How To Use Yoga for Digestion: 3 Beneficial Poses


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Yoga might help with so many elements of our bodily, psychological, and religious well-being. And that features our digestion. The apply of yoga can cut back stress, which helps regulate the gut-brain axis. There’s even current analysis that implies yoga could also be a remedial therapy for IBS

And across the vacation season, when wellness-minded of us indulge at varied celebrations after which search for a yogic antidote, it’s normal to see bloat-relieving poses making their approach into circulation. However poses are solely one of many eight limbs of yoga. To really embrace the apply, honor its roots, and really feel its results, we have to strategy yoga holistically, bringing correct focus and breath, as an illustration, to any circulation.

Yoga teacher Sara Sas,RYT, L.Ac., provides acupressure to this, too. Additionally a licensed acupuncturist and Conventional Chinese language Drugs practitioner, she just lately shared with Properly+Good that, when she’s coping with digestive points, she pairs sure yoga poses with acupressure (i.e., no needles!). This provides her an added enhance of reduction and digestive assist. Right here, she shares her three go-tos. 

1. Wind-Relieving Pose (Pawanmuktasana)

  1. Laying in your again, inhale and prolong each of your legs out straight. On an exhale, hug your knees into your chest utilizing each arms, connecting the tops of your thighs to your abdomen/chest.
  2. Take a couple of deep breaths on this place, permitting your physique to loosen up and launch.
  3. Discover your acupressure level (particulars under) and therapeutic massage that for a minute or in order you maintain this pose, persevering with to breathe deeply and mindfully.

Acupressure level: Abdomen 36

Discover it: Place your hand just under your reverse knee, with the aspect of your index finger alongside the bottom of your kneecap. At concerning the tip of your pinky, simply on the skin of your tibia, you’ll discover this digestion-supporting acupressure level

Why this works:

“By itself, Pawanmuktasana is a go-to pose for gasoline and bloating reduction, because it helps to expel trapped air within the digestive tract,” says Sas. “Combining this with acupressure on the command level of the stomach, in line with Conventional Chinese language Drugs, advantages the abdomen and spleen by serving to with the nourishment of digestion, whereas regulating intestines and expelling wind-gas. It’s a win-win.”

2. Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

  1. Together with your ft wider than hips-width distance aside, flip your toes outward. (Assume: sumo squat or second place grand plié)
  2. Sink right into a squat, tucking your tailbone barely, sustaining an exterior rotation along with your thighs. Lock in your belly muscle tissues and keep an upright backbone with relaxed shoulder blades.
  3. Raise your heels up, placing the load into the balls of your ft.
  4. Decrease heels, shifting weight into the again of the ft to elevate the toes.
  5. Hinge on the waist to seize below your toes and stimulate the stress factors (see under to find). You are able to do this one by one.
  6. Repeat the lifting and reducing of your heels, focusing your consideration on the acupressure level. 
  7. Finish with ft flat on the bottom. 

Acupressure level: Kidney 1

Discover it: “This level is mainly the middle of the only of the foot,” says Sas. (Assume extra backside of your metatarsals, slightly than backside of your arch.) 

Why this works:

“Goddess pose helps generate heat all through your physique, and the elevated circulation might help along with your digestion,” says Sas. Including the Kidney 1 acupressure therapeutic massage might help middle you. “Breathe deep, sending power into your ft to really feel a way of grounding, assist, and energy,” says Sas. “After we are grounded and centered, our digestion is supported.” The other can also be true: After we’re burdened, our digestion takes a toll. 

3. Simple Seated Twist (Parivrtta Sukhasana)

  1. Sitting in a cross-legged place, along with your backbone straight and the crown of your head reaching towards the sky, carry your left hand to your proper knee.
  2. Holding your backbone straight, twist to the best, inserting your proper hand behind you on the ground, close to your hip. Make sure you don’t go too far and lose your posture.
  3. Look over your proper shoulder, and breathe deeply into the twist.
  4. On this place, find and therapeutic massage the acupuncture level along with your left hand (location detailed under).
  5. Change your cross-legged place (if the best leg was on high, carry the left to the highest) and repeat this train on the alternative aspect, guaranteeing you proceed to breathe deeply.

Acupressure level: Spleen 21

Discover it: “This level is named ‘The Nice Embrace’ and is situated on the aspect of your ribcage,” says Sas. “It may be simply stimulated throughout a seated spinal twist whilst you give your self a hug.”

Why this works:

Twisting poses are well-liked selections for digestive well being, and for good purpose: Twisting the torso helps stimulate the digestive organs. 

With straightforward seated twist, particularly if you start with a twist to the best, you’ll therapeutic massage the ascending colon, after which descending colon as you twist to the left, serving to to “transfer issues alongside,” as they are saying. Including in some acupressure bolsters this impact. “Spleen 21 strikes Qi [energy] and blood,” explains Sas. “This transforms stagnation within the physique, particularly across the diaphragm, which [according to TCM] assists with higher digestion.”


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