Ep. #997: Q&A: Plant vs. Whey Protein, My Favourite Cut up, Suggestions For Younger Lifters, and Extra


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Hello there, and welcome to Muscle for Life. I’m Mike Matthews. Thanks for becoming a member of me right now for an additional q and a episode the place I’m answering 10 or so questions right here that folks have requested me over on Instagram. You’ll find me at at Muscle for Life Health each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. On a type of days, I’ll publish a narrative asking for individuals to ask me questions, after which I get a bunch of questions and I am going by them and I decide ones which might be fascinating or topical or simply not overwhelmed to loss of life, and share quick solutions there on Instagram.

After which carry all the pieces over right here to the podcast and increase on the solutions and provides extra context and assets if you happen to wanna be taught much more. And so on this episode, I shall be answering questions on plant protein versus WHE protein. Exercise splits. My favourite exercise break up and why? If I’m gonna be doing a toddler or child’s multivitamin, when to begin utilizing a weightlifting belt, if in any respect.

Whether or not weight upkeep phases are worthwhile or whether or not you must simply at all times be reducing or bulking till you might have the physique you need. After which lastly preserve and. Additionally, if you happen to like what I’m doing right here on the podcast and elsewhere, and if you wish to assist me do extra of it, please do take a look at my sports activities Diet firm Legion, as a result of when you don’t want dietary supplements to construct muscle, lose fats and get wholesome, the best ones will help.

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Sadly, I don’t have any data on who requested these questions as a result of Instagram was glitching out, however I’ve the questions. So the primary one is, is Plant Plus simply as efficient as means plus? So that they’re asking about my protein powders. Plant Plus, after all, is a plant-based protein powder. It’s a combination of pea protein and rice protein as a result of these sources specifically have complimentary amino acid profiles.

If you mix them, they appear lots like WHE protein, which is why that mixture is also known as the vegans means. So is that product as efficient as my WHE protein isolate? And the reply is, Perhaps once I answered this on Instagram, I stated sure, however after answering this on Instagram, I really discovered some analysis that reveals that WHE protein could be superior for muscle constructing in spite of everything.

So let me clarify. There are a variety of research that present that you could achieve loads of muscle and energy with plant. Protein, plant derived protein. There are research particularly on pea protein, on rice protein. These are prime quality sources of plant protein, and once more, once you mix them, they’re even higher than once you eat them individually.

However one examine that I not too long ago got here throughout confirmed that means resulted in. 40% greater ranges of amino acid in individuals’s blood in comparison with a number of blends of plant protein powders. So that they have been utilizing P protein, pumpkin protein, sunflower protein, and coconut protein. So there wasn’t a pea rice mix like my plant plus, however there was pea.

Plus one of many others that I discussed, after which different combos as properly. And once more, what the researchers discovered is that even once they matched the quantity of important amino acids within the quantity of WHE protein and plant protein, which required extra. Plant protein. I imagine the serving of WHE protein was 24 grams on this examine, and that offered, I don’t bear in mind the quantity off the highest of my head, however it offered most likely round 10 to 12 grams of important amino acids, one thing like that, and perhaps round three grams of leucine.

What they did is that they mixed these totally different plant proteins in numerous methods, at all times matching the quantity of important amino acids, which required, once more, if I’m remembering appropriately, about 30 to 34 gram. Complete protein to realize the identical quantity of important amino acids and leucine specifically because the WHE protein.

And that was a wise design determination as a result of the important amino acids specifically are what are most necessary for the needs of muscle constructing. So simply to repeat the outcomes, what the researchers discovered is that means was far simpler. Elevating amino acid ranges within the participant’s blood, which after all in the end is what issues.

If we’re speaking about bioavailability, the provision of the protein for our physique to make use of it. That’s what we have to see. We have to see. Eat the protein, see the amino acid ranges of our blood rise, so then our physique can use these amino acids to restore muscle tissue, construct muscle tissue, and so forth.

Now, this was one examine, and once more, they didn’t have a P and RICE protein situation, however it does recommend that WHE protein might certainly be superior for constructing muscle. Than plant protein. And I personally use my Plant Plus product. I exploit one scoop per day. I combine it with a way as a result of I like how they style collectively.

So as of late I combine one scoop of my salted caramel means plus with one scoop of my vanilla plant plus, and that’s one protein shake. After which I’ll have one different scoop of WHE protein at some. Within the day, after which I get the remainder of my protein from meals. And so with solely 25 to 30 grams of protein coming from plant protein and the remainder of my protein day-after-day coming from WHE protein and.

