Ep. #1093: Jordan Syatt on The best way to Make Health a Sustainable Way of life


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Mike: Whats up and welcome to Muscle for Life. I’m your host, Mike Matthews. Thanks for becoming a member of me right now for an additional interview with my buddy Jordan S on make health a sustainable life-style. A minimum of that was the plan going into the discuss, and as you’ll hear it meanders a bit, however I do assume it was productive, meandering, and it additionally was principally, not less than tangentially associated to the subject of.

Sustainable health, not simply getting match, however staying match for the long run. How do you obtain that? How do you just be sure you are constant sufficient with the issues that matter essentially the most to attain and preserve a wholesome physique composition, a wholesome relationship with meals, and likewise only a typically wholesome physique?

And in case you aren’t aware of Jordan, he’s a world file powerlifter. He’s Gary Vaynerchuk’s private coach and he’s additionally the proprietor OFS Health and Jordan’s all the way down to earth strategy to health and vitamin has made him a a lot liked determine within the health group. And Jordan is simply an throughout good man.

I all the time take pleasure in catching up with Jordan and I hope you want this catch up as effectively. Whats up, Jordan. It’s good to see you once more.

Jordan: Hello. Good to see you, man. 

Mike: Yeah. You’re wanting, uh, you’re wanting effectively rested for a dad of a ten month previous 

Jordan: dude. She sleeps like a champ. It’s like the primary 5 weeks had been brutal. Like completely like brutal.

Mike: Yeah, yeah. Sleep deprivation, torture, principally. 

Jordan: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. However since 5 weeks she slept between eight to 12 hours an evening, leaning extra in direction of 12. So it’s, she’s been, yeah, she’s been killing it. It’s been nice.

Mike: I want, I want I didn’t have that have with Myah, particularly my son. I believe now my spouse was sleeping.

I’d normally, I, this time we, we had been in a rental and so I simply began sleeping on the sofa as a result of he would get up each hour or two. After which he al he all the time needed her. My presence was simply not required. Like he didn’t, he wouldn’t settle for my, uh, even makes an attempt to appease him anyway, so I used to be like, no matter, I’ll be over right here on the sofa sleeping, however I’m glad to listen to that.

Jordan: Yeah. Yeah, man, each, all the things’s going effectively. How’s all the things with you? All the things good? 

Mike: Yeah. Simply, , busy with work and busy with, uh, this farm development undertaking that I’ve taken upon myself, my spouse, we’ve taken upon ourselves, which is a ache within the ass. And, , I anticipated it to be a ache within the ass, however it’s all the time a kind of issues, it’s simple to intellectualize like ache.

Oh, it’s gonna be a ache within the ass. It’s, it’s one other factor to undergo it and be like, oh, it is a ache within the ass. You recognize what I imply? Like, I, I didn’t, I imply, Everybody I’ve spoken to has ever constructed a home even. It’s like, it sucks. Simply count on it to take method too lengthy and price method an excessive amount of cash. You aren’t gonna have a very good time.

And then you definately add another farm parts into it. So now that there are extra shifting components, however we’re gonna, we’re gonna keep the course, so it’ll be cool when it’s carried out. It’s simply, is it’s, it’s a kind of issues truly, I imply, you most likely can relate to this and possibly folks can relate to this.

You, you possibly can definitely simply consider in your small business, however actually like every purpose that you’re actually wanting to attain and when issues are shifting too slowly or it looks like issues are shifting too slowly, and never solely are you actually anticipating this end result, however there are parts of the place you’re at at the moment that you simply actually don’t like.

You recognize what I imply? So that you’re, you’re like pulled towards this factor and there are issues which might be, you’re, you’re dwelling by way of on daily basis the place you’re like, oh, I simply can’t wait till it’s not like this. You recognize what I imply? After which so you set your self in that scenario after which make it take what looks like method too lengthy and all the things is sluggish and all the things takes method, ?

So it’s simply, uh, I’m not a really affected person particular person by nature, so possibly I can have a look at like it is a good religious problem for me or one thing. Cuz it requires endurance.

Jordan: I can’t even think about. After which as soon as it’s all mentioned and carried out, I don’t understand how in depth the farm is gonna be, however man, that’s just like the personification of endurance wanted once you’re, once you personal a farm, like that’s like an unbelievable quantity of labor time, effort, endurance.

Like that’s superb that you simply’re doing that. 

Mike: Yeah, I imply what, we’re gonna have a scaled down operation, so to talk. However yeah, I wish to develop meals and also you’re completely proper. And thankfully I’ve some good sources, some individuals who know quite a bit about that stuff and might help not less than get it going and we’ll see how far I need to take it and look into, we now have some horse horses seeking to possibly a few different animals, however I’m not seeking to create a business.

Enterprise. It’s actually only a, like a, in the beginning, it’s only a, a household residence. However you’re proper, it comes with even simply extra cognitive overhead, so to talk. And, and I believe that’s one thing that, I don’t know for those who’ve had these discussions simply over time, I, I notably with individuals who have been financially profitable after which expanded their life-style.

