Ep. #999: How Enrique Misplaced 45 Kilos and Bought Sturdy in Simply 4 Months


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Mike: Good day, my fellow health fiend and welcome to a different episode of Muscle for Life. I’m your host, Mike Matthews. Thanks for becoming a member of me immediately for successful story interview. I do one in every of these each 4 to 6 weeks or so. I like to talk with somebody who has used one thing of mine, a guide of mine. Uh, my v i p teaching service, my articles, podcast, no matter, have used my stuff to get into nice form and to share their story, as a result of I’ve discovered that lots of people discover these episodes motivational and inspirational, and so they typically see themselves within the friends that I’ve on and rightfully marvel.

If they’ll do it, why not me? And so on this podcast, I interview Enrique who learn my guide Larger, lean, stronger, and he joined my one-on-one teaching program simply to take all the guesswork out of his coaching and his diet and. Give it to an knowledgeable who can simply inform him precisely what to do and when to do it and the best way to do it.

And Enrique bought leaner and stronger than ever earlier than, and he additionally managed to give up smoking and give up his extreme consuming. So, Consequently, he bought fitter and more healthy at 40 years previous than he has been in a very long time than actually than he was at 25. And he talks about that on this interview, and Enrique has loved the teaching program a lot and has gotten a lot out of it that he has stayed on as a shopper since 2016, only for the accountability and the consistency and though a part of the pitch for my teaching service.

We wish you to fireside us after 90 days. We wish you to decide to 90 days, however then we would like you to fireside us on the finish of that interval. We wish you to be self-sufficient. We wish you to not simply do what we let you know to do, however to know why you’re doing what you’re doing and to really feel snug carrying on with out us.

Nonetheless many consumers select to proceed with us simply because it’s going so effectively. They do really feel assured that they’ll proceed getting outcomes with out us, however they’re simply having fun with the teaching a lot that they need to proceed. And so anyway, when you wanna find out about my one-on-one teaching service, simply head over to Muscle for all times.present/vip.

And when you assume it’d make sense in any respect, schedule a free session name and let’s discover out if it’s match. Hey Enrique, welcome to my podcast. Good day, Mike. 

Enrique: How are you? I’m nice. How are you? Good. Thanks for having me. 

Mike: Yeah, completely. Oh, by the way in which, uh, simply to let , for folks listening, there’s a, a bit of tropical storm happening proper now, and so if I simply disappear, it’s as a result of my energy went out.

Jack, really, simply so . It doesn’t appear to be too unhealthy, however typically it simply takes a bit of little bit of wind after which you don’t have any energy for 2 hours. However for now it appears to be effective. Um, so with that being stated, sure, thanks for taking the time to, to come back on my podcast and share your story. And possibly to start out, may you simply give us a fast sort of snapshot earlier than and after, possibly earlier than you discovered.

Me and my work. And the place have been you at in your well being and health journey, so to talk? After which sort of simply quick ahead to immediately, the place are you at? Simply so folks perceive the, the distinction, ? So 

Enrique: earlier than, earlier than I began your program, , I mainly did a bit of little bit of sports activities at college, uh, in my early teenage years.

Uh, by the way in which, my English just isn’t my maiden language, so forgive me. My accent is a bit of bit completely different. Okay, so then about my late teenage years, I began to to get together rather a lot. You realize, I ended up, uh, constructing my enterprise round it. So from, I don’t know, possibly 18, 16 to 35, I did nothing of sports activities. My well being was actually, actually unhealthy.

Ingesting rather a lot, smoking rather a lot, however like each weekend it’s my enterprise nonetheless, , music, music occasions, festivals, um, it was sort of my job as effectively. Then round 34, 35, um, I’m, I’m 40 by the way in which. My little two yr previous noticed my stomach. My spouse was pregnant with my second little one. And he instructed me like, oh, you, you even have a child.

And I used to be like, okay, I gotta do one thing about this. And my cousin that lives subsequent door, um, he constructed a house health club. I used to be, I wasn’t, , too eager in going to the health club. I, I actually like, didn’t just like the vibe. He constructed the health club and he was asking me like, Hey, it’s best to do, it’s best to work out with me. I’ve a, I’ve a private coach right here and there.

I’ve accomplished it prior to now. Native trainers. I didn’t belief them, they didn’t train you something. However, , I began to assume, okay, I, I must do one thing about my well being. And I got here throughout your guide in Amazon. So I discovered it. I really audio booked it in round, I don’t know, possibly per week or much less. And once I was listening to it, I truthfully couldn’t consider it was that straightforward or sound.

That straightforward, , as a result of it had all the time been like, it’s very laborious, , private trainers put it to you right here, prefer it’s mainly unimaginable. After I completed the guide, I began figuring out on my own, and once I began seeing outcomes, , two weeks in. I used to be amazed. I simply wished to maintain on going, carry on going.

I did it like for 2, three months, wonderful outcomes. After which, then I used to be, , I wished to take it up a nudge, and that’s once I signed up for the teaching program. 

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. That’s nice. So then you definately’ve been with us for a while with, with the teaching, proper? And so now the place are you at, uh, simply when it comes to your, so when you take a look at, I’m simply curious once more, for, for even myself.

So that you get the guide and then you definately begin doing this system, then you definately get lots of teaching. And so what do issues appear to be now versus once you began, what was it, I suppose a yr and a half in the past? Am I getting the timing 

Enrique: proper? No, it was, uh, 2016 really. Oh, okay. 

Mike: So, um, I’m simply, I’m simply curious, uh, simply cuz what I see, notably once I’m sharing folks’s success tales, uh, on-line, is many individuals are, are shocked at how a lot change can occur within the first.

Six to 12 months, for instance, if what you’re doing, and also you don’t must be excellent, in fact, you simply must be adequate more often than not, and fairly constant. However I simply have observed that that many individuals discover that very motivating once they see different folks, once more, radically remodeling their physique in simply six to 12 months.

As a result of such as you stated, for the longest time, They thought that that was most likely not attainable in any period of time with any quantity of labor. Not for them, possibly for another person, right. 

Enrique: Yeah, precisely. I do know, I imply, in, in, I began in, let’s say round August, by the tip of the yr. You realize, I began with round 28, 30 2% physique fats, a giant stomach, and by the tip of the yr, , 4 months later, I used to be round eight, 9% physique fats.

