I Tried Accutane for Pimples—This is Precisely What It Was Like


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Nearly my whole highschool expertise (three-quarters of it, to be actual), was spent coping with pimples. Month after month, my face populated with pimples as tears ran down my face as a result of nothing I did may the breakouts at bay.

After working with a health care provider for a yr, I had tried a pharmacy’s value of prescription drugs, a dozen topicals, and double cleaning, however the pimples persevered—as did the scarring and the tears that got here with them. Nothing was working, and it felt prefer it was me and my pimples in opposition to the world.

When a devastating dermatology appointment ended with me getting yelled at for crying (… I will reserve my ideas on that exact skilled’s bedside manor), I made the choice to cease remedies—I used to be accomplished. However sadly, my breakouts weren’t. I managed to dwell with them for about 6 months, and spent most of that point attempting to persuade myself that they have been enhancing. I discovered consolation in figuring out that 85 p.c of individuals cope with pimples in some unspecified time in the future of their younger lives, and tried to persuade myself that it was no huge deal, regardless of the wave of hysteria for the way forward for my pores and skin that might overcome me with every new breakout.

Lastly, I caved and requested my household physician to refer me to a special dermatologist, who prescribed me isotretinoin.

Isotretinoin, which you will know as its extra widespread (however now out-of-date) model identify, Accutane, is a vitamin-A by-product used to deal with extreme, cystic pimples. It falls underneath a category of merchandise generally known as retinoids, and is normally prescribed when different OTC and prescription merchandise—like benzoyl peroxide and plain outdated tretinoin—have failed. It really works by completely shrinking oil glands, making it distinctive in the best way it features to stop breakouts.

“Isotretinoin is the closest now we have to a treatment for pimples,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and the director of beauty and scientific analysis in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New New York Metropolis. “I usually use it in folks with extreme nodules and cysts, in people who find themselves not aware of different remedies, or in people who find themselves growing bodily or emotional scars. Some individuals are genetically extra more likely to develop scarring within the pores and skin, even from delicate pimples. As a result of scars are everlasting, I’ll use isotretinoin to stop them from growing in predisposed sufferers. I may even use isotretinoin in sufferers who don’t objectively have extreme pimples, however do have a major affect on their emotional well-being [related to their acne].”

“Isotretinoin is the closest now we have to a treatment for pimples,” — Joshua Zeichner, MD

Although isotretinoin is undoubtedly efficient, it doesn’t come with out its fair proportion of uncomfortable side effects. “Isotretinoin decreases exercise of the oil glands considerably as oil manufacturing decreases, which might result in important dryness of the pores and skin and the lips,” says Dr. Zeichner. In the course of the first few weeks, most individuals expertise pores and skin purging, adopted by dryness, irritation, and sensitivity for the remainder of the routine.

On a extra severe word, there are some uncomfortable side effects that go properly past the pores and skin “Not often sufferers can develop complications, blurry imaginative and prescient or joint aches, and the drugs can have an effect on your liver and may elevate your levels of cholesterol. It may possibly additionally result in start defects, which is why ladies of childbearing potential have to be on two types of contraception whereas they’re on the drug,” says Dr. Zeichner. “…Due to the uncomfortable side effects, sufferers are at their dermatologist as soon as monthly for in-person analysis and blood work whereas they’re on the drug.”

For me, personally, the rewards that isotretinoin promised made it really feel well worth the aforementioned dangers that got here together with it. So a number of derm appointments and a few blood work later I used to be prepared to begin my course of therapy.

Month 1

After I began Accutane, I anticipated my pores and skin to right away get dry and begin to purge. As an alternative, I had an aching again, which shouldn’t have been shocking provided that becoming a member of ache is a possible facet impact of the remedy.

Two weeks later, although, the purge started—and it was painful. Even after three years of coping with pimples, these have been among the largest, most deeply-rooted pimples I’d ever skilled. In keeping with Dr. Zeichner, this was to be anticipated.