I, I’ve simply heard that I can assume of some situations of people that went by way of that strategy of buying increasingly stuff That sounded cool to have till they realized that even once they had the cash to create techniques that, , embrace folks for managing stuff, it simply required their consideration, a few of their time.

A few of their vitality on an ongoing foundation. And uh, once more, none of this, uh, I would like folks to assume I’m complaining, oh, poor me with my farm. No. However there’s something to be mentioned for that the place relying on what your priorities are, and that is one thing that I’ve additionally needed to type of like take into consideration by way of priorities between work and household after which I’m wanted now for issues associated to only this farm.

And, and it’s nonetheless simply within the development part. So there’s one thing else to think about earlier than taking up such an endeavor is just be sure you’re keen to provide it what it’s going to require to make it run the best way you need it to. In any other case that it simply, simply provides additional frustration, . 

Jordan: I believe it’s a great way to place it, just like the cognitive overhead, as a result of even like when you, you get to a sure level the place issues are roughly streamlined in your life, I believe it’s simple.

I do know I battle with this the place it’s like, oh cool, so now I’ve a lot extra time and vitality to dedicate to this, which technically is true. However then, uh, I don’t assume, not less than for me, typically I overestimate what I truly can deal with as a result of I’ve streamlined X, y, Z quantity. However then I don’t think about like, okay, effectively these couple of hours of what I believed had been downtime had been truly important to me.

And, , being with my spouse, being with my daughter, ensuring I get a full exercise in with out feeling rushed, issues like that. Like these are important to me. After which if I, if I attempt to add issues on prime, so for instance, we’re, we’re truly within the strategy of constructing a home proper now. And one factor I’ve, I’ve needed for some time is chickens.

And I’ve lived in, uh, an condominium for the final over 10 years of my life. So this might be my first time again in a home with a yard. And chickens are one thing I actually need. However I additionally understand it’s like, That’s gonna be plenty of further work, and it’s simply chickens. So it’s like actually attempting to coach myself on that, determine, like find out about it as a lot as I can.

So by the point that does occur, it’s not, uh, overwhelming, however I’m positive it completely might be. So it’s, uh, it’s undoubtedly a, a all the things is a studying curve. 

Mike: Yeah. Uh, that’s humorous that, so that you began an identical course of, it feels like a a, a mini, a mini farm of kinds. 

Jordan: Yeah. Like essentially the most miniature that I may ever be.

Like, it’s not even a farm, it’s simply chickens. After which we now have a pond on our property that I wanna fill with fish. So it’s not a farm, it’s identical to, I’d wish to have chickens. 

Mike: Yeah. I’m fascinated about precisely for my property, my understanding, I haven’t regarded into an excessive amount of. My understanding is that chickens are comparatively simple to take care of.

That’s my understanding. 

Jordan: Yeah. Appropriate. I believe I’d think about they’re among the many best and comparatively low upkeep, particularly in comparison with like, I don’t know, a cow or a horse or any, 

Mike: possibly, I don’t know. I imply, I see cows, so proper across the nook from my farm, there’s a, a big piece of land and there are cows on the market simply hanging out.

I, I’ve by no means seen a single particular person in that subject. I’ve simply seen cows. They appear to handle themselves for essentially the most half. 

Jordan: Possibly, or possibly the particular person taking good care of ’em is on the market at like three or 4 within the morning. I don’t know. I’m not a farmer. 

Mike: That’s very true. They’re on like a com. They need to be on a, on a reversed schedule.

That’s why I don’t see them. 

Jordan: Yeah, precisely. Precisely. So I’m enthusiastic about it, however that’s superior that you simply’re doing that, man. That’s superb. 

Mike: Yeah. It’ll be, I, I do assume it’ll be well worth the. The complications, when it’s, when it’s carried out subsequent 12 months, early subsequent 12 months, the home might be carried out, after which the remainder of these items will most likely be carried out, I don’t know, possibly mid to late subsequent 12 months.

After which if I haven’t offered it, if I haven’t offered it, that signifies that I suppose I’m liking it. I’ve a good friend who, so it’s go, he’s occurring most likely not less than a 12 months and a half, if not two years, constructing a home in Nevada. It was speculated to take a 12 months to a 12 months. Yeah, most likely a 12 months or so. It’s not less than six to 10 months overdue now.

And so it’s this complete course of and he spent some huge cash on the plans and undertaking supervisor and builder and the entire thing. And so they messed all these items up. And in spite of everything that, he’s so sick of the entire expertise that he determined not solely to only promote it and he’s gonna lose some huge cash, simply promote it, say I’m carried out with this, end it, promote it.

And I’m, I’m leaving this whole state. He’s dwelling in Nevada and he doesn’t like, and he moved there primarily for tax causes and he doesn’t like that. It’s so scorching. And he’s like in a desert and there are tarantulas and scorpions and rattles stakes and stuff. And he can’t let his children exit and play at sure occasions cuz there are coyotes roaming round and , issues that he doesn’t like.