Meals. I’m not involved. Nonetheless, if I have been a vegetarian or if I have been a vegan and I have been getting, let’s say half of my every day protein from powder, from my plant plus product and the opposite half from. Plant meals. I could be somewhat bit involved if I have been making an attempt to maximise muscle progress as a result of in that case, let’s say that I had heard that 0.8 to at least one gram of protein per pound of physique weight per day is lots for maximizing muscle constructing, and I don’t significantly like consuming a whole lot of protein, so I resolve to go together with 0.8 grams.

There may be good proof for that, however we’ve got to recollect. That’s assuming the protein is of the best high quality and the best bioavailability, which suggests animal derived, not plant derived. So if I have been to eat, let’s say, 0.8 grams of protein per pound of physique weight per day, half of that got here from my very own complement, P protein, rice protein.

The opposite half got here from different plant meals. That most likely wouldn’t be sufficient to maintain my physique’s muscle constructing equipment working at full tilt, so to talk. I most likely would want to eat extra, and I’d guess a good quantity extra, most likely much more than. One gram per pound of physique weight per day. If it have been me on that food plan, I’d go someplace between most likely 1.2 to perhaps even 1.4 grams of protein per pound of physique weight per day.

If I have been getting all of that from vegan dietary supplements and vegan meals, however as I’m in omnivore and I’m solely getting 25 to perhaps 30 grams of protein per day from my. Protein, and I’m not even making an attempt to maximise muscle progress at this level. I’m largely simply sustaining what I’ve and staying lean. I’m not involved about it.

And a ultimate takeaway for you is if you’re nonetheless within the muscle constructing part of your journey, if you’re nonetheless actually making an attempt to placed on some measurement or placed on some. Then I’d advocate that you just get the bulk, let’s simply say at the least 80% of your protein from the best high quality sources that suit your food plan.

So if you’re omnivous, I’d not advocate getting, let’s say, half of your every day protein from even my plant. Plus protein complement. I’d advocate getting as a lot of it as you’ll be able to from meals. And once more, animal meals do present essentially the most bioavailable they usually do present the best high quality protein, particularly once you take a look at it calorie for calorie.

And if you will complement, I’d advocate first contemplating means. Casing earlier than going the plant route. However if you happen to don’t like WHE or casing, or in the event that they don’t sit properly together with your abdomen and also you need to go together with a plant primarily based protein, I’d advocate most likely not more than 20% of your every day protein from that supple.

Lastly, if you’re inquisitive about testing any of my protein powders, my WHE powder casing plant, yow will discover them [email protected], B Y L E G I n.com. Okay, subsequent query is favourite exercise break up and present exercise? Cut up. Properly, they’re one and the identical as a result of I’ve at all times loved a push pull legs or push legs pull base as a result of I wish to squat and deadlift on totally different days.

I wish to put at the least one, if not two days in between these. After which I wish to complement on prime of these base exercises with some extra higher physique work or perhaps decrease physique work relying on what I’m making an attempt to do with my physique. Or supplementing with physique components particular work. So push pull legs or push legs, pull as a base, after which perhaps an arms day.

If I’m actually making an attempt to straight practice my arms greater than I can in a push or pull exercise or higher physique exercise or full physique exercise. However my favourite exercise break up does rely on what I’m making an attempt to do. If I’m making an attempt to progress extra or. Equally, I like what I simply laid out. Push, pull legs or push legs, pull with an higher physique day and perhaps one other decrease physique or one other higher physique day so I can get in sufficient quantity in the entire main muscle teams to make progress kind of throughout the board.

But when I wished to deal with only one or two main muscle teams, and if it’s one, it’s gonna be a giant one. Like let’s say my decrease physique, and you would say, properly, you might have just a few main muscle teams there. You might have your quads, hamstrings, glutes. Okay, superb. Let’s say we wanna deal with. These main muscle teams, I’d not deal with anything as a result of that’s very tough.

So if we’re going to actually attempt to work on our decrease physique, for me, given my coaching standing, meaning a good quantity of quantity. Which means most likely 20 laborious units per week for every of these main muscle teams. That takes time, that takes a whole lot of. That’s a lot tougher to recuperate from than, let’s say, doing 20 laborious units for biceps and triceps.

