Greatest Astrological Intercourse Positions for You and Your Accomplice


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Because your astrological chart can make clear key parts of your persona, wishes, and objectives, it has a lot to disclose about your compatibility with romantic companions—each broadly and within the bed room. That’s proper: Your astrological make-up flavors all areas of your life, together with your intercourse life. And studying the most effective astrological intercourse positions and prime kinks and turn-ons to your zodiac signal may also help you place that intercourse life on a path towards out-of-this-world pleasure.

To grasp simply how sure zodiac indicators are star-sanctioned to get pleasure from one intercourse place over one other, it’s useful to consider their core tendencies and temperaments. For instance, Aries, a cardinal fireplace signal with go-get-’em vitality is sure to get pleasure from extra lively and adventures intercourse positions, whereas Most cancers, a water signal recognized for its emotional disposition is extra prone to thrive within the sorts of sensual place that promote most intimacy.

However that’s actually simply grazing the floor of sex-trology, says astrologer and sexologist Stefanie Iris Weiss, whose pursuits lie within the interaction of sexual proclivities and astrology. “Every of our astrological charts has a lot selection inside it, and the entire zodiac indicators can theoretically take part in any intercourse place,” she says. Caveat apart, she says there are definitely key sides of every zodiac signal (and the way they present up in an individual’s chart) that may affect the intercourse positions they most get pleasure from—and the sexual acts that’ll actually get them going.

What determines intercourse drive in astrology?

Solar signal

Doubtless the signal you recognize finest as your zodiac signal or star signal, and the one you’d learn a horoscope for, your solar signal is most undoubtedly linked together with your sexual preferences, because the signal that primarily drives id. “Your solar signal is basically useful for deciphering your ‘need matrix’ as a result of it displays your core instincts,” says Weiss. “The solar embodies heat and warmth, and in that sense, it truly is the beating coronary heart of what you need.”

In consequence, the important thing traits of your solar signal can translate into your general sexual vibe. As an illustration, simply as a Taurus solar is sensory-oriented in non-sexual conditions, they’re most likely going to be fairly sensual between the sheets, too. And in the identical method {that a} Leo likes to be perceived at work or in social settings, they’re probably going to get pleasure from being the main focus of adoration within the bed room, too.

Contemplating the astrological home of your solar signal, or the world of life that’ll play a task in your key id, may also point out how your sexual need reveals up, says Weiss. Specifically, in case your solar is within the seventh home of one-on-one relationships, the fifth home of affection and pleasure, or the eighth home of deep emotional intimacy, there’s a excessive likelihood that intercourse or intimate connection is a key a part of your life—as these are all thought of “intercourse” homes, says Weiss.

Venus signal

As a result of Venus is the planet of affection, romance, and receptivity, your Venus signal may also provide some deep insights into your sexual preferences, says Weiss. On this case, the signal it’s in will extra intently mirror the best way you present and obtain affection and love. So, in case your Venus is in a fireplace signal like Sagittarius, however your solar is in a grounded Earth signal like Virgo, it’s nonetheless attainable that your persona in sexual situations will get a tinge of that fiery Sagittarian vitality, significantly when love is concerned.

Mars signal

Just like Venus, Mars performs a task in the way you act within the bed room and in relationships—however on this case, it’s extra about your animalistic impulses, or the sorts of sexual wants and wishes you may expertise should you may flip off the rational pondering a part of your mind. “Mars is the planet of forward-focused ardour and need, and the belongings you instinctively go after,” says Weiss. That’s why wanting on the signal that Mars occupies in your chart may also lend some perception into the intercourse positions and acts you get pleasure from.

As an illustration, having Mars within the deep and sensual signal of Scorpio may make you all of the extra prone to dominant in mattress or to be a sex-initiator. And the identical goes for having your Mars situated within the eighth home of intimacy, which probably means “you’ve got a better intercourse drive or a lust, passionate need for intercourse, and the potential for dominant habits in mattress,” says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach.