Nevertheless it’s simply that development. Expertise particularly simply soured him a lot. He’s like, I’m going again to California. That is it. I’m going to Beverly Hills the place I need to be anyway, and I’m promoting this and I’m by no means coming again to this state. 

Jordan: Geez, that feels like an terrible expertise and I’m simply praying that’s not what occurs with us.

Mike: Yeah. Once we’re carried out talking, I can share with you just a few suggestions that I’ve, issues I’ve gleaned, like wanting again now already issues have been clean ish. Inevitably there might be delays. You most likely are gonna need to spend a bit more cash than you assume, however I’ll share just a few issues that may assist you keep away from, like intensive delays and main budgetary overages the place you’re like, uh, okay.

Like, I suppose, uh, I suppose I’m simply gonna be writing checks quite a bit. Anyway, to change gears right here, let’s speak about, I needed to get you on to speak about one thing that you simply’ve created plenty of content material. You’ve, over time, I’ve seen plenty of tweets from you and Instagram posts and so forth. We’ve talked about this and I like your viewpoints on it, and that’s make health extra sustainable, customise it in your life-style, in your objectives.

And we, I believe we will go everywhere with that. We are able to speak about how that pertains to consuming, how that pertains to coaching, how that pertains to. Possibly different type of well being concerns, life-style concerns, as a result of whereas a few of us. May need that we may make health our prime precedence and get within the health club not less than 5 days per week, if not six days per week, and prepare for not less than an hour, if not two hours per session, and have our, our chef make each meal for us.

That’s excellent to the calorie and macro and so forth and so forth. I imply, I don’t do this, so I don’t, I don’t understand how many individuals listening, uh, do this. And so we want, we want one thing, we want an strategy, a health routine that’s extra versatile and simply extra reasonable, particularly given the place most individuals are at.

That health is necessary, however it’s not the highest precedence. Typically it must be effectively down the listing of priorities as a result of that’s how life goes 

Jordan: on the subject of sustainability. I’ve plenty of ideas on this, and the primary place that I look is like, why do folks battle with being sustainable? Like, why, why do folks battle?

Staying constant in any respect? And I discovered that the primary purpose is as a result of folks typically, Overestimate what is important so as to truly see outcomes. So, and because of that, they find yourself, I have to work out seven days per week and it must be for 4 hours and I should be excellent with my vitamin.

After which as quickly as they’ll’t do it, which is clear as a result of that that’s not sustainable for anybody. They really feel like they screwed up after which they find yourself quitting. So the primary factor I believe is knowing that constantly good is infinitely higher than inconsistently. Excellent. Realizing you don’t should be doing insane, insane quantities.

Now, candidly, I’ll like, I’ve been saying this for years and I very a lot imagine it. I’m nearly beginning to go within the different course now although, by way of like, you need to be doing extra simply because I’ve seen such an enormous push for folks to do much less and to do much less and to do much less. However I’m nearly like I’m attempting to steadiness the messaging now.

Like I’ve seen folks being like, yeah, so long as you get like 2000 steps a day, you’re good. I’m like, you’re out of your fucking thoughts. Like, why are we taking pictures? So. Low 2000, like, I dunno for those who’re 85, possibly like, that may be like actually nice. However for those who’re not 85 and Sick, I’d lo like there’s a 93 12 months previous girl out of Illinois who walks three miles on daily basis and it’s identical to, it’s considerably greater than 2000 steps, ?

So, um, I very a lot imagine folks don’t have to do as a lot as they’ve traditionally been instructed they should do. However I’m additionally attempting to steadiness that with folks being instructed. Simply do much less, simply do much less, simply do much less. I, I’m 

Mike: glad you introduced that up. I believe that could be price talking about a bit bit additional, and possibly, possibly that is what you had been nearly to do, is give some specifics by way of what can be an excessive amount of after which what is just not sufficient.

2000 steps a day. Not sufficient. And I completely agree with you. And that’s partly advertising and marketing, proper? It’s a, it’s type of an attractive advertising and marketing message. Like, no, you don’t, you, you barely need to do something actually. You recognize, there are parallels to that, even within the physique positivity motion the place, no, you can’t be wholesome at any measurement or at each measurement.

You could be wholesome at many various sizes, and train is all the time wholesome no matter what measurement you might be. Certain. However even the. Aesthetic part of it. I’d argue to not go off on an extended tangent, however I’d argue that the classical requirements of magnificence, which isn’t like a starved out mannequin who subsist on like ice chips and cocaine, however that for those who have a look at the, the extra classical aesthetic sensibilities are extra rooted in biology than than social constructs.

And so now some folks, there are all the time outliers, there are all the time exceptions to each rule, however I believe there are similarities to what you’re saying. Even in that regard the place anybody could be bodily stunning, not even, we’re not speaking about like cute or mildly engaging. No, no. Stunning to me that that’s sturdy time period.