And so what I’ll must do is dial again the quantity most likely with all the pieces else, even with deadlifting specifically, I’d go down to at least one set per week due to the three decrease physique exercises that I’m doing and the way tough they’re. And so if that have been the case, then my favourite exercise break up would look extra like a physique half break up.

I’d. Most likely three leg days, I suppose you would say, decrease physique days. And I might need a chest day, a again day, and sort of like an arms and shoulders day. And on these days I most likely wouldn’t be doing greater than 9 to 12 laborious units for these main muscle teams. And that’s it. And once more, I’d not be doing greater than most likely one set.

Deadlifting of any sort. So that might be a conventional, you recognize, typical deadlift or a Romanian deadlift or every other kind of variation. Only one set per week simply to keep up that train and sufficient quantity in these different main muscle teams that I’m not specializing in. Once more, simply to keep up what I’ve obtained whereas I give nearly all of my assets, my bandwidth over to enhancing my decrease physique.

Now, let’s say I wished to work on my arms, my biceps, and my triceps. If I have been doing a specialization routine, that most likely would entail three arms days per week, however as a result of. The arms are smaller muscle mass. They’ll take extra abuse. They’ll recuperate lots quicker than the quads, for instance. I most likely would toss something else into that specialization, so I most likely would throw in my shoulders, for instance.

Okay. For a few months I’m be doing a whole lot of quantity. For my arms and shoulders, and I’m gonna be doing extra like upkeep quantity for the remainder of my main muscle teams. Once more, this might look very very similar to a bro break up with greater frequency on the physique components that I’m engaged on particularly. So, A number of arms exercises per week, just a few shoulder exercises per week.

You would possibly mix these into one thing that appears somewhat bit extra like an higher physique, however not likely as a result of it’s extra identical to an arms and shoulders exercise. Do just a few of these per week. Do a legs day or a decrease physique day and a pole day, and. I’d nonetheless proceed doing just a few units of squat, some kind of squat per week.

I’d be capable of get away with just a few units of deadlifting per week. Once more, as a result of the quantity of damage and tear if you end up specializing in. Let’s say your, your arms and your shoulders, it’s simply a lot decrease than decrease physique and even again. That’s a giant main muscle group. And if you happen to’re gonna do three tough again exercises per week, you might be most likely not going to have the capability to additionally work actually laborious on.

Decrease physique specifically. So that might be an instance of sort of specializing in again for a few months, couple of again exercises per week, a decrease physique or leg exercise, a press exercise, and an arms slash shoulders exercise. So that might be a situation the place a physique half break up could be my most popular break up if I have been wanting to easily preserve a full physique.

Cut up would work simply superb. And that has advantages. One of many main advantages of the complete physique break up is you don’t get very sore. And a counter argument to that’s if you’re an skilled weightlifter and you aren’t doing an inappropriate quantity of quantity for any main muscle group in any exercise, you’re not gonna.

Get very sore anyway. Nonetheless, with a full physique break up, you’ll be able to improve frequency to three, 4, 5, 6, even seven days per week. I’d not advocate six or seven except you actually know what you’re doing and your weekly quantity isn’t too excessive, blah, blah, blah. However it permits you to practice a physique half day-after-day if you wish to since you are solely doing a pair.

Three, most likely 4 units per day. And you would do this 3, 4, 5 days per week, for instance, with a full physique break up. However it might be laborious to do this with a number of main muscle teams with every other kind of break up. And in any other case, I don’t assume there’s something. Particular in regards to the full physique break up. I do know it’s sort of fashionable as of late and it might work simply superb.

It may well work nice for people who find themselves new as a result of they don’t want that a lot coaching stimulus to maximise muscle and energy achieve. So they might simply do like three full physique exercises per week, for instance. However that very same routine, Wouldn’t work for an intermediate or superior weightlifter who’s making an attempt to progress three full physique exercises per week is solely not going to offer sufficient quantity for every main muscle group to proceed gaining muscle and energy.

So frequency is gonna must go up, and if you will work out 4 or 5 days per week, 4 or 5 full physique exercises may not be the best option to. Your targets. For instance, if you’re a dude and your higher physique is means behind the place you need it to be in comparison with your decrease physique, particularly if you happen to’ve been lifting weights for somewhat bit and your decrease physique has responded properly, and that’s typically the case for lots of fellows.

