How one can Assist Your 3 Month Outdated Sleep Higher


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It’s no thriller that you simply’re in all probability watching this video since you presently have a 3 month previous (12 to fifteen week previous).

You probably have a child this age, you’re on this actually bizarre season the place they’re probably not a new child anymore, however they’re additionally not fairly a child both! 

Due to this, it’s simple to really feel misplaced and confused about what to do in relation to their sleep schedule and day by day routines.

On this video, I’m going to show you the best way to make the 3-4 month age much less awkward and extra satisfying! 

How one can Deal with the Awkward 3-4 Month Time

With regards to caring for a 3 month previous, you’re in all probability feeling it. 

The new child “fog” may be lifting, however you’re probably nonetheless drained since you’re nonetheless waking up throughout the evening and also you’re in all probability questioning, “Is my child able to sleep prepare but?”

At 3 months previous, your child isn’t developmentally able to sleep prepare but however there are some issues you are able to do to assist them!

Though you possibly can’t sleep prepare your child till 16 weeks previous, it doesn’t imply that it’s a must to endure by sleepless nights along with your 3 month previous!

When my first daughter was born, my husband Chad and I’d get up all through the evening questioning if our daughter was in her bassinet, in our arms, or sleeping in another person’s arms.

On the top of our sleep deprivation, we discovered our 3.5 month previous underneath our quilt cowl one morning.

I vividly bear in mind freaking out, grabbing her, and holding her shut.

I then instantly obtained away from bed, ran to my laptop and googled, “How do I get my 3 month previous to sleep?”

 I didn’t care about sleeping all evening or sleeping for even an hour or two at a time.

I simply wanted my child to shut her eyes and sleep for a second, safely and soundly.

Our story right here at Little Z’s started when our oldest was simply 3 months previous and due to that, this age  is very pricey to my coronary heart.

Under you’ll find eight methods you can assist your 3 month previous sleep higher so that you simply all can really feel extra properly rested and really CHERISH this tiny, valuable, fleeting season of new child life.

#1 Give Your New child Extra Awake Time

Between 12 to fifteen weeks previous, your new child is prepared for extra awake time! 

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You’ve in all probability been rolling with the 45 to 60 minute awake window from delivery and now, at 3 months of age, it’s time to widen every awake window to 60-75 minutes. 

#2 Enhance the Morning Awake Window to 60 Minutes 

Now that your 3 month previous can deal with extra awake time, it’s essential to guarantee that their first morning awake window is at the least 60 minutes in size. 

You’ve in all probability been placing them down for his or her first nap across the 45 minute mark, and now it’s time to present them that full, 60 minute wake window earlier than Nap 1!

#3 Lengthen Remaining Awake Home windows to 70-75 Minutes 

For the remainder of the day, use 70-75 minute wake home windows in between naps! 

I do know that quarter-hour appears type of insignificant, however each little bit counts in your new child. They must be awake lengthy sufficient to sleep lengthy sufficient. 

If you happen to’ve been doing the shorter new child home windows throughout this time, you’ve probably seen they’re beginning to get up earlier from their nap. 

Or, perhaps they’re rejecting their nap whenever you lay them down and also you’re having to do extra Choose Up Put Down. 

#4 Step by step Cut back the Pacifier Utilization

In case you are nonetheless utilizing the pacifier, be happy to start out taking it away at some factors. 

Right here at Little Z’s, we ditch the pacifier at 16 weeks previous as a result of infants at that age infants are developmentally prepared to start out self-soothing. 

<<< Study extra concerning the Dos and Donts of utilizing a pacifier HERE >>>

Experiment with utilizing the pacifier much less when your child sleeps. 

Perhaps which means that for the morning nap you’re not going to supply your child the pacifier, or perhaps in the course of the evening you’re going to present your little yet one more time and area to choose their very own earlier than popping the pacifier again in. 

The much less reliant your child is on the pacifier at this age, the better will probably be for them to be taught to self-soothe.

#5 Assist Your New child Get Drowsy

At this age, it’s nonetheless completely okay to assist your new child develop into drowsy. 

