Is It A Sleep Regression or a New Behavior?


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What if I informed you there’s a easy strategy to establish whether or not your baby is experiencing a developmental sleep regression or a brand new, sleepless behavior? 

On this video, I’m going to show you precisely what you should know in terms of understanding the distinction between sleep regressions and new habits and tips on how to deal with them. 

What’s a Sleep Regression? 

So what precisely is the distinction between a sleep regression and a brand new behavior?

Since true sleep regressions don’t happen through the new child stage, the next data is designed for kids 4 months of age and older. 

First off, let’s outline what a sleep regression is.

A sleep development is when your baby was beforehand sleeping soundly and persistently and rapidly their sleep is drastically disrupted and unpredictable. 

Merely put – a sleep regression is the sudden change in your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Your beforehand good sleeper is now rapidly using the wrestle bus in terms of sleeping and also you’re left scratching your head.

When a regression happens in your baby’s sleeping sample and this modification of their sleeping sample turns into their “new regular,” then it’s thought of a brand new behavior. 

A sleep regression is NOT depending on a particular age. 

Sure, there are frequent themes in terms of regression ages just like the 4 month, 8 month, 12 month, and 18 month regressions. 

 Nevertheless, a sleep regression can occur at any age as a result of your child or toddler is quickly rising and growing.

A sleep regression might be triggered by studying new abilities like rolling, crawling, pulling to face, standing up, leaping, operating, speaking, consuming solids, potty coaching, and so on.

It is because once we are sleeping (at the same time as adults) our mind is processing all the things that we did and discovered that day! 

For instance, it’s quite common for a 2-2.5 12 months previous who’s blooming and bursting with new phrases to get up in the midst of the evening and begin singing, babbling, or speaking!

One time I used to be despatched a video of a bit of toddler who wakened in the midst of the evening and began singing a Christmas music! She sat up in her crib, sang the music, after which laid again down and went to sleep.

She had simply discovered the music and her mind was processing the brand new melody and vocabulary. How cool is that? 

It’s so superb to see what our youngsters are processing and studying, but when it’s disrupting their sleep then we need to be sure it doesn’t develop into a discovered behavior.

So I do know you’re questioning, “How do we all know if it’s a regression or a brand new behavior, Becca?”

It’s easy.

Study the timeline:

  • If the brand new sleeping habits or sample has occurred for two weeks or LESS, then it’s seemingly a sleep regression.
  • If the brand new habits or sample has occurred for two weeks or LONGER, then it’s seemingly a brand new behavior.

For instance, if you happen to’ve been experiencing the “4 month” sleep regression and your baby is now 6 months previous, then your baby is now not experiencing the 4 month sleep regression however as an alternative has developed a brand new, sleepless behavior that has develop into the “new regular.”

The way to Deal with A Sleep Regression

Okay, now that you just’ve recognized whether or not or not your baby is experiencing a sleep regression or has developed a brand new behavior, it’s time to dig in to some methods in an effort to assist them overcome this disrupted season of sleep! 

First let’s dive into tips on how to deal with a sleep regression.

#1 Guarantee your baby is following an age applicable schedule

 in case your baby’s sleep patterns have been off for 1-2 weeks, then the #1 factor you are able to do is test and be certain that your baby is following an age applicable schedule.

Oftentimes, when somebody is experiencing a sleep regression with their baby, it’s as a result of their baby isn’t on the proper nap schedule! 

For those who aren’t certain whether or not your baby’s schedule is age applicable or not, I would like you to go to my FREE Schedule Generator HERE and test.

Merely sort in your baby’s present age and you’ll obtain their age applicable schedule.

As soon as you already know that your baby is following the proper schedule, it’s extraordinarily vital that you’re per honoring it.

Generally, it’s tempting to need to tweak your baby’s schedule on daily basis or each different nap after they aren’t sleeping “completely,” however I’m asking you to be extraordinarily per their schedule for at the least 2 weeks earlier than making some other adjustments.  

Consistency is the secret in terms of engaged on sleep as a result of sadly, it’s not an in a single day success story. 

It would seemingly take a couple of days and nights so that you can see issues return to regular in case your infant is experiencing a regression. 

#2 Consider your baby’s sleep setting for distractions

The second factor I would like you to do in case your baby is experiencing a regression is to test your baby’s room. 

Oftentimes, a regression is linked to an environmental distraction.

Possibly the blackout covers have slipped down and lightweight is coming in, or perhaps the sound machine isn’t working correctly or maybe it’s too scorching or too chilly in your baby’s room. 

Assess your baby’s bed room setting and be certain that it’s distraction free. 