And misplaced 45 kilos. So you possibly can think about, , that Christmas, everybody was like, what occurred? I imply, what occurred to you? Did you get sick? Or one thing? Like, what? 

Mike: What occurred to you? Yeah. However then you definately’ve additionally, you additionally, I’m, I’m positive you gained muscle mass, so no matter illness that’s, I wished, 

Enrique: yeah, folks, folks joked like, if I, if I bought sick that, that was like a joke.

However , at seven, 9, at 10 physique fats, you can see my, my. My abdomen muscle mass, , six pack and the whole lot. So I believed it was not attainable to do it, , and, and for me in such a brief period of time, and, and I didn’t. No, it was not like militarized, , measuring meals each day and this and that.

It simply, such as you stated, consistency. 

Mike: Two issues. One, uh, this level of physique recomposition is only a scorching subject. Lots of people ask about it. Is it attainable to realize muscle and power and lose fats on the identical time? Sure, it completely is. Particularly when you’re new after which many individuals from there. They need to know if proscribing your energy at first to lose fats, does it dramatically scale back the quantity of muscle and power you could achieve in that first yr?

And so what was your expertise along with your physique composition? So we all know that you just introduced your physique fats means down, however how was the muscle development and power constructing aspect of issues. Effectively, it 

Enrique: was very profitable to my eyes as a result of, , I got here from doing nothing in the beginning. I couldn’t even squat solely the barb, it was unimaginable.

I possibly may do one or two squats with the barb, and naturally the, the pull ups out of the query . And by the tip of the, by the tip of the third month, , I used to be benching and squaring. Thrice extra, or not less than possibly my, not my physique weight, however a bit of, a bit of bit much less. I, I can keep in mind the precise weight, however that was, , unimaginable.

Unimaginable for me to have the opportunity. And also you get extra motivated when, , each different week you place 5 extra kilos. 5 extra kilos, and possibly by the tip of the. Of the reduce, I misplaced a bit of little bit of power, however it was not important. 

Mike: Have been you in a deficit for most likely most of that first yr? No less than six months, I’m assuming?


Enrique: It was three months, three, three or 4 months as a result of I, I, I went to in 4 months to eight, 9% physique fats, so I used to be already with my coach and we began doing the. 

Mike: Nice. And so some folks listening to which can be even, I’m a bit of bit shocked, not that it could’t be accomplished, however I might say that’s most likely a bit of bit quicker than, than ordinary.

Simply simply that than I normally come throughout. And so are you able to speak to us a bit of bit about, you had talked about the significance of consistency and that you just weren’t weighing and measuring the whole lot that you just eat each day, however did you begin out with weighing and measuring and have been. Any sort of classes that you just discovered alongside the way in which that helped you along with your consistency within the kitchen and within the health club?


Enrique: I attempted to make issues simpler for me, so I did. I, once I began measuring in the beginning, I had, , protein. Greens and a carb. And what I did was largely the entire week was the identical. I knew I needed to have, uh, identical quantity of, of meat and I did brown rice each day and a vegetable, the whole lot in the identical measure.

So on the weekends I did, , go, Eat one thing, , extra enjoyable. However, however in the course of the week I simply did that, , it saved me time. I didn’t must prepare dinner rather a lot. It made issues simpler for. 

Mike: Yeah. And that’s, that’s an important tip for anyone. I imply, I nonetheless do the identical factor and I’ve accomplished that for therefore a few years now.

I eat roughly the identical meals, each meal, each day. And typically I alter issues each so many months go by and now I’m within the temper to alter my salad. So I alter it. However I nonetheless eat a salad on the, , my dinner is all the time some form of protein and there’s, um, some form of vegetable and carb.

And it’ll, for a very long time, be the very same factor. After which I’ll change it up, um, normally with spices or use some completely different sauces simply to present it a, a distinct taste profile. Uh, however consuming like that, it, it simply makes it really easy. To your level, to regulate your energy and management your macros and nonetheless take pleasure in your meals.

And then you definately don’t must proceed to weigh and measure, cuz you sort of simply do it as soon as, proper? Your first week or two, simply so you may get an thought of what your portion ought to appear to be and. From there on out, you’re simply eyeballing, that you just’re presupposed to eat that a lot of this and that a lot of this and that a lot of this.

And, after which in your, in your weekends, then what did you do to only just be sure you didn’t eat means an excessive amount of? 

Enrique: Okay. So I’m gonna be trustworthy with what I did on the weekends. Um, to begin with, I, , I feel my physique composition has a greater. It does higher chopping than bulking. You realize, bulking, for me, it’s very, very troublesome that that’s one thing that I’ve an issue with.

However to chop and to go down in, in physique fats, it was pretty straightforward as a result of I simply did that and. I by no means went hungry, to be trustworthy. In order that’s good. 

Mike: And that’s, and for folks listening, that’s largely only a matter of genetics. Most likely. Uh, simply, simply urge for food. Some folks are likely to have regular appetites. Some folks are likely to have low urge for food.

Some folks are likely to have excessive appetites. I’m much like you in that. I, I simply don’t get hungry. Simply. I used to be all the time sort of a thin. I performed endurance sports activities, I performed hockey. I used to be by no means like a giant, robust man and I don’t actually have the genetics to be, I’ve gained a good quantity of muscle, however I might be a horrible power athlete.

I simply don’t have the physique for it. So such as you, it’s extra uncomfortable really for me to. Preserve a constant calorie surplus for 3, 4 months since you’re drive feeding your self. You actually are. I imply, that ultimate meal or two each day, you get no enjoyment from it it doesn’t matter what it’s . So in any case, proceed.

I simply wished folks to grasp that and, and since, , some folks, they’ve the alternative downside, clearly, the place they’ve a, they have an inclination to have a giant urge for food and it’s straightforward for them to placed on weight, however it’s harder for them. Maintain their energy restricted. Yeah. 

Enrique: Appropriate. So on the weekends I did one tremendous, like, tremendous massive meal.

After the meal, you don’t want something for twenty-four hours. and I ate the whole lot. Like on Sunday, this was largely what I did. Sunday, I went to a restaurant like a brunch buffet. And I had the whole lot like three, 4 kilos. 