Which zodiac indicators are essentially the most sexual and sexually dominant?

There could also be a whole lot of stereotypes concerning the misunderstood signal of Scorpio, however the one about how sexual they’re has its roots within the fact, based on Kovach. “Scorpio combines the depth of Pluto [its modern-day ruling planet] and the emotional sensitivity of the water factor,” she says. “The signal of the Scorpion can be an indication that’s all about intimacy on each degree.” And that is sensible on condition that the world of the physique over which Scorpio guidelines is the genitals, says Weiss.

However should you had been to rank indicators primarily based on their sexuality, Aries would comply with proper on Scorpio’s tail. “Aries is dominated by Mars which additionally makes this fireplace signal significantly sexual and sexually dominant,” says Weiss. The opposite two fireplace indicators—Leo and Sagittarius—additionally are typically extremely dominating within the bed room, “largely as a result of they’re dominating in all points of life,” says Kovach. “Hearth indicators are consumed by ardour, and intercourse isn’t any exception to that.”

Exterior of dominance and depth, although, the 2 indicators dominated by Venus, the planet of affection—Libra and Taurus—additionally are typically extremely sexual, provides Weiss, however differently. “I might take into account Libra essentially the most romantic signal and Taurus essentially the most sensual signal,” she says.

How do I’ve the most effective intercourse based on my zodiac signal?

Beneath, astrologers break down the most effective astrological intercourse positions for each zodiac signal, plus frequent kinks and turn-ons which might be standard for every. Earlier than you scroll, only a fast be aware on consent: Regardless of your signal or the signal of your sexual companion, any actions you are taking in the middle of partnered intercourse must be finished solely with the complete consent of your companion.


astrological sex position aries

Because the self-starter signal kicking off the zodiac calendar, Aries is nothing if not initiatory and in management. They have a tendency to like being on prime and in a dominant place in mattress, which is why each cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions are sometimes amongst their prime decisions, says Weiss. “As an indication dominated by energetic Mars, Aries doesn’t usually run out of steam within the bed room, both,” she says. “They’ll have a whole lot of intercourse in a single session, and so they’re additionally cool with an intense quickie.”

Aries kinks

“As a result of Aries is turned on by the fun of the chase, they usually get pleasure from enjoying video games of conquest associated to their sexual encounters,” says Kovach, including that on the identical time, they might be turned off by individuals who try to dominate them. In that realm, Aries can also be into mild bondage or BDSM in conditions the place they are often in management, says Weiss.

Find out how to activate an Aries

In astrological physique rulership, Aries guidelines over the pinnacle, which implies that head therapeutic massage and mild hair pulling are sometimes surefire Aries turn-ons, says Weiss. “Whispering of their ears or tickling their ears may also do the trick,” she provides.


astrological sex position taurus

Of all of the indicators, Taurus is essentially the most sensual—which suggests they find it irresistible when all their senses are engaged throughout intercourse, says Kovach. “Bringing scented oils, candles, and even meals like chocolate into the bed room is a turn-on for them.” For a similar sensorial motive, they respect as a lot bodily contact as attainable throughout intercourse, which is why Kovach recommends the basic missionary place, mendacity down with full-body contact. However as a result of Taurus has a choice for management throughout intercourse, they’ll fare finest on prime, she provides.

Taurus kinks

Taurus loves being absolutely pampered, and so they’re turned on by admiration, reward, and a spotlight, says Kovach. In consequence, any function play or sexual fantasy that places them within the place of flattery or worship will probably be one they will get behind. On the identical time, she provides, they have a tendency to understand the finer issues: connoisseur meals, sweets, wine, and luxurious. And placing them ready to get pleasure from the entire above surrounding intercourse (lodge intercourse, anybody?) will get them revved up all of the extra.