These are huge muscle mass. Our decrease physique muscle mass are huge. They reply properly to heavy coaching. They have a tendency to develop shortly, whereas our pecks are usually cussed. Our biceps are usually cussed, our shoulders are usually cussed, so if that’s you, 4 or 5 full physique exercises per week may not work practically in addition to an higher decrease break up or the push pull legs base with a few higher physique days, which could look extra like physique half days with a shoulder.

The place you get in an additional, let’s say, 10 to 12 laborious units straight in your shoulders, after which perhaps an arms day the place you might be getting in an additional 10 to 12 units straight in your biceps and your triceps. And if you wish to be taught extra about exercise splits, head legion athletics.com, seek for exercise break up, and search for an article known as The way to Discover the Greatest Exercise Cut up for You.

And it’s a longer type article, however it discusses every of the forms of exercise splits that I’ve talked about intimately, the physique half, the higher decrease, the push pull legs, the complete physique, and it helps you perceive which break up goes to be greatest for you given your present circumstances and targets. Hey there.

If you’re listening to this, you might be nonetheless listening, which is superior. Thanks. And if you’re having fun with this podcast, or if you happen to identical to my podcast typically and you might be getting at the least one thing out of it, would you thoughts sharing it with a pal or a liked one or a not so liked one? Who would possibly need to be taught one thing new.

Phrase of mouth helps actually bigly in rising the present. So if you happen to consider somebody who would possibly like this episode or one other one, please do inform them about it. All proper. Let’s transfer on to the subsequent query, which is solely when does it get higher? When does what Get higher? Every part. When do issues get higher?

Properly, I believe that when individuals. When sufficient individuals have lastly had sufficient issues will begin to get higher. Subsequent query, toddler slash youngsters multivitamin. Quickly, I actually need to do one. I’m already exploring the chances as a result of gummies are potential. Gummies are nice, however the constraint is the quantity of energetic substances that you could.

Into them. I imagine it’s solely two to 3 grams per gummy. So for some merchandise, like a pre-workout, which is gonna have 20, 25, 30 grams of energetic substances, it doesn’t work. However different merchandise, like a child’s multivitamin, that very a lot might work as a result of you aren’t going to place as a lot into a child’s multivitamin as you’d put into an grownup multivitamin, for instance.

So, I’m wanting into it. I want to do it selfishly as a result of I want to give it to my youngsters, however then additionally unselfishly as a result of I’d wish to have it out there so that you can give to your youngsters too, if you wish to do this. Subsequent query, when to begin to use a. Lifting belt when your weights are one and a half your physique weight.

Properly, first, let me simply shortly clarify why you would possibly need to use a weightlifting belt, at the least on workouts that require bracing your core, like every kind of squat, deadlift, and overhead press. The reason being not a lot security. Many individuals assume that the belt prevents harm. It really doesn’t forestall harm per se.

Does extra so is enhance efficiency as a result of what it permits you to do is improve the intraabdominal stress, the quantity of stress in your torso that you just generate once you maintain your breath and also you tense your abdomen such as you’re about to get. Punched within the abdomen, which is what you need to do if you end up lifting heavy weights, once you’re squatting heavy weights, lifeless lifting overhead, urgent heavy weights, and it’s inevitable.

You actually can’t do these issues with out doing that, however you do need to consciously do this. You wanna take a deep breath into your abdomen, and once more, tense such as you’re about to get. Punched within the abdomen. You don’t merely take a deep breath into your abdomen and push your abdomen out. That’s not essentially going to extend the intraabdominal stress.

However if you happen to get able to take a punch, you’ll be doing it proper and the belt, what it does is once you use it appropriately, when you might have it positioned appropriately, and once you tighten it sufficient, it permits you to do this and press your AB muscle. Out in opposition to the belt, which then permits you to generate much more stress in your torso, which will help you preserve correct type, however it additionally improves efficiency.

And in order that’s why if you happen to comply with me on Instagram and also you watch the exercises that I publish, that’s why I exploit the belt once I squat, deadlift in overhead press. The rise in energy is noticeable. I most likely am on the squat. I’d say at the least 10, perhaps even 20 kilos stronger. Like my one RM goes up by most likely 10 to twenty kilos simply by placing on that belt.

And I additionally do like the additional stability that the correct use of it offers. In order that’s why you would possibly need to use a belt now as for. I wouldn’t advocate utilizing it instantly. I’d advocate studying do all these workouts, belt checklist initially, after which after most likely your first 12 months. So now you’re into 12 months two of correct and constant weightlifting.