Mike: You most likely confused some folks as they’re watching you go doing this, getting, getting leaner, getting extra muscular, coming in there, consuming your self right into a coma each week.

Enrique: Yeah. Folks have been like, how are you going to feed that a lot meals? You realize, and it was, it was these desserts. Meats, no matter, no matter was in entrance of me and lots of meals. And truthfully, I, I don’t know if this was wholesome or not, however mentally for me it was very, it was like resetting my thoughts for the week. 

Mike: You look, I’m positive you regarded ahead to it, proper?

Like towards the tip of the week. 

Enrique: I regarded ahead to it, and, and I, I, I loved it much more than having a meal right here or there. And it labored for me as a result of most of these Sundays, I, I used to be so full that I couldn’t even eat something anymore in the course of the day. Like possibly a small soup within the night or one thing, however I simply reset myself for the, for the week forward and, and proceed with my routine, .


Mike: have been you lively in any respect on the weekend or probably not? Yeah, 

Enrique: I had a stroll as a minimum. Or possibly half an hour on the bicycle. By no means simply didn’t do something. For instance, as a result of on on, on the weekdays it was laborious for me to do the warmth cardio due to time. So I are likely to do it on the weekends typically.


Mike: Okay. So you may have some bodily exercise after which additionally. Have you learnt, did you ever take a look at, simply since you’re curious roughly what number of energy you assume you have been consuming in that one meal? And the rationale I requested that’s, , I, I can eat lots of meals. I haven’t accomplished it shortly, so I, I may not have the capability that I had once I was doing it extra typically, however there was a time I haven’t examined myself when, , Thanksgiving would come and only for enjoyable, I might eat seven plates of meals.

And till I used to be, I couldn’t even transfer. Proper. I keep in mind once I stopped, I used to be mendacity on the sofa. I used to be like sort of sweating in ache. I used to be like, all proper, that is sufficient . I’m not doing this once more. However I imply, that’s, that’s, that’s ridiculous and absurd. But when I, if I have been to do what, what you have been doing, if I have been to go to a buffet and eat, to not the purpose.

Of going right into a coma, however every to the purpose of like, Ugh, that was lots of meals. Relying on what it’s, it could be possibly 3000 energy, particularly if I’m beginning with some proteins, beginning with some extra filling meals versus a. Solely consuming very fatty, extremely palatable, possibly decrease quantity meals.

So do, are you aware roughly what that regarded like for you? As a result of, um, some folks they could be a bit of bit confused. How are you going to eat a lot meals considering you ate 10,000 energy in an hour? Like, most likely not. It was most likely. A pair thousand. 

Enrique: Precisely. I attempted, I attempted to measure it as soon as, uh, effectively a few occasions and I really entered a dialogue with somebody that was with me and I believed it was extra, however with this, uh, with this good friend of mine, there, there was one time that I had, um, Six or seven burgers.

I, I keep in mind, and after we did the mathematics on the, on the apps, , it was like on the most, , 3,500 energy, I feel greater than that, it, it doesn’t match precisely. 

Mike: Yeah. As a result of, uh, your abdomen can solely maintain a lot meals. I simply wished to make that time for folks listening, simply in order that they perceive that that may be very viable.

What you probably did, I imply clearly it labored for you. Relying on the individual. You realize, some folks, they do generally tend, they, they’ll get into the binge and purge and, and I wouldn’t advocate that for them. But when, if that’s not the case, clearly that wasn’t the case for you and also you loved it. You favored consuming a bunch of this meals in a single meal and also you didn’t eat a lot the remainder of the day on that day when you have been additionally lively.

You may need been in a slight surplus by the tip of the day, and so that you possibly gained a small quantity of fats that day, however you had misplaced sufficient fats all through the week that the web impact was, , come Monday, you’re leaner than you have been the Monday earlier than. And so I feel that, um, the actual fact. You have been capable of simply eat extra, feels like roughly, no matter you wished to eat on this sooner or later, and that’s one thing you regarded ahead to.

You actually loved it. And one meal, 

Enrique: just one meal. Not, not, , the day as a result of the day it we, it will ship me again per week. . 

Mike: Appropriate. And that’s, and that’s precisely who I used to be gonna say too. You realize, like if I’m touring and let’s say trip, simply having enjoyable. Um, and if it’s gonna be a number of days, , 3, 4, 5 plus days, that’s usually what I’ll do is I’ll have one bigger meal.

I don’t attempt to eat as a lot as I can, however. We’re gonna be in a restaurant and I’m gonna order what I wanna order. I’m most likely gonna get an appetizer and an entree and a dessert, and I would share them. Perhaps I’m not gonna eat, eat all of them myself. However, uh, I’m not gonna be trying up energy or I don’t care.

I’m simply gonna eat what I need to eat. However I’ll restrict myself to a type of larger meals. After which the opposite meals are going to be smaller. I most likely have introduced some protein powder with me that’s straightforward simply to verify I get in some protein. Um, after which the opposite. Meal or two that could be in a restaurant goes to be lighter.

I’m not simply gonna order something and the whole lot. Appropriate. Precisely. I did the identical. And so along with your, along with your weight loss program over this, uh, three to 4 month interval to lose that a lot weight, it sounds such as you have been fairly aggressive along with your, uh, calorie 

Enrique: deficit or No, that’s what I used to be, um, desirous about, , and I really didn’t try this a lot.

I, uh, possibly half-hour, uh, 45 minutes over the entire weekend, and it was mainly simply the calorie deficit. However possibly, , like I stated, I, I had a, my physique responded higher to the deficit in taking place than going up. So it was not that tough, , the primary month. Perhaps sure, as a result of, um, I used to be altering lots of unhealthy habits from the previous, however as soon as I bought into, , a routine, I didn’t even felt it.

I used to be in a reduce and after my cuts it, there was a time, let’s say, , once I mainly stopped figuring out, uh, the pandemic, lots of stuff, , work issues. And it was laborious for me to get, , I, I, I actually unhealthy, uh, the entire week surgical procedure, however it was laborious for me to realize weight in the long run. I ended up including rather a lot, rather a lot weight, and lots of extra physique fats.

I got here again to. 22, 25 after lots of years. However taking place once more, like I stated, is, just isn’t that tough for me personally. 

Mike: And I’m assuming once you have been younger, you have been all the time pretty lean earlier than you bought into partying? 