On the planet of sleep, you’ve probably heard individuals say, get the child drowsy however awake. And also you’re like, what the heck does that imply? 

Actually, within the baby and toddler phases, meaning nothing. 

Drowsiness is the primary stage of sleep, and a child and a toddler ought to develop into drowsy on their very own independently of their mattress. 

However on the new child stage, you’re nonetheless serving to them go to sleep with issues just like the pacifier, or the PUPD methodology, or the 5s.  

So sure, they do nonetheless want your assist turning into drowsy. 

As your toddler nears the 16 week mark, begin seeing if you happen to generally is a little bit extra “palms off” in order that your toddler can begin to discover their very own fingers and their very own technique of self-soothing.

#6 Get pleasure from On the Go Naps 

At 3 months previous, your child continues to be taking at the least 4-6 naps, relying on the day. 

As a result of they’re taking so many naps, it’s okay and useful to get pleasure from a few of their naps on the go! 

At 6-7 months of age, it will change and your toddler will want two, stable crib naps per day.

Get pleasure from having some additional freedom now to do a nap or two within the stroller, service, or automobile seat along with your 3 month previous. 

Even when it’s time to sleep prepare your toddler at 16 weeks, you might be nonetheless in a position to do a couple of of their day by day naps on the go! 

#7 Cease Utilizing a Swaddle

Right here at Little Z’s, we extremely advocate eradicating your new child’s swaddle between 8-12 weeks of age, 12 weeks being the “final name.” 

You probably have a 12 to fifteen week previous who continues to be in a swaddle, let’s start by taking one arm out and switching arms each time your child goes to sleep. 

Eradicating the swaddle helps your toddler to be taught soothing methods like sucking on their fingers or rolling round. 

#8 Don’t Stress About What You Can’t Management Proper Now 

Perhaps you’re a mother, dad, or caregiver watching this video and also you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the issues that you need to be doing to assist your baby sleep. 

Maybe you’re a mom coping with postpartum despair or postpartum anxiousness.

Perhaps you’re a caregiver who’s feeling overwhelmed with the quantity of kids that you simply’re serving to with. 

Perhaps you’re a dad who’s feeling such as you wanna be palms on, however you’re undecided what to do. 

Be inspired that there’s nothing you are able to do now that can be detrimental to your child’s sleep success sooner or later. 

The ideas and techniques listed above are designed to assist your 3 month previous sleep higher!

If any of those ideas brought on you to really feel anxious or confused, take a deep breath and loosen up.

I need you to take what you want from this data and depart what you don’t want.

I additionally need you to acknowledge that you’re STILL within the new child part and the new child part is admittedly troublesome. 

Use these methods and ideas to spice up your confidence and peace in relation to caring in your 3 month previous. 

If this data was useful to you and you might be on the lookout for extra sources I wish to invite you to seize my Full Schedule Information HERE

This information provides you with all the pieces it’s essential to know in relation to modifications in your child’s schedule. 

From 0-3 years previous, I lay out each wake window and schedule you will want in a downloadable, printable model. 

One of the best half? You’ll have entry to a schedule particularly in your present 3 month previous (12-15 weeks)!

As your child grows and modifications, your child’s schedule will develop and alter too and I’d love for our Full Schedule Information to be a useful resource for your loved ones that brings you peace and data in relation to your child’s sleep journey. 


Having a 3-4 month previous can really feel a little bit awkward as a result of your toddler is someplace in between being a new child and a child!

Though you’re nonetheless technically within the “new child” stage and you may’t sleep prepare but, you CAN instill wholesome sleep habits within the following methods:

  1. Give your new child extra awake time
  2. Enhance the morning awake window to 60 minutes 
  3. Lengthen remaining awake home windows to 70-75 minutes 
  4. Step by step scale back the pacifier utilization
  5. Assist your new child get drowsy
  6. Get pleasure from on the go naps 
  7. Cease utilizing a swaddle
  8. Don’t stress about what you possibly can’t management proper now 



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