadlift appear to be in your physique:


Back-Muscles-5 (1)

Romanian Deadlift: Advantages

1. It permits you to practice your posterior chain with out overreaching.

The primary cause individuals do the Romanian deadlift is to coach their hamstrings, glutes, and again with out beating themselves up with an excessive amount of standard deadlifting.

Analysis reveals the traditional deadlift continues to be the one greatest train for growing and strengthening all the main muscular tissues within the posterior chain (the muscular tissues on the again of your physique). 

It’s additionally extraordinarily taxing on the physique, although, which is why even superior powerlifters not often deadlift greater than as soon as per week and solely do just a few units in every exercise.

The Romanian deadlift is a compromise of types that allows you to practice lots of the similar muscular tissues with out risking overreaching or damage, which is why it’s a wonderful train to incorporate in your routine along with standard deadlifting. 

2. It trains your hamstrings eccentrically and in a stretched place.

There are two sorts of muscle motion throughout most resistance workout routines: Concentric and eccentric. Concentric actions contain shortening a muscle, like through the lifting portion of a biceps curl, and eccentric actions contain lengthening a muscle, like within the reducing portion of a biceps curl.

Analysis reveals that workout routines that emphasize the eccentric and practice your muscular tissues in a stretched place, just like the Romanian deadlift, are extremely efficient for constructing muscle. 

Whereas scientists aren’t totally positive why that is, their present greatest guess is that emphasizing the eccentric and inserting your muscular tissues beneath load after they’re stretched straight stimulates muscle protein synthesis and tremendously will increase anabolic (muscle-building) hormones.

3.  It permits you to practice your hamstring with heavy weights.

Usually talking, the extra weight you’ll be able to elevate, the extra power and muscle you’ll be able to achieve.

Sadly, most hamstring workout routines—the traditional deadlift excepted—don’t will let you deal with heavy weights.

For instance, workout routines such because the hamstring curl, hyperextension, and kettlebell swing are all nice workout routines for coaching the hamstrings, however are all types of awkward with heavy weights.

The RDL, then again, permits you to safely deal with heavy weight and progress recurrently, which suggests it’s splendid for constructing muscle and gaining power.

Romanian Deadlift: Kind

One of the best ways to study do the Romanian deadlift is to separate the train into three components: arrange, descend, and elevate.

16.PULL-Romanian Deadlift (1)

Step 1: Set Up

You’ll be able to arrange the Romanian deadlift in two methods: from a rack or from the ground.

Each are workable, however utilizing a rack makes it simpler to load the bar and prevents you losing vitality pulling the bar off the ground initially of every set.

When you have a rack accessible, place a barbell within the rack at in regards to the peak of your mid-thigh.

When you arrange from the ground, arrange the identical manner you’d for the traditional deadlift.

Stroll as much as the bar in order that it’s over your midfoot and place your ft about shoulder-width aside, then grip the bar barely outdoors of shoulder-width together with your palms dealing with towards you.

Rise up straight holding the bar (should you’re utilizing a rack, take just a few steps backward so that you’re away from the rack), take a deep breath of air into your stomach, increase your chest, and press your higher arms into your sides as should you had been attempting to crush oranges in your armpits.

Step 2: Descend

Flatten your again and decrease the weights towards the ground in a straight line whereas preserving your legs largely straight, permitting your butt to maneuver backward as you descend.

As soon as you are feeling a stretch in your hamstrings, bend your knees barely extra, and proceed reducing the weights till your decrease again begins to spherical—just under the knees for most individuals, and about mid-shin for many who are notably versatile.

Step 3: Carry

Whereas preserving your again flat, chest up, and knees barely bent, drive your hips ahead whereas pulling the bar straight up and return to the beginning place. It is a mirror picture of what you probably did through the descent.

Right here’s the way it ought to look whenever you put all of it collectively:


The Greatest Romanian Deadlift Exercise

If you wish to maximize muscle progress, analysis reveals that it’s greatest to coach your muscular tissues in numerous methods, from completely different instructions, and at completely different angles. 