Stunning. She is gorgeous no matter how she seems and or he, he’s stunning no matter how he seems, just because he says he’s stunning. I don’t agree with that. I believe it’s basically simply at odds with, we may begin with frequent sense. 

Jordan: Yeah, there’s plenty of analysis round this. The organic requirements, prefer it’s, I don’t know why it’s taboo to speak about, however yeah, it’s very actual.

By way of what I have a look at having essentially the most affect on well being, I all the time go to only motion. I don’t even go to, like, I’m, I’m not speaking about CrossFit, I’m not speaking about energy lifting. I’m not speaking about excessive depth coaching, simply strolling principally. And, uh, if somebody can’t stroll for no matter purpose, simply once more, motion, whether or not it’s swimming, biking, rowing, I don’t care, simply motion strolling simply tends to be the simplest to measure.

And so like, you simply give somebody a pedometer and it’s a a lot simpler measurement software for 

Mike: researchers. However it’s simply strolling although to the purpose that you simply had been making. I agree that strolling is nice, everyone ought to stroll on daily basis. Nonetheless, I don’t know for those who’ve seen this, I’ve definitely seen this on Twitter the place I see a bit extra as a result of I spend a bit extra time utilizing Twitter, like creating content material for it and blah, blah blah.

And it’s humorous how constantly tweets concerning strolling and the advantages of strolling do fairly effectively. And I believe a part of that although is coming again to what you talked about is that this, there’s this advertising and marketing angle of you don’t actually need to do arduous stuff and for those who simply do the simple stuff, you’re completely fantastic.

I strive to not to ahead that message whereas nonetheless acknowledging that strolling is nice, everyone ought to be staying lively, strolling, get exterior, get within the solar. However let’s keep in mind although, It’s simply strolling and 10,000 steps per day or 15,000 steps per day is barely gonna get you to this point by way of your health and your well being.

Jordan: Yeah, I believe that, right here’s the best way I have a look at it by way of, if I’m somebody’s total life-style, the very first thing I’m is what makes up the vast majority of their day. And, and it’s like if I’ve somebody who’s by no means labored out is tremendous unhealthy, very like very unwell, strolling is the very first thing I’m gonna focus on with them.

Possibly strolling and sleep. Realistically, in the previous few years I’ve seen anyplace from on the low finish, like 1500 to 2000 step suggestions a day, which is simply wildly low. Uh, and I believe dangerously low is a, a, a good time period to make use of all the best way as much as 25,000 steps a day on the very, very, very excessive finish folks in assist and analysis, in assist of both of these.

I truly haven’t seen any analysis in assist of 1500 to 2000, however I’ve seen folks saying there’s analysis, however I haven’t discovered that but. It doesn’t exist. Yeah, it doesn’t exist. So what I’ve discovered is usually talking, between 7,500 to 10,000, actually being like the place you get essentially the most of your, of your advantages as much as 16,000, I’ve discovered that there truly are like important advantages with, however now the place I come into play is like, what if as a substitute of getting these further 6,000, that’s once we power prepare.

Mike: Yep. As a result of keep in mind, that’s an additional, most likely 45 minutes not less than of strolling. Now if it simply occurs due to your life-style, possibly your job, you’re in your toes quite a bit, that’s nice. However for those who’re having to make that occur by going out and going for a stroll, I am going out for just a few walks. I wish to additionally use that point to both take heed to a podcast, one thing that, or take heed to an audio e book as a result of why not?

I’m simply strolling round. Or if I’ve to make a cellphone name, I’ll hop on the bike again right here or go exterior and exit for a stroll. However to go from 10,000 steps per day, which might be about an hour and a half, two hours per day for most individuals to fifteen,000 or extra, to your level. Properly that’s now one other 45 to 60 minutes that you’re having to allot for some form of train.


Jordan: yeah, that’s precisely proper. And so if throughout that point you can get power coaching in, I believe that may be a much better use of your time exterior slightly than attempting to get an additional 5,000, 6,000 steps or possibly even 15,000 steps relying on the particular person. And even 

Mike: on sure days. I’ve instructed those that, , if they’ve their 45 minutes or so, 60 minutes within the day and so they can stroll, or let’s say two or three days per week, if they’ll do power coaching simply due to the consequence of their life-style, like that’s actually all they’ve acquired.

And on these days they don’t seem to be gonna be getting 10,000 steps. But when it’s situation A, they get about 10,000 steps per day, however no power coaching and so they do this 5, 6, 7 days per week or situation B the place they’re getting these steps in most days. However then there are two or three power coaching days in there the place they’re.

Simply getting in fewer steps. I believe the latter situation is wins out in each method. 

Jordan: Yeah, I, I utterly agree. That is one more reason additionally why I’m such an enormous proponent of zone two work as a result of inherently you may be going a bit bit sooner and so that you’ll get your steps in additional rapidly. And I additionally assume simply the well being advantages of zone two.

