Ep. #952: Says You! The Dangers of Bench Urgent Outweigh the Advantages


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Mike: [00:00:00] Hey there. I’m Mike Matthews. That is muscle for all times. Thanks for becoming a member of me right this moment for one more says you episode the place I deal with one thing that someone disagrees with me on. So what I do is each month or so over on Instagram at muscle for all times health. Come observe me. I put up asking individuals to inform me issues, they disagree with me on, within the feedback.

After which I take issues out of the feedback and I deliver them over right here to the podcast and each month or so. On the podcast. I speak about one of many issues and clarify my place intimately. And in right this moment’s episode, I’m going to be speaking in regards to the bench press and particularly the declare that the dangers posed to the shoulders outweigh the advantages of the bench press.

And you probably have one thing that you simply need to share with me that you simply disagree with me on that possibly I might deal with in. [00:01:00] A future episode, a future says you episode, head over to Instagram at muscle for all times. That’s my username. Give me a observe and search for that put up once more, each month or two ish, I put up the says you put up and get sufficient materials for at the least one other month or two.

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Plan B Y legion.com/meal plan. Enter your electronic mail deal with and you’re going to get instantaneous entry. Okay. So most individuals perceive that the barbell bench press is likely one of the finest higher physique workout routines. You are able to do it trains virtually each main muscle group in your higher physique. It [00:03:00] trains your pecks. It trains your shoulders, your.

Triceps, even your lats to a slight diploma. And it’s additionally a terrific train as a result of it lets you use heavy weight safely, which is nice for progressive overload, in fact, as a result of you possibly can proceed to get stronger on the bench press. For a few years, most individuals will want in all probability 5 to seven years, possibly even as much as 10 years to max out their.

Virtually talking on the bench press. And since including weight to the bar is the simplest strategy to progressively overload your muscle. It’s not the one approach you are able to do extra reps. You are able to do extra units, however including weight to the bar is the simplest and probably the most sensible approach to try this. And since progressive overload is important for muscle progress, then we see why the barbell bench press is.

Tried and examined. We see why it’s a [00:04:00] staple in principally all profitable, efficient power coaching, and infrequently even hypertrophy applications. Now that doesn’t imply you need to do the bench press. After all you may get a lot match and lots robust with out bench urgent. However once more, it’s only a very. Give an environment friendly strategy to practice your higher physique.

However what in regards to the downsides? What in regards to the dangers and particularly, what in regards to the dangers of injuring your shoulders? Some individuals say that the bench press is outright unhealthy. On your shoulders, similar to how some individuals say the deadlift is outright unhealthy to your again. It’s not, or the squat, the barbell squat is outright unhealthy to your hips or knees.

It’s not. So with the bench press, is it unhealthy to your shoulders? Is it type of unhealthy to your shoulders? Is it generally unhealthy to your shoulders? Nicely, let’s speak about that. [00:05:00] The bench press definitely could be unhealthy to your shoulders, simply because the deadlift could be unhealthy to your again. The squat could be unhealthy to your knees and hips.

It relies on the way you do it. If you know the way to bench press correctly. And meaning technically, so you know the way to execute. The bench press correctly. And meaning strategically which means exercise programming. You know the way to program your bench urgent correctly. If you know the way to do each of these issues, your threat of damage to your shoulders or the rest could be very low and it is possible for you to to expertise all the nice advantages of bench urgent secure.

And healthfully. Now, an exception I ought to point out instantly is in individuals who have already got shoulder issues and who merely can’t bench press with out ache. In that case, in fact, then bench urgent is usually out of the query. And there’s nothing that’s going to vary that no quantity of mobility [00:06:00] work, no quantity of bodily remedy goes to vary the very fact.

The bench press. Often it’s the barbell bench press irritates their shoulders. And that could be a completely good motive to not do it. However if you happen to can at the moment bench press with out ache, until you harm your shoulders and that doesn’t need to be on the bench press, it might be doing something. It’s best to be capable to proceed bench urgent roughly indefinitely with none points once more, as long as you know the way to go about it accurately.

So let’s speak about that. The best way to bench press accurately and let’s begin with. Method, let’s begin with some widespread errors that folks make of their method that may trigger points with their shoulders. So the primary one is failing to retract and depress your shoulder blades and what you need to really feel when you find yourself bench urgent.

And that is earlier than you rack the burden. So when you find yourself moving into place, what you need to really feel is that your shoulder blades are being pinch. Collectively as if you happen to’re making an attempt to squeeze a pencil [00:07:00] between your shoulder blades and also you additionally need to transfer them away out of your ears, proper? So that’s miserable them if you pinch them, that’s retracting after which shifting them down away out of your ears.