For this reason it’s greatest to program the Romanian deadlift alongside different workout routines that practice your different lower-body muscular tissues, like this:

  • Barbell Again Squat: 3 units of 4-to-6 reps with 2-to-3 min relaxation
  • Romanian Deadlift: 3 units of 4-to-6 reps with 2-to-3 min relaxation
  • Leg Press: 3 units of 8-to-10 reps with 2-to-3 min relaxation
  • Seated Calf Increase: 3 units of 8-to-10 reps with 2-to-3 min relaxation

The Greatest Romanian Deadlift Options

1. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift with dumbbells (typically known as the “DB Romanian deadlift”) is strictly the identical because the barbell Romanian deadlift, solely as an alternative of utilizing a barbell you employ dumbbells.

The good thing about the dumbbell Romanian deadlift is that it permits you to practice by way of an extended vary of movement. That’s as a result of dumbbells are typically smaller than the burden plates you employ with a barbell, which suggests you’ll be able to descend decrease earlier than the weights contact the ground.

That stated, most individuals can elevate extra weight after they use a barbell, making the barbell variation barely higher for constructing muscle and gaining power.

(Tip: When you don’t have entry to dumbbells you should utilize kettlebells. The kettlebell Romanian deadlift trains your muscular tissues in precisely the identical manner because the dumbbell Romanian deadlift—the one distinction is you employ kettlebells as an alternative of dumbbells.)

2. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

The single-leg Romanian deadlift, or “one-leg Romanian deadlift,” is similar because the common Romanian deadlift, besides you carry out it utilizing one leg at a time. You may also carry out the single-leg Romanian deadlift together with your physique weight (pictured above), a pair of dumbbells (or kettlebells), or a band, relatively than a barbell.

The primary advantages of the single-leg Romanian deadlift are that it has an extended vary of movement than the common Romanian deadlift, which is mostly higher for muscle progress, and it trains either side of your physique independently, which suggests it’s helpful for figuring out and night out any power or muscle imbalances you may need.

The draw back, although, is you could’t use practically as a lot weight as you’ll be able to with the common Romanian deadlift, and sustaining your stability turns into tougher as you get stronger.

For this reason I like to recommend you stick with the normal Romanian deadlift, and solely use single-leg deadlift variations whenever you don’t have entry to a barbell (when touring, for instance).

3. Banded Romanian Deadlift

Banded Romanian Deadlift

The banded Romanian deadlift is an effective Romanian deadlift different should you wish to work out at residence or whereas touring and have restricted area and tools. 

Nonetheless, the banded Romanian deadlift isn’t optimum for one cause: Whenever you use a resistance band, you don’t place your muscular tissues beneath a lot rigidity after they’re stretched. This makes the banded Romanian deadlift much less efficient for constructing muscle than the barbell and dumbbell variations, which is why you must solely use it whenever you don’t have entry to a barbell or dumbbells.

FAQ #1: Romanian deadlift vs. Stiff leg deadlift: Which is best?

The stiff-leg deadlift is sort of similar to the Romanian deadlift besides the bar begins and finishes every rep on the ground. 

Analysis reveals that the stiff-leg deadlift is an effective deadlift variation for glute, hamstrings, and lower-back improvement as a result of it has a protracted vary of movement.

Nonetheless, most individuals can’t elevate as a lot weight utilizing the stiff-leg deadlift as they will with the RDL, it may be uncomfortable should you don’t have good flexibility or you probably have lower-back points, and it may be troublesome to study. For this reason most individuals favor the Romanian deadlift to the stiff-leg deadlift, and why it’s the variation I like to recommend in my applications for males and ladies.

FAQ #2: Is the Romanian deadlift protected to your again?

Supplied you employ correct type, sure.

Analysis reveals that the traditional deadlift (which entails a really comparable motion to the Romanian deadlift) is completely protected and will even assist to forestall lower-back accidents.

FAQ #3: Are you able to do the Romanian deadlift on the Smith machine?


The Smith machine Romanian deadlift in all probability isn’t fairly as efficient at growing your lower-body muscular tissues because the barbell Romanian deadlift, nevertheless it’s a workable Romanian deadlift different should you don’t have entry to a barbell, you’re working round an damage, otherwise you merely don’t wish to do the barbell model.

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