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The 5:2 food plan includes fasting two days per week and consuming commonly for the rest of the time. 

Based on some weight-loss “specialists,” consuming on this schedule profoundly impacts your well being and physique composition.

Higher but, they are saying, it makes weight-reduction plan easy, which suggests it’s the right resolution for anybody trying to slim down and enhance their well being.

Is the 5:2 food plan actually as easy and efficient as they declare?

Or is it simply an appropriate however unremarkable strategy to shed some pounds?

Right here’s what science says.

What Is the 5:2 Weight loss program?

The 5:2 food plan (typically known as the 5:2 fasting food plan) is an consuming protocol that includes limiting your calorie consumption to 500 (ladies) or 600 (males) energy per day on 2 days per week and consuming as regular on the remaining 5 days.

British journalist Michael Mosley popularized the food plan within the early 2010s when he created a documentary known as Eat, Quick and Stay Longer and revealed a ebook titled The Quick Weight loss program detailing its advantages and the best way to comply with it.

Find out how to Observe the 5:2 Weight loss program Plan

To comply with the 5:2 food plan, select two days per week as “quick” days. On quick days, you’ll be able to eat 500 energy in case you’re a girl or 600 energy in case you’re a person.

You may select any two days of the week as your quick days; the one stipulation is that they’re non-consecutive. For instance, in case you select to quick on Monday, your different quick day can’t be Sunday or Tuesday. 

Many individuals prefer to quick on Mondays as a result of it’s psychologically extra manageable to quick in the beginning of the week when your resolve is highest. Likewise, most want to forgo fasting on weekends since that is the time you’re more than likely to get pleasure from social dinners and events, which might make calorie counting more difficult.

On non-fast days, you eat the quantity and kinds of meals you usually eat. Don’t eat extra on non-fast days to compensate for quick days, although, as this can undermine your progress.

5:2 Weight loss program: Advantages

Probably the most generally cited advantages of the 5:2 food plan are that it helps you shed some pounds and preserve wholesome blood glucose ranges and that it’s simpler to stay to than different diets.

Are these claims legit? Right here’s what science says about every.

Weight Loss

Whereas many individuals comply with the 5:2 food plan to shed some pounds, surprisingly few research have investigated its impact on weight reduction.

That stated, the restricted proof we have is promising.

As an example, in a 2022 examine carried out by scientists at College Faculty London, researchers discovered that individuals who adopted the 5:2 food plan for a month misplaced a mean of ~4 kilos. 

One other examine revealed within the journal Frontiers in Diet discovered that chubby and overweight folks with non-alcoholic fatty liver illness who caught to the 5:2 food plan for 3 months misplaced a mean of ~8 kilos.

Importantly, research that pit the 5:2 food plan in opposition to extra typical diets that contain sustaining a each day calorie deficit present that each protocols are equally efficient at selling weight reduction.

For instance, in a single examine carried out by scientists on the College of South Australia, researchers discovered that individuals who adopted the 5:2 food plan for a yr misplaced ~15 kilos, whereas those that adopted a daily food plan for a similar time misplaced ~11 kilos.

This will shock you in case you’ve ever listened to on-line weight-loss “gurus” wax lyrical concerning the superiority of fasting for fats loss.

Nevertheless, the reality is there’s nothing distinctive about how the 5:2 food plan aids weight reduction—it merely makes it simpler to eat fewer energy than you burn over the course of every week by limiting your calorie consumption on two days.

Whereas the 5:2 food plan is efficient at serving to you shed some pounds, it isn’t essentially optimum for bettering your total physique composition. As an example, in a examine carried out by scientists at Swinburne College of Expertise, researchers had 17 folks elevate weights and comply with both a steady food plan or the 5:2 food plan for 12 weeks.

Each teams gained about the identical quantity of power, however those that dieted repeatedly gained barely extra muscle. Through the 12-week examine, the variations weren’t statistically important, although they probably would’ve turn into extra pronounced over an extended interval.

Thus, following the 5:2 food plan is a viable weight-loss technique, however it’s most likely suboptimal if you wish to “recomp” (construct muscle and lose fats concurrently).

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Blood Sugar Management

Conserving your blood sugar ranges in a wholesome vary is necessary as a result of it helps you keep away from well being situations, similar to coronary heart illness, kind 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, and can enhance your high quality of life, power ranges, and temper.

Many individuals imagine that fasting diets can assist you preserve wholesome blood sugar ranges higher than conventional diets. 

Based on them, if you eat 3 meals and 1-to-2 snacks each day, your blood sugar and insulin ranges stay chronically elevated. Over time, this causes your cells to turn into much less delicate to insulin, which suggests glucose stays in your blood for longer.

Nevertheless, if you chorus from consuming for extended durations, your insulin ranges spend extra time at “baseline,” which helps reset your insulin sensitivity.