“Consider isotretinoin as a brilliant pipe cleaner, pushing out the blockages inside your pores,” he says. “The blockages in your pores have just one place to go, which is out, so when it comes to the face, issues really get a lot worse earlier than they get higher.”

My pores and skin wasn’t dry, however my lips did begin to peel which—although I didn’t know on the time—was a foreshadowing of what was to come back.

Month 2

Throughout my month-to-month physician’s appointments, I discovered my ldl cholesterol was excessive because of the remedy. Despite the fact that I knew this was a risk, I used to be nonetheless in shock. It made me fear that I wasn’t taking ok care of myself, and days later I used to be crying whereas watching outdated episodes of Neighborhood.

On the similar appointment, I used to be additionally advised that I wanted to keep away from higher physique workout routines to guard my aching again—information that bothered me greater than I might have anticipated. I used to be already firming down my exercises in order to not injure myself with my ongoing again ache, however I believe it needed to do with a way of finality that got here with the recommendation that pushed me into tears. It pressured me to simply accept that the ache wasn’t going away as long as I used to be on the drugs, and that wasn’t a pleasing realization.

As for my pores and skin, I used to be advised that it regarded higher. The dermatologist advised me to have a look at outdated footage so I may see the advance, however I wasn’t satisfied. All in all, I didn’t really feel good.

Months 3-5

By month three, I used to be lastly experiencing the pores and skin dryness that everybody advised me to anticipate. Although it was bodily irritating, it was a much-needed reassurance that the Accutane was doing its job.

It wasn’t a very chilly fall, however I spent the month of October carrying mittens as a result of my fingers have been so dry. I utilized copious quantities of Vaseline throughout my physique, however significantly on and round my lips, and relied closely on First Support Magnificence’s Extremely Restore Moisturizer to maintain my dry pores and skin from getting even drier. Dr. Zeichner touts the significance of lip balm and twice-daily moisturizing for anybody taking Isotretinoin, however notes that in some circumstances, pores and skin can grow to be so compromised that dryness turns to eczema, which can require a prescription anti-inflammatory to deal with.

Alongside the dryness, one other symptom that remained constant was my elevated ldl cholesterol. Though I did my subsequent a number of blood checks fasted, the elevation remained. My dermatologist reassured me that this was regular and inside a variety that didn’t warrant modifications to my remedy course or way of life, which was excellent news.

Generally, it was a reasonably uneventful month, and my dermatologist determined to bump up my Accutane dosage by 10mg from 50mg to 60mg.

All through months 4 and 5, my pores and skin continued to get even dryer—the pores and skin inside my nostril began to peel, and my pregnant aunt and I laughed collectively about our bloody noses. In December, there was a mix-up with the physician’s workplace that had me believing for a number of tumultuous, tear-filled hours that the Accutane had spiked my blood sugar to regarding ranges—however fortunately, that turned out to be a mistake. My ldl cholesterol was nonetheless elevated and my again ache ensued, however my dermatologist continued to guarantee me that neither of these items was trigger for concern.

After I completed my final blood check on the finish of my course of therapy, I nearly cried tears of pleasure, however determined to offer my phlebotomist a hug as an alternative. After 5 months, a number of hundred drugs, and a few panic assaults, I used to be lastly accomplished with Isotretinoin.

4 Months later

As I write this, 4 months after taking my final Isotretinoin tablet, I’m completely happy to report that my dermatologist considers my pimples case “cured.” The entire signs I skilled subsided shortly after I completed the remedy, and my pores and skin is not breaking out. For the primary time in a very long time, it doesn’t really feel like my physique hates me.

Accutane was one hell of a journey, however seeing my clear complexion makes all of it appear value it. Everybody’s pores and skin experiences are completely different, and that is solely a small portion of mine. It was chaotic and it was lengthy, however with the proper remedy and assist system, it acquired higher. Now, onto treating the scarring.


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