Find out how to activate a Taurus

Taurus guidelines over the neck, throat, and vocal cords, so paying just a little further consideration to that area of the physique tends to be a turn-on, says Weiss. “Kissing of the neck, stroking of the neck, or placing a hand on the again of the neck as a solution to provoke intercourse are all good practices for Taurus,” she says, “and assuming full consent, they may even be into light choking.”


astrological sex position gemini

Gemini will get bored shortly, so to maintain issues spicy within the love division, Kovach suggests positions that contain some acrobatics and don’t confine them to at least one house. Take the ballet dancer, for instance, which is a standing place involving one particular person wrapping a leg across the different. From there, you may put together to modify it up and transfer round a bit, too: “With Gemini, you’re going to start out a technique and end in a really completely different method,” says Weiss.

Gemini kinks

Dominated by the communication-oriented Mercury, Gemini loves all issues language-based within the bed room. “They might have a fetish for speaking or listening to the sound of your voice throughout intercourse or may very well be turned on by sure phrases,” says Kovach. On this realm, sexual ASMR, audio erotica, sexting, and attractive video chats are all in Gemini’s wheelhouse, too.

Find out how to activate a Gemini

Ruling over the fingers, fingers, and arms, Gemini loves hand-hold or for his or her fingers and fingers to be stroked or licked earlier than intercourse, says Weiss. “Additionally they might get pleasure from being wrapped up in somebody’s arms and kissing or sucking on their companion’s fingers,” she provides.

Most cancers

astrological sex position cancer

Delicate and nurturing in nature, Most cancers prefers gradual, romantic, and affectionate love-making, says Kovach. The nearer the physique connection, the higher—which is why spooning is without doubt one of the finest intercourse positions for Most cancers. “That is such a loving, cuddle-y place, and Cancers love this type of embrace,” says Weiss. “With Most cancers, there sometimes needs to be a pre- and post-coital cuddle, too.”

Most cancers kinks

As a result of Most cancers is the basic caretaker of the zodiac, they have a tendency to get pleasure from roleplay round enjoying nurse or physician for a companion, says Kovach, referencing their need to serve others. In different circumstances, Most cancers will be turned on by being equally cared for by their companion, she provides. Choosing up some chores round the home or making them their favourite meal could also be simply the factor to get them within the temper.

Find out how to activate a Most cancers

The chest and breasts are Most cancers’s most erogenous zones, on condition that the signal guidelines over this area of the physique. “They like to have their breasts touched and massaged, no matter gender, and should get pleasure from nipple play or nipple clamps,” says Weiss.


astrological sex position leo

With a aptitude for the dramatic, Leos will be into every kind of acrobatic and standing intercourse positions. However of the utmost significance for Leo is that they be absolutely perceived and admired, says Weiss. That’s why she recommends intercourse in entrance of a mirror for Leo, and significantly a place like doggy model the place each companions can face the identical path and gaze upon the Leo’s reflection collectively.

Leo kinks

Because the signal dominated by the solar, which displays id and ego, Leo likes to be praised and acknowledged in mattress. “They’re usually into worship play, or any type of place the place their companion can stare upon them in adoration or lavish a number of consideration on them,” says Weiss. Naturally artistic and passionate, Leos are additionally into experimenting with function play of various varieties, says Kovach.

Find out how to activate a Leo

Leo guidelines over the higher again, backbone, and coronary heart. To get them within the temper, strive scratching their again, says Weiss, “and with consent, you may also strive getting just a little tough with that.” A extra tender possibility? “Attempt inserting a hand on their coronary heart and having them place their hand on yours, so you possibly can really feel your connection, heartbeat to heartbeat to heartbeat,” says Weiss.


astrological sex position virgo

Because the signal ruling over the home of labor and routines, Virgo likes to serve or be of service—which is why they have a tendency to get pleasure from prolonged oral intercourse classes, says Weiss. Although it’s grow to be one thing of a Virgo stereotype, additionally they respect cleanliness, tidiness, and good hygiene. In flip, the most effective astrological intercourse place for a Virgo will all the time be one on contemporary sheets in a clear room.

