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What’s one of the best ways to construct a beach-ready, bikini physique? What are a very powerful muscle teams to coach, and how will you arrange your exercise cut up to make sure you’ll attain your purpose as rapidly as attainable? Holly Baxter explains methods to obtain a developed, lean physique on this podcast.

Most girls aren’t planning to ever step on stage as a part of a bikini or physique competitors. Nevertheless, some model of that common look is a typical purpose of many ladies who’ve began coaching and lifting weights within the health club. In the event you’ve ever puzzled methods to construct a bikini-ready physique, you’re going to get pleasure from this podcast. In it, Holly Baxter explains what it takes to construct a bikini physique, together with coaching ideas, train choice, and extra. 

In case you’re not conversant in Holly, she’s an educator, coach, nutritionist, and Accredited Training Dietitian (ADP) with a Masters in Dietetics. Her educational profession has additionally translated into aggressive success. She’s a two time world stage champion health mannequin within the Pure Universe and Pure Olympia competitions, and has professional standing with the WBFF. She’s gained varied naturally bodybuilding competitions within the IFBB, OCB, and extra. She’s additionally a co-founder of the Carbon Weight loss program Coach in addition to Staff Biolayne with Layne Norton.

In our chat, Holly and I speak about . . .

  • One of the best workouts for glute activation and growth
  • The significance of warmups and methods to do them successfully
  • Whether or not chest work is necessary for a beach-body look (and the way a lot to do)
  • How she builds a coaching program (together with how she counts weekly muscle group quantity)
  • Shoulder growth ideas
  • The “greatest” exercise splits, rep ranges, and coaching frequency
  • And extra . . .

So if you wish to learn to construct a “Hollywood” babe physique, and what it takes to develop the muscle teams most ladies care extra about, take heed to this podcast!


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6:07 – What sort of coaching do girls want in preparation for a bikini competitors? 

10:05 – What are your ideas on the consequences of squats?

14:38 – What’s your heat up routine?

16:48 – Did you could have an easier routine earlier than? 

19:58 – How do you prefer to construction your warmup units? 

22:38 – What are your ideas on depth self-discipline?

38:44 – How necessary is chest work for a bikini competitors? 

39:20 – What are a few of your favourite workouts to do?

40:37 – What quantity do you suggest for decrease physique workouts? 

45:50 – Do you program your exercises to be each oblique and direct? 

49:50 – What are some workouts that enhance shoulder growth? 

59:23 –  Is there anything you want to share? 

1:01:56 – What do you suggest for exercise splits?

1:06:31 – The place can we discover you? 

Talked about on the present: 

Strive Whey+ risk-free immediately! Go to buylegion.com/whey and use coupon code MUSCLE to avoid wasting 20% or get double reward factors!

Holly’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollytbaxter

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