Is Drowsy however Awake Actual?


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What does “drowsy however awake” even imply? Are you able to even be drowsy however awake? Why are these two ideas simply not matching? Why can’t you get them to work when the remainder of the newborn world and sleep world and Instagram world insists it’s finest?

In my world, “drowsy however awake” is just not actual and in the present day we’re going to speak ALL about it.


At the moment I’m going to inform you why I do NOT train “drowsy however awake” on the subject of sleep coaching. It isn’t ever part of our vocabulary at Little Z’s if you’re making an attempt to show your child to sleep all night time lengthy. I’ll inform you the ONE time I do use this phrase, however in any other case it’s by no means a part of our philosophy right here.

Earlier than we dive in, I wish to offer you a plan: my 4 Steps to Clear up Night time Wakings. You’ll get my 4 steps to assist your child sleep all night time lengthy (and it has nothing to do with being drowsy however awake!) You possibly can start this TONIGHT – it takes lower than half-hour to take heed to all of the movies & begin implementing the methods instantly.


On this planet of child sleep – in books, Instagram, completely different platforms – you’ll hear folks say “After bedtime routine, assist your child turn into drowsy however awake…” after which that’s it, there’s nothing. And also you’re like What!?

The thought is you assist the newborn get heavy-eyed, however nonetheless awake as a result of they’re not totally asleep… “drowsy however awake.”

You assist them get sleepy – however not totally asleep – in order that they go to sleep on the mattress and never on you.

Right here’s my beef: You possibly can’t be each drowsy and awake on the identical time. Drowsy and awake are reverse issues.

Once we sleep, we undergo completely different levels or cycles of sleep (you will have heard of the REM cycle, for instance). 

Drowsiness is the FIRST step into your sleep cycle. It’s when your physique turns into sleepy & you prepare to go to sleep. When you’ve ever jolted, feeling such as you’re falling, that’s drowsiness. 

You possibly can’t be drowsy (aka going to sleep) but additionally be awake!



Now, you WILL hear me say this throughout my New child Sleep Course. I’ll discuss drowsiness however awake. It’s because newborns should not have mature sleep cycles like infants and toddlers (and also you and I!) have. 

They solely have TWO sleep cycles and there’s a fully completely different manner of instructing newborns and infants to sleep. So you’ll hear that in my course, and that applies, since you’ll assist them get sleepy after which put them down as a part of working with their new child sleep cycles.

Nevertheless, at 16 weeks, the 4-month regression, they’re creating their mature sleep cycles and now drowsiness is the ENEMY of sleep… as a result of when a baby will get drowsy utilizing somebody or one thing, that’s how they now imagine they study to go to sleep. They’re going to now depend upon the caregiver, pacifier, rocking, or no matter it’s to assist them get sleepy.

In order that signifies that once they get up all through the night time, they usually don’t understand how to go to sleep with out whoever or no matter they should get drowsy, they’re going to name out on the lookout for that particular person or factor to get them again to drowsiness once more. 

That’s the issue with drowsiness however “not awake”. You possibly can’t train them to get drowsy however not sleepy.


Nobody goes to sleep and wakes up 12 hours later with none wake ups! However you and I’ve developed these expertise and know the right way to put ourselves again to sleep.

That’s why I train the Depart and Verify and Keep within the Room strategies in my sleep coaching applications, in order that drowsiness occurs once they’re within the crib.

After their bedtime routine, you’ll put them within the crib 100% awake and alert. Not drowsy.

They’ll study to go to sleep at bedtime (and nap time) and all night time lengthy.

I’d love to listen to from you: Have you ever been making an attempt “drowsy however awake”? Are you pissed off by this? 

When you’re able to cease making an attempt to determine “drowsy however awake” and also you need step-by-step directions for the right way to make sleep a factor, you’ll find my no-fluff sleep methods inside my Child Sleep Course right here!! 

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