Hip Stretches for Dancers Anybody Can Profit From


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“A number of the hip stretches that I do incorporate quite a lot of different issues—you are stretching your hip, however you are additionally stretching your glutes or your quads,” says Rogan. This fashion, all of the muscle teams that work collectively to take care of good hip mobility are getting launched on the similar time.

“I all the time begin with like a runner’s lunge,” says Rogan. “You are stretching your hips in opposition—entrance hip is flexed and also you’re getting a stretch on the underside of it, after which the again hip is prolonged, so that you’re moving into that hip flexor.”

For this one, Rogan comes right into a lunge place along with her again leg straight and entrance leg bent at 90 levels. Then, along with her fingers on her entrance knee for help, she gently leans her higher physique ahead to deepen the stretch.

2. Quad stretch.

From her runner’s lunge, Rogan places her again knee on the bottom and bends it, utilizing her hand on the identical facet to seize for her foot and gently pull it towards her glute. “I can get even additional into the hip stretch,” she says.

3. Hearth log

Be warned, this deep hip opener will be intense, to say the least. Having props close by like yoga blocks or throw pillows is a good suggestion. For it, you’ll sit, as Rogan says, “crisscross applesauce” on the ground after which carry the foot of your prime leg onto the knee of your backside one. The aim is to get your shins to be parallel and stacked on each other (therefore the identify).

“I like so as to add a lateral facet bend reverse from my prime foot. You actually, actually really feel it,” says Rogan. “It’s certainly one of my different favorites.”

4. Determine 4

From there, Rogan flows into one other hip opener, however this time, mendacity on her again. “I pull the underside leg in direction of my chest to deepen the stretch in my different hip,” she says.

5. Supine hearth log

Whereas she’s mendacity on her again, Rogan returns her legs to the identical place as the fireplace log stretch to provide somewhat extra like to the exterior rotators on the skin of her hips. “In the event you discover that very same form together with your legs and pull your knees towards your chest, it is a actually, actually nice hip opener,” says Rogan.

6. Pigeon pose

“I love to do pigeon pose once more with like my chest all the way in which ahead, one other deep hip opener,” says Rogan. “After which I am going to do my my entrance splits on each side and in a straddle.”

7. Sumo squat

“I all the time end with a sumo squat,” says Rogan. “That is positively certainly one of my favourite hip stretches, simply to reset every little thing. You’ll be able to actually see in case your hip are even, which is big for us as dancers, ensuring that we’re stage on each side and every little thing is aligned.”

In all, doing these hip stretches takes Rogan about 10 minutes, which she says is properly well worth the time: “I promise you, it feels nice, and your physique will actually, actually thanks.”


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