Do you need to 

Mike: clarify what that’s, simply so folks know? 

Jordan: Yeah, so there are completely different techniques. Some have 5 zones, some have seven zones, some there are numerous ones. However typically like you have got completely different zone zone one primarily being what for most individuals would simply be strolling the place. I form of clarify it by like, think about you’re on the cellphone with somebody.

Should you’re in zone one and also you’re strolling, they wouldn’t even know that you simply’re shifting. You would be on the sofa, you can be strolling, however based mostly in your breath and your respiratory, they’d haven’t any clue. Zone two is barely increased depth the place it’s barely uncomfortable, proper? The place for those who’re on the cellphone with somebody, they’ll have the ability to know that you’re shifting and that you simply’re exercising.

Nevertheless it’s not in any method, form, or kind impeding the dialog. It could be inappropriate in a enterprise setting the place like if I used to be in zone two proper now, it could be sufficient for listeners to be like, what the fuck, dude? Simply sit down and discuss. However like I may discuss with out actually a problem. Something above zone two, we’re going 3, 4, 5.

It’s getting exponentially harder, and it could critically impede the dialog. And that is entering into extra increased depth kind coaching. So zone two, I believe the principle profit is you get all the advantages of zone one, simply total motion with the added advantages of extra cardio capability, you get so many further cardiovascular advantages with out the negatives that come from zone 3, 4, 5 coaching, which is actually extra stress in your total system and relying on the modality that you simply’re utilizing, doubtlessly extra stress in your joints, tendons, ligaments as effectively.

So for those who’re doing sprints on a treadmill or one thing, you’re gonna have plenty of floor affect forces in your physique, which it’s not inherently unhealthy, however you possibly can’t rack up an excessive amount of of that as a result of it’s, it’s very, very aggravating. You’re additionally utilizing, uh, zone 5. You’re utilizing primarily the identical vitality system that you simply’d be utilizing, doing like a max effort deadlift.

And in order that produces plenty of stress in your central nervous system on total restoration with zone two work, it doesn’t have an effect on your restoration. The truth is, I’d argue it most likely helps your restoration and also you get better cardiovascular advantages as effectively. So, That is one more reason why I’m an enormous proponent of zone two as a result of effectively strolling 10,000 steps leisurely in zone one may take an hour and a half.

Getting 10,000 steps at zone two may minimize that in half or near that so that you get extra bang in your buck in much less time. Yep. I believe 

Mike: that’s an incredible tip. Actually what it’s, is stroll sooner after which as that will get simpler, Stroll sooner. After which as that will get simpler, that’s truly a, uh, one of many guys who works with me for my birthday, he acquired me a go ruck pack after which add that.

So it’s simply, and for folks listening, it’s only a backpack actually. After which there are some weights. He acquired me, so I haven’t even set it up but. It simply, it simply rides, however, and you set weights in it after which that lets you make your strolling just a bit bit harder to, to Jordan’s level, to only deliver it into that zone two degree of problem, I suppose you can say.

Jordan: Yeah, dude, the strolling with a weighted vest has been my absolute favourite exercise From like a, a cardiovascular perspective, I, I broke my rib about 5 weeks in the past in Juujitsu, and so I can’t actually do sprinting. I can’t actually do, uh, excessive depth work proper now. So I’ve been placing that on. I simply put the treadmill an incline of 15 and about like a 2.7 pace, and that’s my zone two proper now.

And like, it’s, it’s superb. I adore it. I, I get important ranges of problem without having to place my physique by way of excessive ranges of stress. I really like their Go Rock or weighted vests or any, something like that. I believe they’re severely underrated. And I’ll say for the common on a regular basis particular person, particularly for those who’ve acquired plenty of weight to lose, you don’t have to put extra weight on, like simply go on a stroll, possibly go on a stroll on an incline or one thing.

However for somebody who’s seeking to get a bit bit extra depth into their coaching with out essentially needing to extend the pace, which may add extra, extra harm, and extra stress in your joints, simply. Put a weighted vest on and that it makes it considerably harder and it doesn’t should be tremendous heavy.

15 to twenty kilos is ok. 

Mike: Yep. Yeah. I want the sooner strolling. With, uh, a weighted backpack or a weighted vest over cuz then actually the following, for those who’re not gonna do this, you must begin jogging jogging’s fantastic. However I don’t notably take pleasure in it and I simply don’t need the added stress on my joints. 

Jordan: Yeah, yeah.

Which is humorous as a result of 25 12 months previous me can be like, what are you speaking about? Stress over joints. However now, like, and I’m not previous, however at 32 I’m like, oh, I, I really feel that. 

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. I imply, I’m, I’m 39 and so, and I, I’ve taken excellent care of myself, however there are variations between 39 and 29 and 19. There are variations.

Jordan: It’s loopy, man. And also you hear it once you’re younger and also you’re like, yeah, yeah, yeah. However what, there’s a sure level the place it’s like, oh, like I really feel my Achilles now. Or like, I really feel my knees or my decrease again. Like, wow, that is, that is actual. Yeah. It’s, it’s, uh, essential to concentrate on that and a observe of your, your biomarkers and the way your physique’s feeling so that you’re not overdoing it.

