How To Do The ‘Moist Foot’ Take a look at And Discover Out Your Arch Kind


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As its identify suggests, the “moist foot” take a look at entails wetting your ft and making an impression (aka footprint) on a bit of paper. Bear in mind these handprint turkey work you made as a child? Form of like that however along with your ft as a substitute of your palms and water as a substitute of paint. It is also method much less messy. The aim of the take a look at is to be taught what kind of arch you will have, which is the curved space between the heel and the ball of the foot. There are three fundamental sorts of arches: regular, low, and excessive. 

Studying your arch kind serves two fundamental functions. “Understanding the biomechanics of the foot can information what kind of efficiency sneakers one ought to choose as medical markers and results in how a medical skilled approaches which subsequent examination to deal with sufferers with widespread foot complaints instantly,” says podiatrist Yolanda Ragland, DPM. In different phrases, it helps you choose the perfect sorts of sneakers on your ft and might information wanted therapy for feet-related points. 

Beneath, Dr. Ragland walks us by way of the step-by-step (sorry, I needed to) on how one can do the moist foot take a look at. It takes just some seconds. When you do it and be taught your arch kind, maintain scrolling to see what that claims about your ft and to be taught which kind of sneakers it’s best to put on for final assist. 

Tips on how to do the moist foot take a look at

This is how Dr. Ragland instructs doing the moist foot take a look at. 

  1. Fill a shallow bowl or pan with water. It should, after all, be sufficiently big to suit your ft comfortably. You do not want a ton of water, simply sufficient to cowl the soles of your ft. 
  2. Place an absorbent sheet of paper giant sufficient to seize all the impression of every foot close by. 
  3. Immerse the soles of your ft within the water. 
  4. Step onto the middle of the sheet of paper to make the impressions of every foot. 

You probably have regular arches…

The moist footprint of a standard arch will seem slender within the midfoot area. “The arch impression is roughly half the width of the foot at its broadest level,” Dr. Ragland says. This means that the foot has an excellent distribution of weight all through the foot. Fortunate for you, Dr. Ragland says you possibly can put on virtually any shoe kind. For efficiency sneakers specifically, she recommends sneakers with a impartial insole and modest arch assist to keep up wholesome foot perform. 

You probably have excessive arches…

Dr. Ragland says excessive arches will seem roughly half the diameter of a standard arch print, or it may be absent altogether, that means there’s a skinny line or hole in your footprint between the heel and the ball of the foot. 

Excessive arch ft oversupinate when strolling, Dr. Ragland says. As a result of the arch does not collapse sufficient to soak up the shock of strolling or working, it finally ends up touring up the legs and will adversely have an effect on different joints within the physique such because the ankles, knees, hips, and backbone. 

Dr. Ragland provides that folks with excessive arches may develop foot issues equivalent to ankle instability and hairline or stress fractures to the bones on the skin of the foot, resulting in ache within the ball and heel of the foot (metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis, respectively), bunions, hammertoes, or claw toes. 

For this arch kind, Dr. Ragland recommends sporting extremely cushioned sneakers with excessive arch assist to guard in opposition to widespread foot accidents for this sort. Alternatively, you possibly can add inserts to no matter sneakers you put on. “Good insoles can present shock absorption, right malalignment, scale back fatigue, increase athletic efficiency, and enhance consolation and foot ache,” Dr. Ragland says. 

You probably have low arches…

Of us with low arches virtually all the time have flat ft, Dr. Ragland says. So, their moist foot stamp will look twice as huge as somebody with a standard arch. In different phrases, you may see virtually all the footprint on the paper. She explains that the mechanics of a low arch foot are instantly related to extreme pronation, that means the foot’s arch collapses inward an excessive amount of, making contact with the bottom. Flat ft are sometimes precursors of many foot illnesses, together with plantar fasciitis, bunion deformity, and hammer toes. 

As for footwear, Dr. Ragland recommends sneakers with built-in cushioned arch assist, a barely raised heel, and a large and excessive toe field to accommodate the broad forefoot. She additionally recommends seeing a podiatrist for customized orthotics or insoles for added assist. 


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