You at the moment are lots stronger than you have been once you began. You might have good approach throughout the board. I believe that’s the acceptable. So as to add a belt in order for you. Now, if you happen to wanna be taught extra about belts, a few of the idea that I simply defined, in addition to discover a belt that’s going to be good for you, head over to legion athletics.com, seek for belt, and search for the article, discover the very best weightlifting belt for you.

Then you definitely’ll be in your. All proper. Subsequent query. Do you imagine in upkeep phases once you’re reducing 60 to 80 kilos? Sure. I do assume it’s good to most likely plan a break of, let’s say at the least seven, perhaps even 14 days of upkeep energy, most likely each 20 kilos or so. I used to be simply reviewing a examine right now that used intermittent calorie restriction.

The protocol was two weeks on, principally two weeks limiting energy. I imagine on common individuals have been consuming about 67% of their complete every day power expenditure, so a reasonably aggressive calorie deficit for 2 weeks. Excessive protein, after all, after which two weeks of upkeep energy, and that labored fairly properly.

In my expertise although, working with lots of people over time. I wager you if you might want to lose a whole lot of weight, you’ll be able to most likely be somewhat bit extra aggressive within the length of the calorie restriction part. So I wouldn’t be shocked if you happen to might simply go 4 to 6, perhaps even. Eight weeks, you don’t essentially must go together with a 33% calorie deficit, though when you’ve got a whole lot of weight to lose, you most likely will be capable of do this pretty simply, really.

So let’s simply assume you are able to do that 30 to 35% calorie deficit, and also you’re doing that for minimally 4, if not six to eight weeks. And you then begin to really feel it. A few of the unfavorable unwanted side effects related to weight-reduction plan begin to meet up with you. You’re hungrier, you’re crankier. Your power ranges are decrease.

You discover you’re shifting round much less, your exercises are getting tougher. Then you definitely take a break anyplace from seven to 14 days. Simply eat upkeep energy. Ensure that to calculate your upkeep energy at. That present physique weight as a result of that upkeep quantity’s gonna go down. As you drop pounds.

Heavier our bodies price extra power to maneuver round. So many individuals, they make that mistake, they calculate their energy at first of a weight reduction journey, and let’s say their upkeep energy, let’s say it’s 3000 energy per day. This can be a man, he’s very heavy and he burns about 3000 energy.

Day, and that might be together with train, after all. And he loses fairly a little bit of weight. He needs to take somewhat break. He doesn’t recalculate his new upkeep energy, which let’s say are 27 or 2,800 per day as a result of he’s misplaced a whole lot of weight and perhaps he’s somewhat bit much less energetic additionally than he was within the.

Simply making up a state of affairs. He begins consuming 3000 energy per day, which some days is like 3,100, 3,200. He does that for 2 weeks and he beneficial properties, let’s say a pound or two of fats over that interval, and he doesn’t perceive why. So simply just be sure you are calculating these upkeep energy proper earlier than you have been beginning.

Upkeep part. And the final remark I’ll make on that is you don’t must take food plan breaks as they’re known as if you happen to don’t need to. If you’re feeling completely superb, let’s say it’s been eight weeks and also you’ve misplaced, uh, fairly a little bit of weight in that point and you are feeling nice power ranges are good. Your sleeping superb, your exercises are superb.

You don’t must take a break, simply hold going, however simply know that if at any level you need to, even when it’s simply psychological, even if you happen to’re simply sick of weight-reduction plan, let’s say it’s been three months now and you’d identical to to eat a bit extra meals. Perhaps it’s not even about consuming junk meals or consuming meals that you just’ve been limiting or that you just actually haven’t been in a position to get pleasure from cuz you don’t have sufficient energy to essentially get pleasure from them the best way that you just wish to.

Perhaps you simply need to eat extra of the stuff that you’re consuming day-after-day as a result of it’s good to eat, uh, extra meals once you’ve been limiting your meals for some time. Do it. Do it for seven to 14 days. You most likely will really feel nice after that little break, after which you may get again to your minimize. All proper, subsequent query.

What is an effective pre-workout meal? In case you solely have 30 to 45 minutes till you begin 30 to 60 grams of carbs of no matter? You favor? I like one thing gentle. I don’t like the sensation of being full in any respect. I wish to really feel like I principally have an empty abdomen once I practice, so for me it’s simply fruit. I’ll eat a banana or two earlier than I practice.