And to know that there are completely different modalities that you are able to do which might be comparatively easy and simple to arrange that don’t damage you is superb. 

Mike: Do you need to rework your physique, however you simply can’t appear to interrupt out of the rut? Have you ever learn books and articles, watched movies, listened to podcasts, however nonetheless simply aren’t positive precisely put all of the items collectively for you?

Or possibly what to do, however you’re nonetheless struggling to remain motivated and on observe and do the issues that  

Jordan: it’s best to do 

Mike: effectively, in case you are nodding your head, I perceive entering into nice form is fairly simple when what to do. Nevertheless it’s 

Jordan: not 

Mike: simple. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes grit, and that’s why I created my v i P one-on-one teaching service.

We take folks by the hand and we give them all the things they should construct their finest physique ever. We give them a customized weight-reduction plan plan, coaching plan, supplementation plan. If they need dietary supplements. You don’t need to take dietary supplements. We coach them on do each train appropriately. We give them emotional encouragement and assist, accountability, and the remainder of it.

And we’re fairly good at it too. We now have labored with hundreds of women and men of all ages and talents and existence and assist them construct a physique they are often happy with. And guess what? We are able to most likely do the identical for you. Our service is just not for everybody, however if you wish to discover out if it’s for you, if there’s a match, Head over to purchase legion.com/vip.

That’s b y legion.com/vip and e book your free session name now. And simply to play off of what we had been speaking about earlier, I’d love to listen to your ideas on increased depth work, which this type of goes together with this development of do much less. You don’t need to do as a lot as all these individuals are saying, do the naked minimal, however we’ll sofa that as just like the minimal efficient dose.

So it sounds type of technical, , like 2000 steps per day, minimal efficient dose, and don’t do 10,000 steps per day. Like, no, now you’re simply sedentary, interval. And, and so with that, I’ve seen. Individuals additionally, I’d say, downplay among the advantages of including some excessive depth work. Possibly it’s not, I believe you can make a, a very good argument that it’s not important.

However I do additionally assume that many individuals, influencers and specialists and so forth, I’ve seen speaking about any such factor, they have a tendency to not acknowledge the very actual advantages of doing, let’s say most of your work is on this zone one, zone two, or possibly simply most of it’s zone two. However then for those who had been so as to add, name it simply 30 to max, 60 minutes per week of upper depth interval of some form.

It may very well be on a motorcycle like this for those who don’t need any affect or on an elliptical or swimming or rowing or no matter. I personally such as you, I wouldn’t suggest working sprints. Exterior on concrete or on treadmill, it’s simply gonna beat you up pointless. I did that after I was most likely 23, so bodily as invincible as ever it was gonna be.

And even then I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do just a few nights of sprints per week, plus the squatting, plus the deadlifting, it was simply an excessive amount of. What are your ideas on that? 

Jordan: Yeah, , it’s an incredible query and I, I agree. I believe lots of people are downplaying it and I believe they’re downplaying it cuz they don’t perceive it 

Mike: and it’s arduous.

It’s not notably 

Jordan: enjoyable. Yeah, that, that’s precisely proper. Yeah. And I see each side. I see some folks method overplaying it and saying like, that is all you. I actually, somebody despatched me a submit right now saying, I need to hear your ideas on this. Principally somebody saying, all you want is excessive depth. And I’m like, good luck.

Like for those who’re doing excessive depth work correctly, such as you shouldn’t have the ability to do greater than, I’d say 30 to 60 minutes most per week. And that’s like a, a really excessive finish after I calculate whole minutes of excessive depth. Let’s say you’re doing like, um, we’ll take a traditional instance of Tabata, like 10 on 20 off or 20 on, 10 off, no matter variation you’re doing.

I calculate the full period of time on the excessive depth dash, so the remaining truly doesn’t depend. Uh, for those who’re taking like no matter a minute relaxation or nevertheless lengthy the remaining durations are, I don’t depend that really in direction of the excessive depth. It’s the full cumulative in that top depth zone. So, I believe for, once more, going again to the instance of somebody who’s very unfit plenty of weight to lose, like I, I’d not have them do this for concern of so many points.

However when you get to an intermediate degree, like I believe it’s truly a, an incredible factor to mess around with and particularly for those who’re somebody who actually, actually cares about your efficiency. And, and we will break health down into three fundamental objectives only for the sake of, uh, ease, I’d say There’s ache discount based mostly objectives.

There’s aesthetic based mostly objectives and there’s efficiency based mostly objectives, proper? So for those who actually care about your efficiency at the next degree and, and we’re not speaking about ache discount, we may loop. Aesthetics into this if we needed to, however particularly from a, I don’t know, enhancing your mile time or, uh, getting maximally sturdy or extra explosive and extra highly effective, whether or not it’s competing in any kind of athletic competitors.

