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As if taking your medicine often is not troublesome sufficient, you may need to consider drug interactions—they’re a severe risk. When two or extra chemical substances work together to change the efficacy of a drug, unintended effects can vary from annoying to lethal in some situations. And generally, an interplay simply makes your medicine much less helpful or ineffective.

Your physician ought to warn you about any potential interactions, however issues that neutralize medicines can fall by way of the cracks. For example, grapefruit can alter your capability to metabolize medicine as a result of it disrupts digestion and protein supply within the physique. One other issue? The ascorbic acid in vitamin C can neutralize sure medicines used to deal with consideration deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD).

How do ADHD medicines work

“It’s an inaccurate generalization to state that ‘vitamin C interacts with ADHD medicine,'” says Whitney Prude, PharmD, BCPS, NBC-HWC board-certified medical pharmacist in Rochester, Minnesota. It is because not all ADHD medicines have comparable mechanisms for a way they work within the physique.

Nevertheless, to know why vitamin C disrupts the efficacy of 1 sort of ADHD medicine (often called amphetamines), we have to perceive ADHD at a neurological degree. “We have now a really advanced community of nerves (estimated to be round 100 billion) that join all of the totally different components of the mind and permit them to speak with each other,” says Dr. Prude. “Between every nerve connection, there’s a hole; inside this hole, there are various totally different chemical substances that cross from one nerve to the subsequent to ship a message and set off a response which passes to the subsequent nerve and the subsequent.”

When there may be any form of dysfunction within the mind that alters the passing of those chemical substances, we begin to see adjustments in habits, she explains. ADHD remains to be being studied, however for now, Dr. Prude says that two of the chemical substances within the mind that contribute to ADHD signs are norepinephrine and dopamine.

Norepinephrine is answerable for growing alertness, arousal, and a spotlight, whereas dopamine performs a task in our “reward middle” and plenty of different features, together with reminiscence, motion, motivation, temper, consideration, and many others. In ADHD, there’s a deficit in dopamine and norepinephrine ensuing within the lower of many of those features.

How vitamin C impacts ADHD medicines

The commonest ADHD medicines are often called stimulants. These stimulants work by inflicting a rise of dopamine and norepinephrine within the aforementioned mind gaps. This causes your mind to perform as if extra dopamine and norepinephrine can be found, which in flip alleviates signs of ADHD.

Nevertheless, many ADHD medicines should not stimulants in any respect, and a few stimulants have a special physiological course of that is not affected by vitamin C like methylphenidate (aka Ritalin). The medicines that are affected are known as amphetamines and are sometimes recognized by model names like Adderall, Adderall XL, Dyanavel XR, or Vyvanse.

“The interplay between vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and amphetamines happens when they’re current within the abdomen concurrently,” Dr. Prude says. “Vitamin C is an acid, and amphetamines are a base or alkaline formulation. When these two come collectively, they type a salt compound. This mix is then rendered indigestible and can’t be absorbed into the bloodstream.”

So if you’re taking an amphetamine formulation of an ADHD medicine, Dr. Prude advises that you just keep away from consuming vitamin C for one hour earlier than and after taking it. And, in fact, in case you have any questions or issues, you must chat them by way of along with your supplier.


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