Whereas there’s lots of proof that the 5:2 food plan successfully improves blood sugar management, it hardly ever outperforms common weight-reduction plan

As such, it’s not clear whether or not there’s something inherently particular about fasting that improves blood sugar management. It’s equally probably that it happens as a result of fasting helps you shed some pounds, which is a confirmed manner to higher blood sugar management.

At backside, following the 5:2 is a possible manner to enhance blood sugar management, however it’s probably no more practical than common weight-reduction plan. Subsequently, you don’t have to comply with the 5:2 food plan to enhance your blood sugar management in case you want to eat on a extra common schedule.


One of many causes the 5:2 food plan is so widespread is that many really feel it simplifies weight-reduction plan.

Not like conventional diets that require you to rely the energy in each meal, the 5:2 food plan permits you to eat advert libitum (with out restriction) more often than not and solely monitor your calorie consumption on two days per week.

Many individuals additionally really feel “going hungry” for 2 days per week is extra manageable than the “relentless restriction and self-control” related to typical weight-reduction plan.

(After all, weight-reduction plan doesn’t must really feel like punishment. If you wish to discover ways to food plan to shed some pounds with out “ravenous” your self or limiting all of your favourite meals, take a look at this text on versatile weight-reduction plan.)

Moreover, if you comply with the 5:2 food plan, you don’t must pay membership to a weight-loss group, purchase pre-made meals, meal replacements, or different fat-loss dietary supplements, or perceive complicated dietary data. This makes the 5:2 food plan extra accessible than most different food plan methods.

For a lot of, this “user-friendliness” makes the 5:2 food plan simpler to persist with long run, which will increase the chance that it’ll show you how to shed some pounds.

That stated, research additionally present that some folks discover typical diets simply as simple to stay to because the 5:2 food plan. Furthermore, there’s proof that some folks develop weary of the 5:2 food plan in a short time, whereas others discover their preliminary enthusiasm ebbs after simply a few months.

In different phrases, the 5:2 food plan can work for some folks however most likely isn’t appropriate for everybody. If you wish to know whether or not it might “work” for you, strive it for 2-to-4 weeks and see the way you reply. If you happen to get pleasure from it and it helps you obtain your targets, proceed.

Nevertheless, in case you discover limiting your meals consumption on fasting days depressing, don’t really feel like you must persist. There are many different methods that could be a greater match.

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What to Eat on the 5:2 Weight loss program Plan

Since you’ll be able to’t eat greater than 500-to-600 energy, it’s unlikely you’ll ever really feel “full” on quick days.

That stated, in case you select your meals fastidiously, you maximize your probabilities of feeling satiated.

Listed here are some tricks to make fasting simpler:

  1. Prioritize protein: Protein is probably the most satiating macronutrient, so attempt to embody as a lot as potential in your 5:2 food plan plan. Some good choices are fish, notably when it’s steamed or uncooked (sashimi); lean chicken, similar to rooster or turkey breast; whey isolate protein powder, similar to Whey+; low-fat dairy, together with Skyr and low-fat cottage cheese.
  2. Eat leafy inexperienced greens: Leafy inexperienced greens add bulk to meals, which makes you are feeling fuller, however typically comprise only a few energy. 
  3. Eat uncooked greens when applicable: Analysis reveals that consuming hard-textured meals will increase satiety. Consuming greens uncooked additionally helps you keep away from consuming cooking oil, which might add a big variety of energy to meals. If consuming uncooked greens sounds unappealing, put together salads with carrots, beets, radishes, purple onions, and related veg utilizing a mandolin.
  4. Costume salads with oil and lemon juice: Dressing salads with oil and lemon juice makes them tastier and helps you take up vitamins in your meals. Oil additionally comprises plenty of energy, so use it sparingly—a teaspoon per dish is often sufficient.
  5. Use a non-stick pan or low-calorie spray for cooking: Utilizing a non-stick pan or low-calorie cooking spray saves you from utilizing oil for cooking, decreasing the calorie content material of your meals.
  6. Use herbs and spices to taste your meals: 5:2 food plan recipes don’t must be bland. Herbs and spices comprise only a few energy, so use them to reinforce the flavour of your meals.
  7. Eat oats for breakfast: Oatmeal is extremely satiating, stuffed with fiber, and if you put together it with water, comparatively low in energy—one cup of cooked oats comprises simply 158 energy.
  8. Eat loads of fiber: Fiber helps you are feeling fuller for longer, so attempt to eat loads of fruit, greens, pulses, legumes, beans, and entire grains on quick days. Additionally, preserve the pores and skin on fruit and veggies when potential to maximise your fiber consumption.
  9. Drink sufficient water: Ingesting sufficient water quells starvation and should stop you from overeating at meal occasions.
  10. Keep away from high-GI meals: Some analysis suggests that low-GI meals are extra satiating than high-GI meals, so swap starchy white carbs similar to white bread and pasta for brown rice and quinoa. 

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