If you’re on the very minimal, uh, uh, intermediate lifter, if not, or intermediate athlete, if not leaning extra in direction of superior and also you’re not together with it, you might be short-changing your self, you may be lacking out on these advantages. And once more, zone two, decrease depth ought to most likely make, mustn’t most likely, however it ought to make up the vast majority of your conditioning.

However, That doesn’t imply that there aren’t severe advantages to together with increased depth coaching a couple of times per week in brief, however very excessive depth bursts. 

Mike: And what about weightlifting? As a result of you have got, uh, gotten, I, I don’t know what your coaching is like at the moment, however you’ve gotten very sturdy, such as you haven’t simply dabbled in weightlifting or power coaching.

You’ve put up some spectacular numbers. And so have you ever discovered that in your individual coaching and simply in your expertise working with those that together with excessive depth cardiovascular work has improved your power, particularly on type of all out efforts with weights? 

Jordan: You recognize, it’s fascinating. I don’t know if I can truthfully say excessive depth cardiovascular work has improved, however what I can say is, and this could be a debate by way of whether or not or not I contemplate this excessive depth cardiovascular.

I’ll provide you with an instance. I very a lot imagine that very heavy. Very intense kettlebell swings for say 5 units of 5 radically improved my deadlift. I completely assume that pace deadlifts with 20 seconds relaxation between, and this isn’t excessive depth, however between like 50 to 75%, one or at max radically improved my maximal effort deadlift.

So I believe the kettlebell swing might be a greater instance as a result of it is rather heavy. It is extremely excessive depth. The one purpose I’m shying away from calling it cardiovascular, though I suppose technically it’s. So, yeah, fuck it’s, it’s cardiovascular be, uh, it completely is. So yeah, I believe you simply have to decide on the modality appropriately.

I don’t assume that like a, a twenty second dash would have the identical carryover to my deadlift. However for those who nonetheless apply the legislation of specificity and and method and apply that to no matter motion you’re attempting to get particularly sturdy in, completely it will possibly 100% assist. 

Mike: I’ve undoubtedly seen it in units. I’m considering of deadlifting.

In all probability beginning at about six reps, definitely eight, definitely 10 reps that’s taken near failure. I imply, these ultimate few reps, it begins to really feel like cardio. And as my cardio improved, I seen that I simply had a bit extra fuel in me towards the top of these units and I, I most likely was capable of squeeze out not less than one other rep or two as a result of I used to be simply extra cardiovascularly match.

And I do know that’s not essentially like when folks consider max effort, energy lifting, deadlift, and so they consider one rep max is, okay, fantastic, that’s not that. However not even excessive rep, simply excessive your reps. That’s the place you actually begin to discover your coronary heart beating. I seen enhancements simply by engaged on my 


Jordan: One hundred percent. I really like that perspective from the, simply with the ability to, to make it by way of with out as a lot fatigue. The opposite perspective, and that is actually associated to possibly the tremendous heavy kettlebell swings, you’re primarily coaching your physique by way of this cardiovascular modality to be extra explosive, extra fast, extra highly effective, have the next price of power improvement.

And so for those who can enhance your price of power improvement, for those who can enhance your power output by way of this modality, then swiftly a set that may have been tough for 5 earlier than, you may have the ability to do this set for 7, 8, 9 now, since you’re capable of create extra power instantly off the ground after which now it truly makes the lockout a lot simpler, so that you’re much less fatigued by the top of it.


Mike: Yep. I, I by no means included pace coaching simply because I by no means skilled particularly for the massive three for energy lifting per se. I’ve all the time adopted a, a hybrid kind program the place there’s a, a basis of simply type of pure power after which some physique constructing work. But when I. Have been to need to get maximally sturdy on the squat, on the deadlifts, on the bench press.

That makes excellent sense. And that’s additionally one thing that athletes ought to be doing. Principally all of them that ought to be a part of their coaching. Uh, as a result of even in case you are like knowledgeable ping pong participant, extra explosiveness is best. 

Jordan: Yeah. Sure. And I believe from an athletic perspective, it’s one of the misunderstood and least represented points of coaching proper now.

However even then, even not essentially from an athletic perspective, like if I used to be working with a 65 12 months previous girl, like I’d need her to have the ability to be comparatively explosive. I’d need her to discover ways to do this as a result of there, there are numerous situations through which you want that. You want that floor response time.

You want that explosivity, and I clearly wouldn’t begin her off with that, particularly if she was utterly untrained, as a result of simply primary power coaching will enhance that. However as you get to a the next, extra superior degree, it makes plenty of sense to incorporate it a bit bit. And I believe the very best half about it’s, You don’t want a lot so as to enhance.

The truth is, it’s very simple to do an excessive amount of. I believe only a few units, two to 4 units of some reps with actual in strong intent originally of your exercise, instantly after your warmup, and also you’re good. It doesn’t require a big quantity. It’s a really low quantity, excessive depth. I believe going again to what we’ve been discussing this complete time, it’s the intent of your depth.