That’s miserable them. And to bench press safely, you need to do that. You must retract and depress your shoulder blades earlier than you load. Your physique earlier than you load your shoulders and you need to preserve that place all through every rep and all through every set. And the explanation why these issues are vital is that they forestall the pinnacle of your humorous, which is the highest of the bone in your higher arm that matches into your shoulder joint.

It prevents. The pinnacle of that bone, the highest of that bone from rolling ahead, as you decrease the burden in the direction of your chest. As a result of when that occurs, it places plenty of stress on the muscle tissues, across the shoulder, joint and retracting and miserable. Your shoulder blades additionally supplies a really stable base to press from if you do it proper.

You’ll discover. You [00:08:00] really feel stronger, you are feeling Stabler. And that in fact lets you carry out higher and progress higher on the train, which in fact produces higher outcomes. And you probably have tried to do that and also you simply can’t. Fairly get the best feeling. If my little cues don’t be just right for you, a easy little train you are able to do is take an train band after which pull it aside in entrance of your chest and maintain that place.

And what it’s best to really feel is that your higher again muscle tissues are squeezing collectively. In order that’s the sensation you need. Whenever you arrange for the bench press, that’s the retraction feeling. After which the melancholy feeling is when you find yourself totally prolonged with that resistance band. Think about making an attempt to place your shoulder blades in your again pocket.

So actually attempt to push them down and put ’em in your again. Pockets. And if you really feel them noticeably down, principally as far down as you may get them, that’s the depressed place that you simply need to be in if you bench, press, [00:09:00] and one different tip for moving into this place. When you find yourself benching is to barely arch your decrease again.

When you find yourself on the bench about sufficient to suit your fist in between your again and the bench that can provide help to get into this right place, though it doesn’t instantly have an effect on your shoulders. So the following method, mistake that many individuals make that makes the bench press more durable than it must be on their shoulders is that they grip the bar too huge.

And what this does is it shortens the vary of movement that’s required to carry out the train. And so typically what individuals will do is put extra weight on the bar as a result of now they really feel like they’ll deal with extra weight, but it surely additionally will increase shoulder torque by one and a half instances that of a slender. Grip. And it requires your rotator cuff muscle tissues and biceps tendons to work far more durable to stabilize your shoulders than with an slender grip.

And so whilst you see power, athletes do it deliberately as a result of [00:10:00] they’ll elevate extra weight in that place, you will notice energy lifters, do that. You will notice them practice a large grip bench press. I don’t advocate it for us, leisure. Weightlifters or us way of life, physique builders, no matter we wanna name ourselves.

I like to recommend a extra conventional grip, which is about one and a half instances shoulder width. And, you already know, you’ve gotten the best grip width when your forearms are completely perpendicular to the bottom. In order that they’re not angled just a little bit inward. Like they’re with an in depth grip bench press or outward. Like they’re with a large grip bench press.

They’re straight up and down as in opposition to the ground. All through the whole rep, one other method mistake you can also make when bench urgent that may mess up your shoulders is flaring your elbows, elevating your elbows in the direction of your ears. And one of many advantages of a narrower grip, not a slender grip, however narrower than.

The broader grips that you simply generally see energy lifters [00:11:00] and powerful individuals use is you may get your elbows nearer to your physique, and also you need them to be someplace between 30 to 60 levels relative to your torso. And what you don’t wanna do is what many individuals typically do. They increase their elbows as much as about 90 levels in comparison with their torso, particularly once they’re making an attempt to get by that sticking level, that few inches of the train when you find yourself coming off your chest, when it’s the hardest and anatomically talking, one of many benefits of preserving your elbows in that window, that 30 to 60 diploma window relative to your torso is it decreases the quantity of stress placed on the lengthy head of your biceps as you carry out the train.

Quantity 4 on the record of method, errors that you simply don’t wanna make if you’re bench urgent is touching the bar too excessive in your chest. And that is principally a corollary to the final level to tucking your elbows [00:12:00] close-ish to your torso. As a result of if you try this, you’re capable of then contact the.

Decrease in your chest. So nipple top, slightly than collarbone top. And by doing that, by touching the bar just a little bit decrease, slightly than just a little bit larger in your chest, you cut back the quantity of compressive power on the outer fringe of the clavicle, which kinds a part of the shoulder. And also you additionally cut back the quantity of.

Torque on the shoulder joint. So simply much less put on and tear in your shoulders by touching the bar just a little bit decrease slightly than just a little bit larger in your chest. Okay. In order that’s it for the most important method factors for making the bench press as shoulder pleasant as attainable. Now let’s discuss programming. The largest mistake you can also make when programming the bench press is simply doing an excessive amount of.

