How To Reduce a Pineapple With out a Knife


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Whether you’re getting ready your self to make a mountain of summery fruit salad or an excellent refreshing DIY Dole Whip recipe, we’ve bought one pineapple hack that’s about to save lots of you *so* a lot effort and time. As an alternative of meticulously dissecting the sharp fruit with the lingering worry of pricking your self (if you happen to’ve by no means by chance stabbed your self on a pineapple, I am joyful for you good friend), this trick requires completely no sharp knives and takes a couple of seconds to do.

Other than pineapples tasting like a candy tropical trip, they’re additionally loaded with many well being advantages and is nice to your intestine, pores and skin, and immunity, making them one fruit that you just’ll need to eat all summer time lengthy. Nonetheless, if slicing it open is an actual cease hole for you, this hack will likely be a lifesaver—particularly once you don’t have a knife readily available, like once you’re on the seaside or on a highway journey. (And if you happen to’re a-okay along with your knife expertise, ensure that to take a look at the the right way to minimize a pineapple the suitable approach, which works wonders, too.)

An excellent pineapple hack to chop the fruit with out utilizing a knife

In a current TikTok video by @ashyizzle, Ashley reveals that slicing a pineapple shouldn’t make you break a sweat—or lose a thumb. As an alternative, she exposes the fruit’s beautiful golden insides and breaks it into bite-sized items with out utilizing a single instrument. Ashley begins by twisting off the stem (or crown), which comes off surprisingly simply. Then, she rolls the pineapple, skin-side down, on a flat floor, making use of even and durable strain to loosen the fruit. And similar to that, she pulls out the person items by merely tugging on the spines to interrupt free a bite-sized, triangular part of pineapple. You actually gained’t consider your eyes.

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So, how will you assure this pineapple hack is successful?

1. Choose the ripest pineapple you will get your fingers on

First issues first: You’ll need to begin with a *tremendous* ripe pineapple. The softer and riper the fruit, the extra simply it should loosen to pluck the items from the spines simply.

What’s one of the best ways to inform in case your pineapple is ripe? Nutritionist Mia Rigden, CNS has solutions:

2. Do not skip the rolling step

Subsequent, remember that rolling the pineapple on the counter to start out is a non-negotiable a part of nailing this hack. This easy step helps loosen the fibers that maintain the pineapple collectively, making pulling them aside a breeze.

3. Enlist a kitchen towel as a barrier

Should you’re nervous in regards to the sharp pores and skin hurting your palms, be happy to make use of a clear kitchen towel to create a barrier to roll it out.

4. Give it a whack

Lastly, you may need to hit the bottom of the pineapple first a couple of occasions on the counter to assist loosen the fibers much more.

Wait, don’t throw away the crown!

Earlier than you merely chuck the spiky stem into the trash bin, do you know you can simply develop a complete new pineapple by planting it in some soil? In a TikTok video by @creative_explained, Armen Adamjan explains precisely the right way to do it. He begins by peeling the underside 4 layers of leaves to show the stem and lets it dry out for 2 days. As soon as dry, he submerges the underside of the stem in a glass of water away from direct daylight till the roots start to develop. As soon as he has roots, he transfers the stem to a pot of soil to develop into a complete new pineapple in a couple of months. Discuss being resourceful!

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