If You Imagine in Astrology and Previous Lives, These Are the three Chart Placements You Ought to Have a look at for Karmic Classes


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No matter whether or not you consider in previous lives, there is no denying that on this lifetime, all of us have many karmic classes to study. They might relate to {our relationships}, profession, self-worth, or simply studying methods to let issues go (simply me?). And you will know it is karmic when it retains exhibiting up repeatedly till you totally study that lesson. Previous life astrology is one software we will use to higher perceive these karmic classes that always stem from our previous lives. 

What’s previous life astrology?

“Previous life astrology is the idea that our delivery chart holds perception about the place we got here from earlier than getting into into this world,” says astrologer and tarot reader Clarisse Monahan. “It factors to what classes and strengths we come into this life with and likewise the place we’ve got some studying and classes to undertake.”

Vedic astrology, which is linked to the Hindu perception system that believes in reincarnation, additionally references previous lives. “Our gathered karmas of previous [lives] get manifested on this current life,” says Kamlesh Trivedi, a Vedic astrology professional for the Nebula astrology app. “[Vedic astrology] strongly believes {that a} soul waits for the appropriate constellation or star to be born on Earth.”

How previous life astrology may help you on this lifetime

Sounds cool, however how precisely can all of the previous life astrology perception assist us within the current? Monahan says it could illuminate patterns and habits that are not serving us, giving us the attention wanted to start altering these routine responses.

Trivedi echoes this notion and provides that every one karma will get rolled over into our current lifetime—the great and the unhealthy. So if we did adverse issues or deeds in previous lives, it turns into Rinanu-Bandhan, which means previous life debt, which we will rectify on this lifetime. “By understanding this idea, we will make needed adjustments in our current life to make our life happier and optimistic in all related areas of life,” he says.

To grasp your karmic classes, you should first study the previous life vitality in your delivery chart, significantly by taking a look at three key placements. “When you begin understanding your placements, you may then have a look at integrating them,” Monahan says. 

The three delivery chart placements to take a look at for karmic classes

twelfth home

In response to astrologers, the twelfth home is the home of previous lives and karmic classes. “The twelfth home permits us a glimpse into realms that existed earlier than we got here into this world,” Monahan says. “It holds a type of existentially uncanny shimmer for us to develop tales and myths about the place we got here from.” 

Particularly, Monahan says wanting on the signal we’ve got within the twelfth home, and what energies or vegetation we’ve got both in the home or aspecting it, may help us get a way of our prenatal life (which means what it was like once we had been within the womb). 

“Sure planets within the twelfth home can level to how completely satisfied our mom’s being pregnant could have been,” she says. “The benefics (Jupiter and Venus) within the twelfth often present a really completely satisfied being pregnant and that the child was a lot needed. The malefics (Mars and Saturn) can present some doubtlessly some hazard/stress with the previous and restrictions or burdens with the latter.”


In Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is known as “Shani,” which implies choose. “The planet Saturn is the choose of our karma, whether or not it’s previous, current, or future,” Trivedi says. “No matter we do in our life, it’s rewarded or punished by the planet Saturn.” This makes it an essential planet to look at for previous life astrology. 

Knowledgeable astrologer may help you interpret what your Saturn placement has to say about your karmic classes. For instance, Trivedi says that if Saturn occupies your fifth home (which is the home of gathered karma) “in a debilitated, retrograde, or flamable method,” it means that your gathered karma is adverse. In flip, that results in struggling within the current life. “This struggling relies upon upon the severity or negativity of the location of the planet.” 

South node

Subsequent, have a look at your south node placement.  “[This] factors to what we come into this world with and we could lean in direction of as actions and habits,” Monahan says. Particularly, be aware how the south node interacts with the remainder of your chart. As an illustration, is it touching a private planet? Is that facet a useful and supportive one (trine or sextile), or is it a tough facet (sq. or opposition)? Once more, seek the advice of a professional astrologer for those who need assistance decoding the data. 

“You can begin to construct the story across the previous life by wanting on the planets and indicators which are built-in with it,” Monahan says of south node placements. “Some individuals could don’t have any main points from the south node, often, which means they don’t have to cope with an excessive amount of drama on this lifetime. Individuals with a number of heavy points to the south node could have bother getting over sure habits or patterns.”

From there, have a look at your north node, which illuminates the issues we should grasp. “The north node, one’s future self, is a guiding gentle which may help us deal with integrating the south node on this lifetime,” Monahan says. “The north and the south nodes are at all times reverse one another and work as a pure treatment to the opposite.” For instance, Monahan says Aries, which is reverse Libra, teaches Libra methods to be autonomous and self-sufficient, whereas Libra teaches Aries the facility of partnership and collaboration. Your chart could also be completely different, however little question it will present clues to your karmic historical past—and the teachings to be realized from diving into it.



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