And that is very true for the bench press as a result of analysis exhibits that the shoulders specifically are particularly inclined to repetitive pressure accidents, that are accidents that [00:13:00] happen by steady exercise. They’re not acute accidents. They accumulate little by little over time till they heard sufficient so that you can acknowledge that one thing is unsuitable and RSIs are inevit.

To some extent, if you’re going to be doing plenty of power coaching, however you possibly can undoubtedly mitigate their frequency and you may mitigate their severity by doing varied issues, together with not doing an excessive amount of of any particular person train or any particular person particular motion sample. And so within the case of the bench press, most individuals don’t must do greater than.

Perhaps three to 6, max 9 units of bench urgent per week to get lots out of the train, to get robust on the train, to construct muscle with the train. Now, in fact you are able to do different urgent workout routines. You could possibly do an incline bench press, proper? That’s a special motion. That’s a [00:14:00] completely different.

Angle than the flat bench press. You could possibly do a dumbbell press. That could be a completely different motion sample than a barbell press. You could possibly do a dip and you would do different Peck workout routines. So I’m not saying to just do three, six or 9 units to your pecks each week, however three to 6. That’s my basic advice.

Actually? Three to 6 units. Flat barbell bench urgent or incline barbell bench urgent per week. And if you happen to restrict your self to that quantity of quantity, once more, you can also make nice progress on the train and likewise significantly cut back the possibilities of it. Irritating your shoulders. One other bench, press programming, mistake that many individuals make.

Though I suppose it’s execution actually, but it surely does begin within the planning. So I feel it’s nonetheless a programming mistake and it is a mistake that folks make with many workout routines by the best way. However we’re speaking in regards to the bench press and that’s coaching too near failure. Too typically. I see this [00:15:00] all the time in my gymnasium.

And particularly among the many youthful youngsters, they’re doing three, 4 or 5, six units of bench urgent in a single exercise. And in each set are pushing to the purpose of both absolute failure. So generally they’ll ask me for a spot and so they push. Till they merely can’t transfer the bar anymore. And I’ve to complete, I’ve to do some biceps curl to complete their ultimate rep for them, or they’re pushing in each set proper as much as the purpose the place their ultimate rep is an absolute grinder.

And in the event that they have been to go for one more rep, they’d not get it. So zero good reps left. You are able to do that generally with some workout routines. In some instances you are able to do it pretty typically, a biceps curl, for instance, are you actually going to trigger any harm or significantly enhance your threat of damage by taking one or two units of biceps, curls to absolute failure?

Each week, no, however the bench press will not be a biceps curl. It’s not a squat. It’s [00:16:00] not a deadlift. It’s not as tough as these workout routines, however it’s a tough train. And it does put plenty of stress and pressure in your physique, in your higher physique. And your shoulders do need to work arduous within the bench press.

And so if you’re pushing to absolute failure or to that zero good reps. Left level too typically in your bench, press your possibilities of getting harm, do go up. I wouldn’t essentially say that’s downright harmful in the identical approach as deadlift with an arched decrease again is harmful, however it’s dangerous. Put that in scare quotes.

It’s dangerous sufficient for me to not need to do. In my coaching, for instance, I virtually at all times have one or two good reps left in my ultimate units of my bench urgent. And in my first units, I’m typically round three good reps nonetheless within the tank. So if I did a set of [00:17:00] 4, I felt like I might have gotten seven, possibly even eight.

And if that sounds suboptimal to you, if you happen to hear that and assume that I’m in all probability leaving some positive factors on the desk by coaching like that, I’d disagree as a result of analysis exhibits that as long as we take our units, our working units, not our warmup units, however we take our working units near muscular failure, and that’s anyplace between in all probability one and three good reps left.

We’re successfully coaching. The muscle tissues that pushing to absolute failure or pushing to that zero good reps left level. That ultimate rep is an actual grinder level is definitely no more efficient for constructing muscle and gaining power. It’s merely not obligatory. And so once more, in my coaching, the one instances.

Purposely pushed to zero good reps left is when I’m testing my power. So [00:18:00] each 4 months in my programming, I do some am wrap units with heavyweight as many reps as attainable am wrap is the acronym with heavy weight and I get a spotter and I am going for it. I am going till I’m grinding out a rep and I.

Fairly sure that I couldn’t get one other. And once more, that’s as soon as each 4 months and whereas I want to do it extra typically, it’s enjoyable. I’ve turn out to be extra disciplined as I’ve gotten older and wiser, and I exploit it to check my power principally to see. If I’ve gained something on the train during the last 4 months of coaching.

