I am Good at Holding My Pee. Why?


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Everyone has their particular expertise in life. Possibly you recognize prepare dinner an egg completely or bear in mind the lyrics of each music you heard earlier than the age of 10. And in case you’ve observed that you simply’re actually good at holding your pee throughout lengthy highway journeys or Zoom conferences that by no means appear to finish, urologist Arnold Sholder, MD, co-founder and Advisory Board Member of Moonstone Diet, says that your, *ahem*, present could possibly be attributable to a mix of nurture and nature. 

“In comparison with different organs within the physique, the bladder’s operate is kind of easy: It shops urine and empties urine,” says Dr. Sholder. The principal job of the urinary system as a complete is to “filter blood and create urine as a waste by-product,” in line with Johns Hopkins Medication. Your kidneys, renal pelvis, ureters, bladder, and urethra all assist fulfill this objective — however Dr. Sholder says that the qualities of your explicit bladder will decide how good you might be at delaying the decision of nature.

“Like the remainder of our physique, there may be nice variation in our bladder‘s capacity to retailer urine. These variations are associated to bladder dimension, bladder wall thickness, and variations in neurologic influences. These distinct options permit some individuals to carry their urine longer than others,” says Dr. Sholder. And, usually talking, this may be form of a superpower. “Being good at holding our urine permits us to stay continent and get to a rest room in time to forestall leakage,” he explains. In different phrases: You’re a particular snowflake… and so is your bladder.

In the meantime, on the nurture facet, many “life” elements will decide how a lot time elapses between one toilet journey and the following. “These [factors] embody how effectively hydrated you might be, how a lot fluid you’re taking in, what kind of fluids you might be ingesting, and the actual features of your bladder operate,” says Dr. Sholder. “Ingesting espresso and alcohol will enhance the quantity of urine you produce and, due to this fact, the frequency of urination.” He provides that, in case you are effectively hydrated, you need to should be each two to 3 hours. Nonetheless, in case you’re nervous or anxious, you could really feel the necessity to go extra usually.

“Like the remainder of our physique, there may be nice variation in our bladder’s capacity to retailer urine.” —Arnold Sholder, MD, urologist

Alternatively, in case you’re not ingesting numerous fluids, dehydration might forestall you from urinating for 4 to 6 hours, says Dr. Sholder. If that is you, your capacity to carry your pee is not a lot a superpower as it’s a well being danger—and it is time to prioritize your every day consumption of H2O. “The human physique is about 60 p.c water and must be regularly hydrated all through the day in an effort to optimally operate,” Amy Gorin, RDN, a plant-based registered dietitian within the New York Metropolis space, beforehand instructed Nicely+Good. “Hydration helps with all the pieces from wholesome digestion to serving to to forestall complications and UTIs.”

With all of this in thoughts, you do not wish to make a behavior of holding your pee simply since you’re watching a pivotal episode of Stranger Issues or carrying a onesie that makes it so onerous to go. “Holding our urine too lengthy can result in urinary issues. These embody urinary leakage, enhance danger of urine infections, and bladder weak point over time. Some jobs do require holding your urine for extreme intervals comparable to truck drivers, nurses, and academics,” says Dr. Sholder. As a substitute, preserve it 100 and simply go when you should, everybody.

A superb normal rule, in line with Dr. Sholder? “Many individuals complain of urinating too continuously throughout the daytime however then would not have to rise up at evening to urinate,” he says. “This normally signifies a reasonably regular functioning bladder with bladder capability.”


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