No Must Rip It Off Like a Bandage With This Wound Cowl


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Aug. 17, 2022 – A brand new adhesive bandage is being designed to stay twice as properly to pores and skin – even furry components – however damage half as a lot to drag off. Scientists are tapping into the primary ingredient at school glue to make this doable.

The issue that researchers from Pennsylvania universities got down to resolve is learn how to make a wound dressing that sticks quick and powerful but can simply be eliminated with out damaging pores and skin or inflicting ache, particularly if the pores and skin space is smooth or furry.

Such a product can be particularly vital for kids with head wounds or after surgical procedure, however it could have a variety of functions for different components of the physique and for adults as properly.

But it has been troublesome to develop such a bandage. Most supplies utilized in dressings both stick laborious and quick however cannot simply be eliminated or pulled aside, or else they are often eliminated simply however aren’t sturdy sufficient to do the job of maintaining a wound closed.

Reporting within the Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences, researchers say they discovered their reply by tapping into the first ingredient at school glue, of all issues. They’re mixing a polymer referred to as vinyl alcohol, a main ingredient within the glue, with boric acid, a standard and naturally occurring compound regularly utilized in antiseptics.

The boron atoms within the boric acid bond with the alcohol molecules within the polymer, creating a robust adhesive that may maintain a wound collectively. However when the bandage is steeped in water for 30 seconds, the boron atoms detach from the alcohol molecules to bond as an alternative with water molecules. At this level, the bandage may be pulled away with none ache or yanking out of hair follicles.

The adhesives stick higher than most generally used pores and skin adhesives in medical medication, report the researchers. However within the paper, they didn’t point out whether or not such versatile bandages might additionally include superheroes or animated characters printed on them.

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