This podcast is all about creatine. Particularly, I’m speaking with Dr. Darren Candow about widespread questions relating to creatine, myths, and even a few of the newest analysis on how creatine may even profit individuals who aren’t trying to acquire gobs of muscle or athletes trying to recuperate quicker.

Whereas creatine isn’t a brand new topic for the podcast or my content material generally, Dr. Darren Candow is a improbable visitor to dive deeper on the subject. That’s as a result of he’s studied it immediately within the subject. 

Not solely is Darren a professor on the College of Regina, however his analysis is concentrated on creatine and resistance coaching, and he’s produced 87 peer-reviewed research and his work has been cited 1000’s of occasions. In different phrases, he is aware of a factor or two about science and evidence-based supplementation. 

In our dialogue, we discuss . . .

  • Whether or not creatine impacts balding and hair loss
  • How supplementation impacts the physique’s pure manufacturing of creatine
  • Cognitive and mind well being advantages of creatine
  • Whether or not children and teenagers ought to take it
  • Creatin and kidney well being
  • Bloating and upset stomachs
  • Why it’s best to most likely separate your caffeine and creatine consumption
  • And much more . . .

So, should you’re fascinated with studying extra about one of many most-researched and finest dietary supplements we now have out there for getting fitter, stronger, and more healthy, don’t miss this podcast! 


0:00 – Get my best-selling books Larger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger for simply 99 cents! This week solely:

6:21 – What’s creatine and what does it do to the physique?

11:29 – Does creatine trigger hair loss? 

19:25 – If you happen to take creatine will your physique cease producing it naturally?

21:38 – How a lot creatine ought to I take when beginning out?

23:19 – Does creatine improve cognitive advantages?

28:06 –  How a lot protein can I take up in a single sitting?

29:48 – Can kids and youngsters take creatine? 

33:42 – Are you able to mix creatine and caffeine?

39:50 – Is creatine higher to take post-workout?

42:46 – Does creatine trigger bloating?

45:28 – What are some myths about how women and men react otherwise to creatine?  

46:53 – Is creatine secure for the kidneys?

48:33 – Why are there many alternative types of creatine? 

51:43 – What can I do if creatine upsets my abdomen? 

52:37 – Is it okay to take creatine with meals?

53:12 – Is creatine good for endurance coaching?

54:01 – How does creatine assist with restoration?

56:02 – What are different widespread questions you get about creatine?

57:40 – The place can we discover your work? 

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Get my best-selling books Larger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger for simply 99 cents! This week solely:

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Attention-grabbing Clips: 

2:29 “creatine is of course” – 3:21 “coaching quantity” 

8:01 “on this research” – 8:57 “hair thinning or loss” 

15:01 “there was some” – 15:38 “compensate as properly” 

25:37 “and to this” – 26:37 “to this present day” 

29:14 “there’s been a” – 29:43 “destructive impact” 

35:25 “timing might be” – 36:24 “similar to protein” 

40:51 “so each males” – 41:51 “little bit higher”

45:19 “all of the types” – 46:15 “in muscle” 

48:26 “loads of” – 49:02 “lot of sports activities” 

49:20 “a few of the” – 50:00 “larger depth” 

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