Enrique: N not really, , I stayed lean, however skinny is skinny. Um, not, not any muscle or I had a bit of stomach, however 

Mike: not chubby.

Uh, not chubby. You simply regarded like a traditional child. 

Enrique: Regular child. Yeah. A traditional, , teenager, regular, uh, younger grownup. It was up till possibly. 31, 32 that I began gaining weight most likely due to the age, and that’s once I was telling you, , at 35, my child simply instructed me, oh, you even have a child. And I used to be like, Okay, , I must do one thing.

Mike: Effectively, there’s a saying in English, uh, what’s it? Out of the mouth or, or from the mouth of babes. That means typically youngsters of their innocence say issues which can be intelligent or observational or . Typically they are saying issues to make you go, 

Enrique: yeah, . Yeah, he was telling the reality. . 

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, precisely. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. The rationale I ask that for folks listening is a component of bodily exercise is, um, in, within the scientific literature, it’s non-exercise exercise.

Thermogenesis, N E A t Neat, is what it’s referred to. And so that is spontaneous exercise that individuals simply have a tendency to have interaction in with out realizing it. So this isn’t formal train. That is fidgeting and pacing, and. Have a tendency simply tending to take the steps as an alternative of the elevator and tending to park additional away.

And there’s lots of exercise that that individuals can have interaction in with out realizing it. And that may add as much as lots of energy. I imply, analysis reveals it may be 500 or perhaps a thousand energy burned per day in a excessive neat particular person and in a low, neat particular person, it’d solely be a pair hundred energy per day.

And so typically what you’ll discover is excessive. People, they simply, they’re extra immune to weight achieve. They. Except they actually tried, they by no means actually struggled with their physique composition or they simply observed that it’s, it’s more durable for them to realize weight, even when they’re consuming and consuming lots of meals.

And one of many causes is their physique simply naturally responds to a calorie surplus with extra bodily exercise. So simply one thing for folks to understand that that helps clarify, as a result of typically folks hear a narrative like yours after which they don’t perceive the mechanisms behind it, and so they may even then come to query power steadiness.

Does it simply not work in you? Is it simply completely different? No, it really works the identical in you assuming you’re the next neat particular person. Anybody who’s the next particular person works the identical. It’s simply there are elements that. As apparent because the train, uh, the exercises that you just do 

Enrique: now that you just say that, , there was, um, discussing additionally different people who mainly requested me what I did.

Uh, completely different physique compositions. In addition they learn your guide. They didn’t go into the teaching program, however outcomes have been the identical. I imply, when you actually are constant and, and. Don’t even 100% of the of this system, however 70% when you do it proper, you’re gonna see outcomes. I noticed outcomes by the second week that that’s what bought me motivated.

And like I stated, I did it as a result of I couldn’t consider that. It was really easy. Like this isn’t true. This isn’t attainable. I imply, all these years, , what you see on TV or what the native, um, private trainers say as a result of they mainly right here is okay, do 20 pushups. Okay, now what? Now what do I do? Nothing.

Clarify nothing. 

Mike: They gotta preserve you coming again. They’ll’t provide the, uh, the key sauce. 

Enrique: Precisely. Precisely, and, after which once I heard the guide, I used to be like, this may be, this may be true. And I did simply to attempt it out. And once I noticed outcomes, I stated, wow, I couldn’t consider it was really easy. It was really easy simply to.

Get, get on and do it, ? 

Mike: Yeah. That’s what impressed me to jot down the guide trigger I had that have myself so a few years in the past now. I suppose I wrote that guide within the first version was, was 2012, so, , 10 and, and. My private, like first little transformation, , took a yr or so. So over that, between 2010 and 2012, I had that very same expertise.

After I began to place the items collectively, I used to be additionally skeptical, like, actually, is it really this easy? After which simply went by it and began working with different folks and exhibiting them, Hey, that is what I’m doing right here, why don’t you do it too? And begin seeing consistency there. After which trying extra into the scientific analysis.

Finally concluded. Yeah, it really is this easy and. I ought to simply write a guide as a result of that guide didn’t exist on the time. I want it will’ve, I want any individual would’ve simply given me that guide once I was like 17 and stated, Hey, simply do that. Simply do that. And that is most likely all you want really. Uh, until you need to be like a excessive stage power athlete or bodybuilder or one thing.

However, however you talked about having to beat different. Habits, and I wished to ask you about partying, alcohol. What, smoking, what, what different unhealthy habits did it’s important to, um, change all through this entire course of? And yeah. How did that go for you? And, and I attempted 

Enrique: to, I had a, , it’s possibly not, uh, emergency downside, however a critical consuming downside.

I attempted to give up consuming and smoking previous to, to beginning this system simply by will, , however it was troublesome. I, I, to be trustworthy, I couldn’t do it. The one factor that bought me out of these habits was figuring out. I, I feel mentally, , when the weekend got here and I had labored out the entire week and.

It was one hour a day. I imply, that’s, or could, typically 50 minutes. You realize, it’s not like I went into, and I did it a house health club. Then I joined the health club as a result of it was nearer to, to my residence that the, the health club that I used to go was in my mother’s home as a result of it was close to my workplace and my residence health club. However then I joined, joined, uh, a proper, And it was 50 minutes.

I imply, it was not like I needed to be there 4 hours figuring out, , sweating my ass off. Folks noticed me come out and in and so they have been like, how? How do you may have that a lot power? How are you, that match as a result of we predict you don’t do something . 

Mike: And so they see Yeah, cuz you’re resting. They’re like, all you do is sit round.

Enrique: Precisely. This man doesn’t do something, however he’s sweating 200. I’m like, yeah, that is my program. You realize, I imply, I’m gonna comply with it as a result of it really works. And you may see different folks like breaking their asses off, , um, having a extremely, actually unhealthy time. And I’m like, , trying on my telephone, doing my reps, after which taking a look at my telephone once more or chatting with somebody and their outcomes have been there.

Um, so the consuming. Went away with, with figuring out the smoking behavior. Went away with, with the, uh, figuring out and undoubtedly the unhealthy consuming, I feel from once I began this system. Um, until now, I used to be nev my, my, I’m in higher well being now at 40 than I used to be at 25. Definit. Yeah, I 

Mike: imply that, um, is, is completely achievable.

