“I really feel energetic all through the day and sleep significantly better at evening!”

What number of months’ progress do your photos symbolize? What have been your stats for every image?

The primary and second image is from January 2018. I weighed 160 kilos and was round 16% physique fats. I did a lean bulk from January to mid-March (about 9 weeks) after which minimize from mid-March to the tip of April (about 8 weeks), which is what my third image represents. I weighed 146 and was round 10% physique fats.

What has occurred up to now on this system?

I started this system with a lean bulk for the primary 8 weeks that got within the Greater Leaner Stronger bonus report. My power went up tremendously. On bench press, I went from a 1RM of 185 to 225, and on the navy press (by no means did earlier than Greater Leaner Stronger) I went from a 1RM of 105 to 145.

My deadlift (by no means did earlier than Greater Leaner Stronger) went from a 1RM of 225 to 300, and my squat (hardly ever did earlier than Greater Leaner Stronger) went from a 1RM of 225 to 285.

After the primary 8 weeks, I started to chop for the subsequent 8-week cycle from the bonus report. I minimize for 8 weeks and managed to keep up the identical degree of power, and in some lifts, I truly obtained just a little stronger.

I went from 160 and 16% physique fats to 145 kilos at ~9.5-10% physique fats. I found out my macros through the use of the macro calculator on MFL web site and created my very own meal plan with meals from the previous and meals from The Shredded Chef cookbook.

What exercise break up from the e book did you utilize?

For probably the most half, I’ve used the 5-day break up. I’m presently utilizing a 4-day break up.

What, if something, virtually stored you from shopping for the e book or beginning this system?

I used to be very keen to strive one other program. I had been understanding for two years within the first progress image on many various applications and the outcomes simply didn’t come like they did on Greater Leaner Stronger. It appeared virtually on the spot with Greater Leaner Stronger.

What do you want most about this system?

I like how straightforward and easy this system is. It’s all laid out for you. You simply should need to get within the fitness center. The outcomes got here sooner than I anticipated. It appeared like I used to be nonetheless getting beginner features even after understanding for a few years.

How does this program examine with others you’ve tried?

Different applications maintain you within the fitness center for like 2 hours at a time and alter up the workout routines you achieve this usually you may’t inform for those who’re getting stronger or not. With Greater Leaner Stronger, you’re within the fitness center for an hour on the most often, and you will get in a behavior of doing the workout routines and actually see your power acquire.

How has what you’ve achieved along with your physique modified different areas of your life?

I really feel good and I’m much more assured and not using a shirt on. I really feel energetic all through the day and sleep significantly better at evening.

Who would you suggest this program to and why?

Everybody. It’s really easy for those who simply go to the fitness center. Learn the e book and it’s all there for you. You’ll make features and at last get the physique you need with Greater Leaner Stronger.

Is there the rest you’d like so as to add?

I labored out for a pair years earlier than beginning this program. I used journal exercise plans that apparently didn’t work, and I attempted to hearken to pals within the fitness center who have been greater than me. The widespread factor between them is do a bunch of workout routines within the fitness center for about 2 hours and be sure to change it as much as “confuse” your muscle mass.

Don’t hearken to any of that. Neglect what you thought you knew concerning the fitness center and understanding and simply hearken to the recommendation in Greater Leaner Stronger and also you’ll have all the things you must find out about understanding to get the physique that you really want.

Did you utilize any Legion dietary supplements?

I used Legion Pulse, and I feel that it’s the finest pre-workout I’ve ever used. Would suggest it to everybody.

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