How To Use Colour Magic To Manifest What You Need


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From dopamine dressing (aka dressing in a method that makes you are feeling happier) to taking a coloration remedy tub to utilizing Feng Shui colours to actually set the tone of your house, there’s no denying that hues can affect how we really feel. Properly, training “coloration magic” is a approach to harness the facility of colours to name in additional of what we wish into our lives, says Jerico Mandybur, a creativity coach, tarot reader, and creator of Rainbow Energy: Manifest Your Dream Life By the Inventive Magic of Colour.

What’s coloration magic?

Colour magic is already occurring throughout us, affecting how we really feel, Mandybur says, as every coloration of the rainbow holds a particular frequency and that means. On instance? The colour pink could make some folks really feel energized and even panicked, because it’s usually related to rigidity and emergencies. Working towards coloration magic, Mandybur says, is about being extra strategic with how we work together with coloration in a method that helps us enhance our lives and obtain particular outcomes. “Colour magic is only a method of co-creating outcomes with coloration reasonably than simply taking it as a right or ignoring it,” she says.

Working towards coloration magic is about being extra strategic with how we work together with coloration in a method that helps us enhance our lives and obtain particular outcomes.

And in case you had been questioning, sure, there’s a connection between coloration magic and the chakra colours and meanings (for instance, the connection of the foundation chakra with the colour pink, the sacral chakra with orange, and so forth). “Most coloration magic recommendation will maintain that form of frequency or that power of that coloration via the lens of chakras,” Mandybur says. “So it is vital to acknowledge that that means is there for most individuals, and I believe it is actually laborious to separate that that means now; it is so embedded.”

In the identical realm, aura coloration associations are additionally primarily based on chakra colours. “Auras and chakras are actually intently linked when it comes to how they perceive coloration,” says Mandybur.

Colour magic coloration associations

There are particular common coloration associations and meanings, which, once more, usually correlate with the chakra and aura coloration meanings. Right here’s a cheat sheet of the completely different coloration meanings, in response to Mandybur.

  • Black: thriller, chance, the unknown, safety
  • White: cleanliness, purity, innocence
  • Grey: diplomacy, stability
  • Purple: energy, rigidity, confidence
  • Orange: eccentricity, energy, creativity, enjoyable
  • Yellow: optimism, happiness, hope, play
  • Inexperienced: nature, abundance, soothing
  • Blue: instinct, knowledge, intelligence
  • Purple: psychic capacity, divination
  • Pink: self-love, romance
  • Brown: grounding, resourcefulness, animals

Nonetheless, Mandybur emphasizes that coloration meanings go deeper than common connections. “Everybody has such completely different associations with coloration that transcend these guidelines of what a coloration means,” she says. For instance, even when the affiliation of yellow is with pleasure, positivity, and optimism, for those who had a damaging expertise with the colour, that is probably not your relationship with it.

Mandybur’s recommendation? As with all issues within the religious realm, take what resonates with you, and go away the remainder behind. “I like to emphasise private company and writing your personal story with regards to what these colours imply to you,” she says. “That’s what makes it magic.” So, for those who don’t vibe with yellow, however for you, inexperienced is the colour of happiness, she says, working with inexperienced in a magical sense to manifest extra happiness will likely be simpler for you.

Tips on how to use coloration magic to manifest what you need

To observe coloration magic, Mandybur recommends getting a way of the colour already round you, which is commonly taken as a right or ignored. For instance, in taking a coloration stock of your life, you might discover that your house is primarily white. Get curious as to why. Was {that a} aware selection? How does it make you are feeling?

Mandybur additionally suggests taking a peek at your wardrobe colours and asking your self why you’re drawn to these colours. “Is it out of a way of security, safety, familiarity?” she says. “Or, does it really feel like I am actually expressing some interior a part of myself after I put these garments on?” In different phrases, study your relationship with completely different colours in your life.

From there, you possibly can start to harness the facility of coloration by sprinkling extra of a sure coloration into your life primarily based on what you need. Bringing the colour in, Mandybur says, is like bringing within the “drugs” or frequency of that coloration. And there aren’t any proper or incorrect methods to do that, she provides. It may be doing small issues like shopping for yellow flowers to domesticate extra pleasure, journaling subsequent to a inexperienced plant to manifest abundance, or lighting a pink candle whereas reciting self-love affirmations to name in romance.

No matter coloration magic ritual you select, the important thing to success, Mandybur says, is that it’s straightforward and enjoyable to include into your day and feels significant for you. It is that form of pleasure that builds energetic momentum that will help you carry your needs to fruition.

It is also vital to keep in mind that the magic lives within the intention you set for the ritual. “Colour has this efficiency and this frequency such that it may well actually perform like an lively ally in any form of religious work,” says Mandybur. “Nevertheless it’s additionally simply that; it is an ally that may complement the intention.”

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