Like you can get along with your physician when you had the identical physician at 25 and also you do blood work and you may get very particular. And when you’re not dwelling a, a wholesome life-style at 25, uh, you’re nonetheless. As physiologically, as invincible as you’re ever gonna be, however , with sufficient unhealthy habits, you possibly can put your self in a worse place, uh, well being smart than, than 40.


Enrique: No, I did, I did the, I did the blood work, um, proper earlier than the, the, the coronavirus lockdown, and the physician instructed me like, man, you’re like, you may have a metabolism of a 20 yr previous, like, Cool . 

Mike: That’s very cool. That’s nice. And, and, and the, the consuming and the smoking. So did you simply kinda lose your style for it mainly, you simply, the need to do it simply progressively declined to the place you simply stopped?

Enrique: Yeah. Uh, the, the consuming was simpler. You realize, as a result of, um, I didn’t exit to get together and, and it’s not like, not like I drunk at, at residence, so I, I needed to exit and get together, , and, and drink. However then, , after figuring out the entire week, , I stated like, Yeah, I imply, going out immediately consuming, I’m gonna set again all the trouble that I did this week.

I’m gonna, I’m on a roll, , I imply, each, each weekend that I went on the size, , two kilos much less, two kilos much less, 1.5 much less. And I simply wished to see what was the, , the, the restrict. You realize, I wished to go so far as I may and I used to be motivat. After which it sort of modified, uh, the behavior right into a not behavior.

You realize, after six months of not consuming, I simply kinda had a brand new behavior of not, not, not consuming. And the smoking was a bit of bit more durable as a result of, , in the beginning, I, I, I completed the weekends and I had a cigarette, , after breakfast or one thing. However you get to some extent, I bought to some extent when.

After I began to see that I used to be reaching, uh, a possible in, in my respiratory, in my power, and I stated, okay, I’m gonna attempt not smoking. See if it’s, um, if, if, if I do higher on the, on the, on the exercises. And I began doing means higher on the exercises, means higher at cardio. I simply dropped it. Yeah, 

Mike: that’s nice.

Hey there. If you’re listening to this, you’re nonetheless listening, which is superior. Thanks. And in case you are having fun with this podcast, or when you identical to my podcast generally and you’re getting not less than one thing out of it, would you thoughts sharing it with a good friend or a cherished one or a not so cherished one even who would possibly need to study one thing new?

Phrase of mouth helps actually. In rising the present. So when you consider somebody who would possibly like this episode or one other one, please do inform them about it. And on the, on the coaching aspect of issues. So that you, once you began the teaching, the place have been you at power smart? Do you keep in mind? Trigger you had accomplished a pair months of weightlift.

Enrique: However, however most likely at 20% of, yeah, the teaching program actually, that was like, okay, I like this. I’m gonna step it up and, , take it to a stage that, that I need to, , see the place I, the place means can get me. 

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. And, and what number of days per week have been you coaching? Or are, I imply by, effectively simply all through this, this course of usually.

What, what does your exercise schedule look? 

Enrique: Uh, 5 days per week. Um, typically 4. Uh, however, uh, I attempt to do the 5 day, 5 days per week exercises as a result of it, it additionally, , it additionally helps me, I work out within the morning and, after which I am going to work with a greater perspective. I really feel higher, and it, it was in the beginning, I sort of felt actually unhealthy if I didn’t work out one.

You felt, you’re feeling, I felt like, okay, I didn’t do one thing immediately. You realize, I, I, I, I’m lacking one thing. 

Mike: Even, even now, when you miss a exercise, there’s nonetheless a bit of bit cuz , you get used to doing it and it, uh, I imply, I dunno about you, however that’s, that’s how it’s for me. I’m making an attempt proper now a 4 day per week cuz I’ve been doing 5 days per week for therefore many.

Years and years and years and years. Yeah. Perpetually. And, uh, so I’m gonna be enjoying with my programming most likely for the subsequent yr or so in some, making an attempt some various things. And so, uh, it, , it even, it simply feels a bit of bit odd to, uh, miss, miss unquote, I simply, now I’m taking, I nonetheless do my cardio, however to not raise on Wednesdays is like bizarre.

I really feel like I’m, , there’s, there’s one thing flawed. and, and also you 

Enrique: know, most likely folks assume. One thing laborious to do, however, or that I’ve one thing completely different, however I’ve seen it with, , buddies that I really helpful the guide. It will get you. My sister, really, my sister ended up becoming a member of this system. She and I, , have been, we have been each anti, anti sports activities, like anti health club that we noticed people who labored out like ridiculous.

You realize, why try this go, go have enjoyable. Each person who was like that, that I’ve confirmed them the guide or, or , bought him into the, this system go to this aspect, , it’s, it, it tends to, You miss, you miss one thing when you don’t, when you don’t work out, , it creates a, a behavior that it’s .

Mike: It makes the whole lot in your life higher. It actually does. I’ll say typically that health isn’t the whole lot, however the whole lot is more durable when you aren’t match. I feel that the, I feel that’s very true. Um, and in your, in your coaching alongside the way in which on this journey, have there been any important obstacles that you just’ve needed to overcome?

Something that, um, possibly, possibly. You couldn’t simply go quote, unquote purchase the guide and also you had to determine the best way to, like, for instance, on the dietary aspect of issues, you discovered that, all proper, what you love to do is you wish to eat a extremely huge meal as soon as per week, and that that resets you psychologically and also you stay up for it.

Have been there any issues like that on the coaching aspect of issues that simply made it extra enjoyable for you, extra gratifying, simpler to stay with and be per? 

Enrique: No. However I do keep in mind, I’ve, I’ve had a few accidents and people have been the worst, , couple of months as a result of I wished to go work out and.

I couldn’t, and, and the primary damage, I wasn’t that, uh, obedient to the physician and I did, and it bought worse. And so afterwards, , I attempt, if I bought injured or I felt, um, some ache, I actually regarded into it as a result of it was extra painful to not work out for a protracted. Psychologically then, , provide the relaxation for a few weeks or one thing.

Mike: And what 


Enrique: Um, I injured my, my, my shoulder figuring out really. Uh, that’s once I wasn’t that, uh, obedient and I had some issues afterwards. Then I had an accident with a horse, uh, in my leg. That’s the place I needed to keep like two months. With out doing an excessive amount of. I really misplaced for a bit of bit my sensibility on the leg.