And since I discussed deadlift and squatting, you could be questioning if I do the identical factor on my deadlift and squat. I do, however I don’t push to zero good reps left. I push to at least one good rep left. So I put a good quantity of weight on the. You understand, that’s for me. So I truly simply did this week and on my deadlift, I put 3 75 on the bar [00:19:00] and I received seven.

And on the finish of quantity seven, I felt like I undoubtedly might get yet one more. Perhaps might get two extra. That second although, would’ve been an actual grinder and I finished. There, as a result of for my functions, that was sufficient. That was a great check of my power. I’m capable of put that right into a one rep max calculator [email protected] in fact, and know that my one RM truly haven’t finished it but, however I’m guessing that’s in all probability 4 50 to 4 60 and you already know, I’m gonna put.

Eight or 9 reps into that one. RM not the seven that I did as a result of I knew that I might get at the least yet one more. So I’ll credit score myself. In all probability what I’ll put in is eight and 9 is questionable. And that permits me to program my subsequent coaching block accordingly. I’m gonna do the identical factor tomorrow with my entrance squat, I’m going to place heavy weight on the bar, heavy for me and go for it.

I’m not gonna go as much as the purpose of absolute failure. I’m not gonna even go as much as the purpose of zero good reps left. I’m not going [00:20:00] to grind out that final rep, however I’m gonna push and I’m gonna grind just a little bit and I’ll finish that set with one, possibly two. Good reps left and my prediction on my calculated one, RM from that set goes to be round three 30.

That’s what my intestine is telling me. We’ll see if I’m proper now. If you happen to’re questioning why I don’t push just a little bit more durable in these units, why not go up till zero good reps left? Why not grind out a set on the deadlift on the squat? It’s as soon as each 4 months. Nicely, that’s not a mistake for everybody beneath all circumstances.

If I have been a aggressive power athlete or an influence lifter or one thing, I must try this, I must get used to what that looks like, as a result of that’s what you gotta go do in your competitions. However as someone who will not be competing to be tremendous robust, I simply don’t assume. Rewards. I don’t actually even know if there could be any rewards [00:21:00] past the psychological of similar to, oh, that was cool.

I pushed actually arduous for my functions for persevering with to make at the least small enhancements to my physique composition and to my efficiency. It’s merely not essential to push all the best way as much as the brink on these workout routines. I can do every part I wanna do. By doing what I’m doing by ending. These am wraps with one or two good reps nonetheless within the tank.

And I’m prepared to push just a little bit more durable on the bench press as a result of it’s much less dangerous. It’s just a bit bit riskier to try this on the deadlift or the squat versus the bench press. Okay. So I discussed earlier that some individuals can’t bench press with out ache, they observe all the recommendation that I’ve shared on this episode and due to their anatomy or due to previous accidents, bench urgent.

It doesn’t really feel proper for them. And if you’re a kind of individuals, I’ve two ideas which may provide help to. One is to cut back the vary of movement by 4 to 6 inches. So as an alternative [00:22:00] of bringing the bar to your chest, cease with the bar 4 to 6 inches. Above your chest. And a few individuals truly, they are going to take a pad that’s about 4 to 6 inches thick, or they’ll take a towel and so they’ll put it beneath their shirt or on high of their shirt and bench till they contact it simply to allow them to ingrain of their thoughts what that looks like.

However by doing that, by shortening that vary of movement, it might forestall your shoulders from extending too far past your torso. And that then can cut back the quantity of pressure put in your rotator cuff muscle tissues and analysis exhibits that it might. Scale back the possibilities of shoulder damage and cut back shoulder discomfort.

And one different tip for making the bench press extra shoulder pleasant is to easily have a spotter rack, the burden for you and provide help to get it into the place. It must be in so that you can begin your rep as a result of shifting it from the rack to that [00:23:00] place can irritate the shoulders. Nicely, I hope you appreciated this episode.

I hope you discovered it useful. And if you happen to did subscribe to the present, as a result of it makes positive that you simply don’t miss new episodes. And it additionally helps me as a result of it will increase the rankings of the present just a little bit, which in fact then makes it just a little bit extra simply discovered by different individuals who might prefer it simply as a lot as you.

And if you happen to didn’t like one thing about this episode or in regards to the present typically, or you probably have. Concepts or solutions or simply suggestions to share. Shoot me an electronic mail Mike muscle for all times.com, muscle F or life.com. And let me know what I might do higher or simply what your ideas are about possibly what you’d prefer to see me do sooner or later.

I learn every part myself. I’m at all times on the lookout for new concepts and constructive suggestions. So thanks once more for listening to this episode. And I hope to listen to from you.


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