Virgo kinks

Like Cancers, Virgos could also be into enjoying nurse or physician within the bed room—something that places them within the place of serving or being the recipient of service in that method. “They might see sexual encounters as a possibility to please a companion, not as a supply of enjoyment alone,” says Kovach.

Find out how to activate a Virgo

As a result of Virgo guidelines over the sympathetic nervous system, they will usually discover themselves too anxious or preoccupied to totally get pleasure from intercourse. In consequence, one of the best ways to activate a Virgo is to calm them down first, says Weiss. This may imply utilizing a way to stimulate their Vagus nerve, maybe therapeutic massage behind or beneath the ears or on the jawline, or deep breathwork, she suggests. One other concept? Popping a CBD gummy or two with a Virgo to shift right into a extra serene mind-set forward of time.


astrological sex position libra

Positive, it would sound vanilla, however a Libra can vibe with missionary on the underside. “It’s conventional, it’s romantic, and it lets them stare into their companion’s eyes from an in depth distance,” says Weiss. And for the signal of affection and relationships, that is all too becoming. In that realm, Libra additionally loves a “Hollywood film type of make-out session,” says Weiss. Lovey-dovey kissing, to them, can really feel simply as romantic, if no more so, than precise intercourse.

Libra kinks

Speaking soiled and sexting are main kinks for Libra, as a cerebral air signal with a knack for creativeness. “They’re usually turned on extra by picture and fantasy than by direct bodily contact,” says Kovach.

Find out how to activate a Libra

Libra guidelines the lumbar area and decrease again, which tends to make them a significant fan of again therapeutic massage earlier than intercourse, says Weiss. “One other good possibility is to wrap your physique fully round them from the again or be the large spoon in order that your stomach is near their decrease again,” she says. Additionally, dimming the lights, turning on their favourite attractive tune, and lighting a candle will assist get them within the temper. In any case, Libra is understood to be a basic romantic.


astrological sex position scorpio

Recognized to be essentially the most sexually dominant signal, Scorpio is lively and dynamic in mattress, and doesn’t shrink back from something deeply and intimately sexual, due to their rulership by the eighth home. Whereas a few of the extra acrobatic positions may come to thoughts immediately (and so they’re sure to get pleasure from these, too), Weiss says {that a} tantric intercourse place just like the yab-yum (aka the lotus) could also be significantly highly effective for Scorpio. “Pair it with in-sync respiratory and tantric eye gazing to essentially degree it up,” she says. “That kind of factor tends to return naturally for Scorpio.”

Scorpio kinks

Significantly with newer companions, Scorpios are sometimes dynamic and playful in mattress, says Kovach. “They get pleasure from enjoying intercourse video games associated to energy, thriller, and chasing their love curiosity,” she says, “and so they can be turned on by domination video games.” Generally, they’re often those who’re open to essentially “going there” as you’ll hardly ever attain a degree that’s too sexually deep or eccentric for a Scorpio.

Find out how to activate a Scorpio

A big a part of why Scorpios are so sexual is as a result of they rule the genitals. So, it’s further essential to make a Scorpio really feel very appreciated in that division, says Weiss. “In the event you’re coping with a Scorpio with a vulva, you definitely need to make sure that their clitoris is being stimulated, and that you simply don’t find yourself skipping it with simply penetrative intercourse.”


astrological sex position sagittarius

Ever the adventurer of the zodiac, Sagittarius tends to be into every kind of positions and kinks within the bed room—and past. “That is the signal that likes to have intercourse in accommodations or open air or whereas touring to modify issues up,” says Weiss. Wherever they’re having intercourse, although, additionally they are typically fairly athletic with it, and aren’t afraid to stretch their legs into distinctive positions. Cue: Missionary with one leg up in a break up, or with each legs up over their head as Sagittarius’s preferrred intercourse place.

Sagittarius kinks

“Sagittarius could also be turned on by the thought of intercourse in public or sexual encounters in locations the place they may get caught or seen by others,” says Kovach. (Their adventurous spirit will cease at nothing for an adrenaline rush.) “They’re usually voyueristic and exhibitionists,” she provides.