I bought actually, actually scared. It really turned out was nothing. However these have been sort of the, the, the obstacles I had, uh, figuring out on the health club or something. I can’t keep in mind obstacles and once I had questions or issues or I wanted to alter one thing, I all the time, uh, went to my coach and. Bought resolved, , tremendous straightforward.

Mike: And so that you have been capable of work round, like along with your, when you have been capable of get again within the health club, you have been capable of work round any sort of lingering limitations. Yep. With the 

Enrique: assist of the coach as effectively. You realize, um, attempt to begin. Step-by-step, not return and, and, and attempt to do what I, what I did earlier than getting 

Mike: injured.

Yep. Yeah. And that, and that’s the sensible solution to cope with any form of damage or simply ache if one thing is hurting, like precise ache, not, oh, my muscle mass are burning as a result of it’s laborious. But when there’s ache, the neatest factor to do is simply discover one thing else, discover a completely different train. I, I slept on my ought to.

Surprisingly, I suppose a few nights, after which it was begin, it was bothering me a bit of bit within the health club merely from sleeping on it. Bizarre like couple nights in a row, and so flat urgent, simply didn’t really feel proper. Flat. Flat, bench urgent. Flat, dumbbell urgent. I. I may do it, however I might be pushing by ache and at one level possibly I might’ve simply accomplished that.

However now, uh, I’m a bit of bit extra enlightened, a bit of bit wiser. And so as an alternative of that, I discovered that incline urgent trigger no points. Don’t really feel it in any respect. Nice. That’s all I’m doing proper now. And my, my shoulder’s about higher. I’ll most likely get again to flat urgent the subsequent week or two, however I don’t, I I’m, I’ve simply been inclined urgent for a few weeks now as a result of I need it to be totally resolved for the.

What you expertise along with your shoulder, the place if it’s not totally resolved, then you possibly can, you possibly can damage your self. Even worse, it’s not price it. Yeah. And, and, and 

Enrique: for instance, this time once I was, uh, figuring out, I felt I bought injured, however you’re figuring out, you’re scorching, you’re sweating, , it doesn’t damage that a lot.

I stored on doing, I stored on figuring out and the physician instructed me like, you. This, this bit into actually getting very injured and having me, uh, I must function you. And that’s one other factor, , he instructed me like, you by no means return to the way in which you have been. You realize it’s gonna damage more often than not. Or if it’s very chilly, you’re gonna really feel it.

So from that day on, I stated, and that was the primary time I went to the physician for an damage. As a result of I wished to go. Previous to that, I simply bought injured and I simply waited, , for a month, two months. So it doesn’t damage anymore, however as a result of I wasn’t even figuring out, so it didn’t matter. From that day on, I began, , taking extra care of myself and, and pains and accidents.

Mike: And which train? Uh, what occurred along with your shoulder? 

Enrique: I feel I used to be, um, uh, benching with dumb. An excessive amount of weight when Lus went, went to the aspect and I felt a bit of little bit of the crack. I say that nothing occurs in, 

Mike: yeah, simply, simply, just a bit bit. Unfortunate. I imply, the dumbbell urgent is even, not that the barbell press is unhealthy on your shoulders, however dumbbell is much more shoulder pleasant, I suppose you can say.

Cuz you possibly can sort of place your palms and, uh, your elbows precisely the place you want it. However, um, and, and so there was a interval there the place you have been working off of the guide and then you definately signed up for teaching. I’m simply curious how that have was for you, the distinction between. All your self primarily based on what you had discovered versus working with somebody.

Enrique: It was completely. Completely different expertise as a result of now I, , I didn’t must determine issues out. I didn’t must go on Google and, , you, you search one thing on Google and there are so 100, a thousand completely different opinions on, on the topic. And with my, with my coach, , the whole lot, all of my doubts bought resolved and I didn’t must go look elsewhere and I simply adopted that one, , program that I’m that sort of man I comply with.

If it’s the very best or not the very best or if it’s flawed, I don’t matter as a result of I need, I, I, I don’t wanna confuse myself and do that and do various things, , 

Mike: studying something. That’s the main good thing about, of teaching, proper? Is that it’d take you, you can waste a lot time. Attempting to sift by all of the opinions on, let’s say you simply need a solution.

A easy, it’s a easy query. Let’s say you’re like, ought to I be taking BCAAs, for instance, a complement? And also you would possibly spend two hours on-line listening to folks arguing, though the argument. I feel is generally over with that. However there was a time when it was, uh, you can spend a few hours watching YouTube movies and studying.

And these are, right here’s analysis that appears to recommend that BCAs do assist muscle development. After which listed here are folks saying they don’t. And with, with coach, it’s, ought to I take this complement? No, you don’t must. Okay. Subsequent query. 

Enrique: Precisely. And, and, and with the, along with your guide and, and the teaching program, it was for me, a one cease store.

You realize, the whole lot I wanted to know was there. And to be trustworthy, there’s a saying that, that you just study a brand new factor each day. However, , after 5 years of being within the teaching program, I largely know the whole lot. However I preserve myself within the teaching program as a result of it makes me really feel accountable, ?

I should be accountable for what, for what I’m doing. And there’s some all the time one thing new that I need to ask and it get resolved. And, and to be trustworthy, , it’s, it’s investing in your well being and it’s not costly and 

Mike: that’s the greatest. No less than most likely the, the, the primary funding that we should always all be making is, is, is in ourselves.

And that begins with, with well being. As a result of if we don’t have well being, what’s that quote? To paraphrase it, it’s like if, uh, A wholesome individual desires many issues. An unhealthy individual solely desires one factor, proper. And that’s to be wholesome. And so we’ve got fairly a number of people who find themselves in precisely the identical place. They really feel very snug with their information and their capacity to proceed doing what they should do, however they just like the accountability.

They like, such as you stated, not having. Work on their meal plans in any respect, or their coaching plans. If they need something modified, they’ll say, Hey, like I’m getting sort of bored with consuming this. Can we alter this up? Or, Hey, I’m gonna be outta city for a few weeks. That is what I’m doing. Hey, this train is bothering me a bit of bit.

