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Ought to ladies use completely different rep ranges from males? What’re the most effective hamstring workout routines? Ought to ladies use heavier weights? What’s my skincare routine and why is my exercise playlist so good? How a lot protein you’ll be able to take up and digest in a single meal? Must you take EAAs? How do I preserve power ranges all through the day? Is setian a very good supply of protein? All that and extra on this Q&A podcast.

Over on Instagram, I’ve began doing weekly Q&As within the tales, and it occurred to me that many podcast listeners may take pleasure in listening to these questions and my quick solutions. So, as a substitute of speaking about one factor in an episode, I’m going to cowl quite a lot of questions. And take note a few of these questions are only for enjoyable. 🙂

So if you wish to ask me questions in my Instagram tales, observe me on Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness), and if I reply your query there, it would simply make it onto an episode of the podcast!

When you like one of these episode, let me know. Ship me an e mail ([email protected]) or direct message me on Instagram. And in the event you don’t prefer it, let me know that too or the way you suppose it might be higher.


0:00 – My free quiz to reply all of your weight loss program questions: www.muscleforlife.present/dietquiz

2:44 – Why are you doing 8-10 reps as a substitute of 4?

6:18 – In TLS you recommend 8-10 reps at 70% of 1RM. Is there an issue with ladies doing 4-6 reps?

8:00 – When ought to I begin chopping and begin lean bulking?

9:15 – What are the simplest mass constructing workout routines for hamstrings?

9:30 – How is your playlist so superior?

9:48 – Have you ever handled zits?

12:25 – What number of midgets are you able to incapacitate in a UFC ring earlier than they overcame you?

12:50 – How a lot protein can your physique take without delay?

13:37 – Is Legion growing a monkey pox vaccine?

14:01 – Do you immediately prepare the lateral head of the triceps or simply the lengthy head?

14:26 – Is it okay to get round half of each day protein consumption from protein powder?

15:03 – Are squat footwear a very good funding for a energy athlete?

15:31 – Is it essential to take important amino acids in case you are taking protein shakes earlier than and after your exercises?

16:27 – How do you personally preserve power all through the day?

20:21 – Is seitan a very good supply of protein?

21:39 – Are you able to please reiterate your stance on intermittent fasting and what are the most effective Legion dietary supplements to help?

24:17 – Till when is 4-6 reps viable for muscle constructing?

25:38 – What’s the gold ratio for muscle measurement proportions?

27:02 – Out of 100, how tousled is the world proper now? 

27:49 – Why do you embody how a lot BCAA’s are in your Whey+ in the event you don’t imagine they’ve a lot profit?

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Take this free quiz to get science-based solutions to your entire weight loss program questions: www.muscleforlife.present/dietquiz

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