Find out how to activate a Sagittarius

One more reason why Sagittarius usually likes to get their legs shifting into distinctive positions in mattress is as a result of this signal guidelines over the thighs, butt, and hips. “Lavishing love on their thighs, kissing their thighs, or in any other case listening to them is certain to show them on,” says Weiss. In the identical vein, working a hand alongside the hip of a Sagittarius whereas they’re absolutely dressed can get them immediately within the temper, she provides. And when you’re having intercourse, count on to do a whole lot of hip circling and thrusting, too.


astrological sex position capricorn

Work-centric Capricorns are typically in a really dominant function throughout their on a regular basis life, which may depart them keen to modify right into a extra submissive function when the time for intercourse arrives, says Weiss. Because the signal of boundaries and construction, they will additionally respect the (literal) boundary of a wall—and being pushed up in opposition to one—which makes any from-behind standing place a perfect one for Capricorn.

Capricorn kinks

As a result of, once more, Capricorn may play the extra submissive function in mattress, they have a tendency to get pleasure from some factor of sunshine bondage. “Restraint is a really Saturnian phrase, and Saturn is Capricorn’s ruler,” says Weiss. “So, having their wrists tied again in a silk scarf, for instance, is perhaps one thing they get pleasure from.” (Once more, this assumes you’ve requested for and obtained their consent to take action.)

Find out how to activate a Capricorn

As a result of Capricorn guidelines over the pores and skin, they will get turned on by sensual contact and therapeutic massage of all types. The tooth (and bones) are one other space over which Capricorn guidelines, so that you additionally may arouse a Capricorn with some light biting, whether or not that’s on the lip throughout kissing or on one other physique half, provides Weiss.


astrological sex position aquarius

As essentially the most future-forward and experimental signal, Aquarius isn’t any stranger to a sexual gadget or toy. “Something that brings machines into mattress in a roundabout way is a complete Aquarius factor,” says Weiss. Additionally they respect spicing issues up, together with the placement the place intercourse is occurring. That’s why chair intercourse tends to be beloved by Aquarians who’ve maybe gotten bored by conventional intercourse within the mattress, says Weiss.

Aquarius kinks

“Aquarius tends to get turned on by uncommon conditions as one of many kinkiest indicators within the zodiac,” says Kovach. In consequence, their kinks are typically shocking, distinctive, or change usually, she says. In any case, they’re turned off by limitations and conventional intercourse encounters, she provides.

Find out how to activate an Aquarius

Suggesting a brand new intercourse recreation, incorporating a tool into your sexual encounter, or switching up your place for intercourse can all activate a novelty-seeking Aquarius. Past that, nonetheless, Aquarius guidelines the calves, shins, and ankles, so you’ll want to pay further consideration to those areas, maybe by discovering positions the place you possibly can maintain onto that a part of the physique, says Weiss.


astrological sex position pisces

Mystical Pisces has a deeply non secular facet relating to intercourse. And just like Scorpio, there are few sexual positions that might really feel too deep or too intimate to a Pisces. In that realm, their finest intercourse place is any that places them face-to-face with their companion with full-body contact, says Weiss, just like the basic missionary or the seated face-off, the place one companion is sitting on the sting of the mattress and the opposite is straddling them on prime.

Pisces kinks

Given their dreamy and non secular edge, Pisces might crave “adjustments of consciousness as a part of the ecstatic sexual course of,” says Kovach. In flip, they’re usually very into function play and using mind-altering substances as a part of the sexual expertise, she says. Moreover, Pisces might have a foot fetish, because the signal guidelines over the ft and toes.

Find out how to activate a Pisces

Tantra methods could also be very arousing for Pisces, who appreciates intercourse as an emotional expertise. You may also provide them a foot therapeutic massage (or settle for a proposal to obtain one from them), and even take issues a step additional by giving a foot job or incorporating different foot-play methods into your sexual encounter.


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