Hey, I want to attempt, , and simply have any individual else. Handle the small print so that you don’t must. 

Enrique: Precisely. Precisely. And it, I don’t must assume if I want to alter one thing, , . 

Mike: Sure. Sure, precisely. Um, what do your youngsters assume now that. They, they prefer it. You appear to be an motion determine now. 

Enrique: Not that a lot.

You realize, throughout this yr, possibly by the tip of final yr and this yr, I kinda went, um, lacking, I don’t know the best way to say it in English, however, so I gained lots of weight and to be trustworthy, I restarted it, uh, two months in the past. 

Mike: Okay. And the way has that, uh, The restart. 

Enrique: It’s, it’s been good. Um, I feel I, I don’t know if it’s psychologically, however I feel I haven’t misplaced the, the load on the tempo that I used to do it.

Perhaps as a result of I bought fats once more. However, , it’s, um, When you get once more on, on, on the routine, , it took me like three days, 4 days to get again on it. 

Mike: And also you’ll see, uh, your, I imply, you’re already seeing that your efficiency within the health club comes again shortly. The, the muscle that you just had earlier than comes again shortly.

You, you get to have sort of one other beginner features, like a honeymoon section the place you’re including weight to the bar each week and also you’re watching your physique change, which is sort of enjoyable. 

Enrique: As a result of to be trustworthy, I, I didn’t work out for about six, seven months possibly. 

Mike: And is that as a result of life bought in the way in which 

Enrique: or what occurred?

Life bought in the way in which after the 2 years of the, of the, of the Corona we have been closed. Um, , I personal a music pageant, so, uh, this yr they, the federal government gave us the inexperienced gentle, however we needed to delay that a bit of bit due to, um, Due to the Corona, , and we, we even have like 6, 6, 7 months to prepare it.

This yr we had two, so we delayed it a bit of bit and a hurricane got here in. So we needed to postpone day two. And , Mess. Um, previous to that within the organizing, I didn’t have time to go to the health club and this and that, after which afterwards, , I simply didn’t go . It’s, and it varieties, , it when, once I’m not figuring out, my thoughts performs me video games, man.

I began consuming unhealthy junk meals desserts. I didn’t smoke, however I began vaping. I feel that’s even worse. So for a few months I baked , then I had to return to the health club and, , return to my good habits. 

Mike: Effectively, the excellent news is, , you are able to do it. You’ve already accomplished it. You’re already in your means now and , I, I’ve, I’ve heard from many individuals through the years that had comparable experiences and so they, in addition they, they discovered that, It got here again simply.

And so it’s okay to fully fall off the wagon. Uh, keep away from it when you can. That was the phrase. Yeah. Yeah. Keep away from it when you can, but when it occurs, it’s pretty easy to. Get again on the, on the beam, as they are saying in English, get again on observe since you’ve accomplished it earlier than. You’ve got the boldness and precisely what to do.

And also you additionally know that when you begin up once more, a few of these different unhealthy habits sort of simply fall away. After which that’s most likely as a result of there’s a little bit of, , I. Our id has much more to do with our actions that, like at a, on a sort of unconscious stage, we glance to our actions to inform us who we’re, mainly, what kind of individual we’re.

And so when you get again into taking these actions, that of a, of a wholesome individual, of an individual who desires to maintain themselves. Then it’s rather a lot simpler and it, and it feels much more pure to do this in different areas now, to eat higher, to not smoke or vape, to not drink an excessive amount of alcohol. As a result of naturally that’s what an individual who takes care of themself does.

In fact. Appropriate. 

Enrique: Yeah. And for everybody listening, , it’s, um, in my expertise, I didn’t must be excellent, , to, to to see outcomes. Simply constant. 

Mike: Yep. Consistency is, is the key to essentially to to excellence in something. People who find themselves nice at issues aren’t constantly nice. They’re nice at consistency although, and every now and then they’re nice and, and the people who find themselves actually nice, they’re nice just a bit bit extra typically than their friends, however behind the scenes, what lots of people don’t see is simply nice consistency.

However not essentially constantly. Nice performances. They’re simply all the time exhibiting up, placing within the work, getting a bit of bit higher, getting a bit of bit worse, however getting a bit of bit higher than that and, and simply sticking with it. And that’s very true of health. Yep. 

Enrique: For 45, 45, uh, minutes a day took me.

However , when you add that up for a. The outcomes are gonna be there. 

Mike: Yep. Yep. Effectively, that’s nice. And so the place do you need to go from right here? What’s your plan? Um, 

Enrique: preserve, preserve, carry on the, on the teaching program as a result of I need to, I need to see how far I can get bulking up. That’s been my, my troublesome aspect. And, and to be trustworthy, once I was on Tremendous Observe, one thing occurred like my damage or then the horse that kicked me on the leg and.

And , now I wanna go for it once more as a result of on the chopping aspect, , Been to the bottom I could be and, , tremendous match and, , athlete, uh, uh, physique fats or no matter. What I haven’t accomplished is the bulking aspect, so I wanna attempt it out. 

Mike: Yeah. You’ll, you’ll benefit from the exercises. You’re gonna have nice exercises.

You’re gonna lots of power. You’re gonna achieve lots of power. You’re gonna achieve lots of muscle. After which sooner or later you’ll see once you resolve like, all proper, I wanna carry my physique fats down and ultimately get to that time. You’re like, okay, I’m simply proud of this and now I simply need to preserve what I’ve.

Perhaps enhance a bit of bit, however largely simply preserve what I’ve. Yeah. 

Enrique: That’s the plan. 

Mike: Yeah, precisely. One different factor I’ll point out simply trigger I, it’s related to your expertise beforehand, is you. When life will get in the way in which and issues get traumatic and, um, you may have lots of causes to, to not get within the health club or, otherwise you merely can’t.

One factor to remember and for folks listening is simply how a lot of a distinction, even only one exercise per week could make. Or if you may get in there possibly two days per week, you possibly can, for instance, I recorded a podcast on this yesterday. So relying on the timing, this could be a bit of bit redundant, however I’m gonna say it anyway.

For individuals who take heed to the whole lot with only one, let’s say a full physique power coaching exercise, simply sticking to your compound, , possibly you’re beginning with a squat and then you definately’re doing a hip hinge, uh, some form of pull and doing a, a push. So let. On the hip hinge, let’s say it’s a deadlift, so it’s like a squat of deadlift, a bench press and only a a, a chin up, let’s say, and also you’re simply doing two or three units of every train, once more, about an hour within the health club.