There was a time once I additionally would do a cup of rice milk. I had blended some protein in with it and that offered an additional perhaps 25 grams of carbs, and it was fairly tasty. As of late I don’t do this, not. Explicit purpose, however I do at all times eat some fruit and I’ve some pre-workout about 30 to 45 minutes earlier than I practice.

And the rationale I don’t at all times have protein earlier than I practice is analysis reveals that when you’ve got eaten protein, let’s say inside the continuing two or three hours, you don’t have to eat extra. You aren’t going to profit from consuming extra. Go to the health club, work out, after which have protein inside an hour or so of ending that exercise.

Nonetheless, if it has been 4 plus hours because you’ve eaten protein earlier than you’re employed out, I’d additionally advocate then having a serving of protein with the carbs. And a fast remark right here. Don’t purchase into any of the advertising and marketing hype round these fancy carbohydrate dietary supplements. They’re largely offered to endurance athletes, however they’re additionally offered to weightlifters.

And there are various claims about how these carbohydrate dietary supplements are superior to any and all meals types of carbohydrate. For enhancing efficiency, and generally it’s a restoration factor, in order that they’ll say, oh, combine this fancy carbohydrate, this fancy starch together with your publish exercise shake, and you will recuperate X p.c higher than if you happen to ate just a few.

Or some oatmeal or potatoes or no matter you would possibly eat for carbohydrate after a exercise. All of that’s nonsense. I want it have been true. If it have been true, I’d produce a type of merchandise and I’d use it myself, and I’d promote it, however it’s not true. So eat your carbs and eat what you want. Analysis reveals that for our functions, it doesn’t actually matter.

Now, if you happen to have been a triathlon, Athlete, a excessive stage aggressive triathlon athlete. We’d discuss a bit extra about what forms of carbs you might be consuming when, however that’s most likely not the case, so let’s simply hold it easy. Okay, subsequent query. What’s your greatest tip for youthful lifters? My greatest tip is take the time to be taught the basics.

Study the basics of excellent consuming, be taught the basics of excellent coaching. Study to be affected person. Learn to persist with the boring fundamentals no matter what you see on social media. The entire fascinating issues that folks do to get you to cease scrolling and have interaction. In case you can, simply do this. Study the basics, get good at them.

Be affected person. You may get jacked by anyone’s requirements in three to 5 years. Okay, final query. How do you personally differentiate between coaching and train? Properly, coaching is train, however it’s train with particular and measurable targets, and it’s train that you just do in keeping with a system that’s meant that will help you attain these targets.

Train. Unto itself is simply vigorous bodily exercise, and you are able to do that for well being. You are able to do that for enjoyable, you are able to do that for physique composition. You are able to do that for energy, for efficiency, however train doesn’t must be formal exercises. It doesn’t must be sports activities even. It’s simply vigorous bodily exercise and there’s nothing unsuitable with that.

I deal with my energy coaching. As coaching, however I deal with my cardio as train. I simply hop on a motorcycle 5 to seven days per week, an upright bike and pedal away at a average depth for half-hour, and I’m often doing that whereas I’m on a telephone name, a piece name, often generally a private name, which I’ve to do anyway, so I’d as properly simply do it on the bike or I learn on my telephone, which once more, Gonna put time into day-after-day anyway, so I’d as properly simply do it on the bike or doing vocabulary flashcards for my using, which I’m gonna do anyway, so I’d as properly do them on the bike.

Properly, I hope you appreciated this episode. I hope you discovered it useful, and if you happen to did subscribe to the present as a result of it makes certain that you just don’t miss new episodes. And it additionally helps me as a result of it will increase the rankings of the present somewhat bit, which after all then makes it somewhat bit extra simply discovered by different individuals who might prefer it simply as a lot as you.

And if you happen to didn’t like one thing about this episode or in regards to the present typically, or if you happen to. Uh, concepts or recommendations or simply suggestions to share. Shoot me an e-mail, mike muscle for all times.com, muscle f o r life.com and let me know what I might do higher or simply, uh, what your ideas are about perhaps what you’d wish to see me do sooner or later.

I learn all the pieces myself. I’m at all times on the lookout for new concepts and constructive suggestions. So thanks once more for listening to this episode, and I hope to listen to from you.


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