I’ve had a couple of cases the place households have reached out and informed me about their baby’s sleep regression and after they’ve executed some digging they’ve discovered that their baby was waking attributable to an environmental issue such because the sound of the air conditioner kicking on or the noise from their neighbor’s automotive beginning early within the morning!

When you’ve checked your baby’s day by day schedule and have ensured that their sleeping setting is distraction free, then your baby’s sleeping regression ought to seemingly subside inside a couple of days if you happen to stay per their schedule and sleep expectations.

The way to Appropriate a New Behavior 

In case your baby has been using the wrestle bus with sleep for greater than 2 weeks, it’s official that they’ve developed a brand new behavior that must be corrected. 

Fortunately, we all know precisely how that can assist you and your infant sleep independently once more. 

In case your baby has developed a brand new, sleepless behavior then it may be remedied and corrected with sleep coaching. 

Sadly, sleep coaching is oftentimes seen as a  “taboo” phrase within the parenting world and it’s utterly misunderstood.

Nevertheless, sleeping and being properly rested is NOT some elusive unicorn dream that you just simply can’t have as a guardian. 

Being properly rested is COMPLETELY potential as a guardian and in case you are a guardian who is completely exhausted, then I need to level you to my sleep applications HERE, the place you and your entire household could make sleep a factor – collectively!

Our sleep coaching applications right here at Little Z’s are priceless instruments as a result of they’ll act as a “refresher” any time you should return to the fundamentals and “retrain” your baby. 

And it’s protected to say that everybody wants a refresher occasionally in terms of sleeping expectations, together with adults.

Give it some thought.

For those who’ve ever gone on a trip or skilled a season throughout work the place you needed to keep up actually late or rise up actually early within the morning, you’ve needed to perform off of a major sleep deficit. 

While you had been lastly capable of get again on observe with a extra constant, sustainable sleeping routine, it’s simple that you just felt s0 a lot better. 

The identical factor is true to your baby. 

If they’ve spent weeks getting off observe with their sleep, or following the incorrect schedule, then it’s time to reset them and refresh the sleeping expectations.

The good information is that when you have already bought considered one of our sleep programs, you’ll be able to merely log again in to your account and full the course from Evening 1. 

That’s as a result of while you buy considered one of our sleep programs, you’ve lifetime entry to it.

For those who haven’t bought considered one of our programs earlier than, then I need to simply take a second to pause and share concerning the 4 sleep coaching strategies. 

The 4 sleep coaching strategies are 1) Cry-It-Out (CIO), 2) Go away and Verify, 3) Keep within the Room, and 4) Decide-Up-Put-Down. 

<<< In case you are unfamiliar with the sleep coaching strategies above you should definitely take a look at my weblog and video explaining the 4 sleep coaching strategies HERE.>>>

With regards to selecting a sleep coaching methodology to your baby and your loved ones, it’s vital to select a way that matches your parenting philosophy. 

By figuring out your parenting philosophy and sleep objectives, it is possible for you to to commit wholeheartedly to the tactic you and your loved ones select to comply with. 

Right here at Little Z’s, we personally use the center two methods, the Go away and Verify Methodology and the Keep within the Room Methodology.

You’ll find the opposite two strategies, the Cry It Out Methodology and the Decide Up Put Down Methodology, represented in different sleep philosophies.

When you’ve picked your methodology, whether or not you might be retraining or coaching for the primary time, your dedication and constancy to the tactic and program might be important to your coaching or re-training progress and success.

And on the finish of the day, it’s vital to recollect that you may’t drive your baby to shut their eyes and go to sleep – they’ve to do this!

Nevertheless, you may make the sleep coaching course of much less cumbersome and extra pleasurable for everybody concerned by offering your baby with a transparent plan, constant expectations, and a a great deal of encouragement!


Be inspired that in case your baby is experiencing a sleep regression or has developed a brand new, sleepless behavior, issues are not hopeless!

You may help your baby by way of this era of disrupted sleep by:

  1. Evaluating the timeline of your baby’s sleep disruption and figuring out if its a regression (1-2 weeks) or a brand new behavior (2+ weeks or longer).
  2. Guaranteeing their schedule is age applicable (and following it persistently!)
  3. Assessing their sleeping setting and making certain that it’s distraction free.
  4. Contemplating their present developmental stage to find out whether or not this era of disruption has been brought on by newly discovered abilities and milestones. 

In case your baby has developed a brand new behavior you’ll be able to assist them make sleep a factor once more by 1) retraining them or 2) sleep coaching them for the primary time! 

For those who’re able to sleep practice your child, toddler, or preschooler, you should definitely take a look at or child sleep applications HERE in order that we will help you and your loved ones make sleep a factor as quickly as potential.




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