Should you have been to do this one time per week, you’d preserve. Principally all of the muscle that, that you just’ve gained, uh, even in case you are very muscular, you’re gonna be capable to preserve mainly the whole lot on that and possibly most of your power as effectively. And if you may get within the health club two occasions per week, you would possibly even be capable to preserve making progress.

It’s gonna be a bit of bit slower than three, 4, or 5 days per week, however even simply two, when you’re like, all proper, I can do an higher physique exercise and a decrease physique exercise, and that’s it. So simply wished to, to let and let folks listening know that sure, all of us would possibly like to have the ability to get in there 5 days per week or 4 days per week, however when you can’t otherwise you simply don’t need to for no matter purpose, and also you do need to, like, life is coming, it’s simply throwing rather a lot at you, and also you need to sort of dial down the coaching with out shedding.

Very efficient means of going about it. Only one or two exercises per week, after which when you’re prepared for extra, you possibly can carry it again up. And once more, simply with that one or two exercises per week, you’ll discover that you’ll be able to stick with it, proper? You’re sort of simply urgent the pause button, like, all proper, let’s simply preserve what I’ve bought and once I’m prepared to coach extra and get to a brand new stage.

Press play once more, . Precisely. Press play once more. So, 

Enrique: and it has occurred to me like that once I, once I, , did, uh, some touring for a month or a month and a half, I went to the, to the health club. I couldn’t go to the health club each day. So I did a couple of times per week and, After I bought again residence was precisely the place I left off.

Mike: Yep. I’ve accomplished the identical factor the place it simply wasn’t actually possible. And likewise if I’m on trip with my household, I don’t actually care to exit of my means and spend a piece of my day to get within the health club and work out. But when we’re, my spouse’s from Germany, so typically like we might be there visiting her household and it’d, I could be there for 2 weeks and I don’t need to essentially, I imply, Typically it was sort of boring, so I didn’t , however, however I might simply make sure that to get into possibly three exercises per week and, after which once I would get residence, there was no catch.

So. Effectively, this was, uh, this was an important interview. I actually admire you taking the time and sustain the nice work and, uh, I hope you’re, I hope you take pleasure in your, your bulking. I feel you’ll. Yeah. I imply, once more, it’s, uh, it’s nice for me to have the ability to join with folks such as you and. The tales of that, ?

Trigger in any other case I sort of simply sit right here in my cave and work away. And I do know that I’m serving to folks on the market. But it surely’s good to love, Truly meet folks although, uh, versus simply realizing like I, I do know that, that I’m not losing my time. 

Enrique: you’re not Mike. And, uh, thank, thanks rather a lot for having me. You realize, it was a extremely huge shock, very grateful for, , your guide and, and the teaching program. Trigger it modified my. 

Mike: Superior. Effectively, um, thanks. Thanks. I’m, I’m flattered, and for anyone listening, I’ll most likely point out this within the, within the intro, however the teaching is, uh, it’s legion’s teaching, so it’s [email protected] You’ll see it on the menu. We’ve labored with over 3000 folks now, women and men, all ages, all skills, and we actually go all in on our service and it’s.

Form of excessive contact service and we do the whole lot we are able to to, to make folks completely happy, assist them attain their targets, and um, if we additionally even say, Hey, if for any purpose at any level when you’re not completely happy, we’ll simply provide you with your a refund. It’s, um, it’s clearly not legion’s main focus, however it’s one thing that I wished to do simply because I might get requested a lot to do it myself.

And whereas that will be enjoyable, I’ve too many different issues. I’ve to do, I, it simply doesn’t work. In order that was my, my thought was, all proper, let’s put collectively a group of actually good coaches and let’s make it a extremely excessive contact. Service, sort of, there are tales on the market of different teaching companies the place it’s simply throughout textual content, for instance, and also you assume you’re working with somebody, you’re really working with like an assistant that doesn’t even possibly essentially know what they’re doing.

And the thought is it’s low cost and also you simply fill as many individuals. I didn’t, I wanna do the alternative of that. And so it’s, it’s enjoyable for me to see the, the results that, that we are able to have by actually with the ability to. Give the kind of service, like if I have been to get coached, that is what I might need. That is the service mainly.

Enrique: Yeah, I can conform to that. The whole lot Mike simply stated, , it’s, it’s there guys. 

Mike: Effectively, thanks once more, uh, Enrique, and have an important weekend. Benefit from the meals in case you are gonna be, uh, consuming a bunch of meals, though possibly not now that you just’re Sunday . 

Enrique: Yeah, I nonetheless do it. Not that a lot, however, uh, as a result of now I’m, um, , I’ve been.

consuming that, um, strict in the course of the week, so I don’t must go on the weekends like that. 

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. You’ll additionally discover most likely a, as you proceed in your lean guide once more, you’ll most likely simply usually get sick of consuming meals. That’s, that’s what’s gonna occur. That’s regular . 

Enrique: It has occurred. It has occurred. 

Mike: You realize, for me it’s diff tremendous troublesome, to to eat rather a lot. It may be straightforward to eat lots of actually tasty stuff in a single meal, however to constantly overfeed your self each day with nutritious energy, your physique turns into immune to it . Anyway, have an important weekend and thanks once more for taking the time. 

Enrique: You too, my good friend. Bye bye. Thanks. 

Mike: Effectively, I hope you favored this episode. I hope you discovered it useful, and when you did subscribe to the present as a result of it makes positive that you just don’t miss new episodes. And it additionally helps me as a result of it will increase the rankings of the present a bit of bit, which in fact then makes it a bit of bit extra simply discovered by different individuals who could prefer it simply as a lot as you.

And when you didn’t like one thing about this episode or concerning the present generally, or when you. Uh, concepts or ideas or simply suggestions to share. Shoot me an e-mail, mike muscle for all times.com, muscle f o r life.com and let me know what I may do higher or simply, uh, what your ideas are about possibly what you’d wish to see me do sooner or later.

I learn the whole lot myself. I’m all the time searching for new concepts and constructive suggestions. So thanks once more for listening to this episode, and I hope to listen to from you.


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