It’s like for those who deliver a, like all your, your energy, pace, explosive work, it’s actual. It’s far much less about how a lot or how briskly and much more about how a lot are you desiring to attempt to transfer as explosively, as rapidly as doable. The precise advantages that you simply get are based mostly on the intent that you simply deliver to it, not essentially how fast you truly transfer.


Mike: A thoughts muscle connection kind of situation and for individuals who need to strive it, you talked about may very well be two to 4 units of a given train, feels like even per week. After which, after which what does the loading appear to be? And also you mentioned, , it’s just a few reps when, once you do this, or for those who program that in for someone who’s curious, is simply curious to see, , let’s say they’ve been power coaching for, for a bit, they’re fairly sturdy now.

They’ve by no means carried out something like this and so they’re simply curious the way it may have an effect on their, their common coaching. 

Jordan: Yeah, so it actually will depend on the motion, the modality that you simply’re utilizing. Once more, I wanna make clear that is after your warmup, earlier than your fundamental heavy lifts, you don’t wanna do that once you’re already fatigued.

That is contemplate a primer so that when you get into your heavy lifts, it’s truly gonna assist you elevate heavier. It’s gonna assist you carry out higher. So that you don’t wanna fatigue your self doing it and also you don’t wanna do it once you’re fatigued. We may use a fast instance of one thing like a squat bounce or a field bounce the place you don’t want any further loading.

You do three units, 5 reps, and I’d take a full restoration in between each set. So I’d take not less than 60 to 90 seconds in between each set and. Right here the depth is gauged, not by how a lot weight you’re lifting cuz it’s simply your physique weight, however by the peak of the field. So typically talking, I’d say like, and it may be considerably arduous to gauge, however the extra you do it, the extra extra you be taught.

It shouldn’t be a max effort field. Leap for 3 units of 5. Deal with it in the identical method that for those who’re doing 5 reps with a a heavy weight, that’s what about 85% of the one at max. So typically by the fifth one it ought to be considerably tough, however you shouldn’t be failing. So it ought to be like about an 85% of your wander at max field bounce peak.

You are able to do similar issues with explosive pace pushups. Once more, you’re not including any further weight. Three units, 5 reps. I personally don’t like clap pushups, not as a result of they’re unhealthy, however as a result of individuals are extra centered on getting the clap than they’re truly pushing themselves away from the ground. And so I simply, slightly than doing a clap pushup, I simply do like explosive pushups.

Try to push your self as distant from the ground as you probably can as rapidly as doable. I suppose for those who 

Mike: simply neglected the clap, possibly for those who had been to push and simply, you let your self come off the bottom. Sure. 

Jordan: That’s it. Yep. That’s it. So it’s such as you maintain your arms absolutely straight. You simply attempt to get your, you’re 

Mike: simply attempting to launch your self as, so far as you possibly can.

Jordan: Precisely. Yeah, precisely. As a result of for those who watch folks do the clap pushup, they really find yourself doing a partial rep and so they simply rapidly deliver their palms in. Whereas for those who do, like a, some folks would name it a superman fashion pushup, the place they, they push themselves as distant, after which they’ll, effectively, their arms are absolutely prolonged, they’ll then increase them over their head.

That’s true explosivity. So once more, one thing like that, three units of 5 can be nice. Should you’re beginning to add weight, you can do one thing like a kettlebell swing. You would do one thing like, even like a sled push utilizing a prowler. You’ll be able to load weight with that. Once more, the, the principle factor to think about right here is it’s quick, explosive units.

So I typically don’t just like the units to last more than anyplace between like six to 12 seconds. I believe that ought to be like typically the place the, the size and length of the set a working set lasts. So 

Mike: that’d be one thing to think about when including a kettlebell for a hip hinge or pushing a sled. The concept right here, it’s to go quick.

It’s to not grind. We’re attempting to do the alternative of grinding by way of reps. 

Jordan: Precisely. Should you begin failing, for those who begin grinding, you might be coaching the mistaken system. You’re coaching the mistaken modalities, you’re not going to get the variations that you simply’re in search of. So it ought to be fast, explosive pace, specializing in actually good method, utilizing full vary of movement and attempting to actually specializing in attempting to be essentially the most explosive with each single rep.

So for those who’re pushing a sled, Each step ought to be as ex you’re attempting to, the cue that I’d use with my purchasers years in the past after I was in particular person is for those who’re, normally you’re on turf doing one thing like this. So I’d be like, think about your foot is being so explosive that the turf is crumpling up behind you.

That as you push it so explosive that it crumples up behind you. Whenever you’re leaping onto a field, attempt to push the ground away from you. All of those visuals. And we truly, there’s analysis round vertical bounce coaching the place the identical particular person, for those who simply inform them to leap as excessive as they’ll, they’ll get a sure peak.

However for those who give them a marker above them to attempt to contact, they’ll bounce increased as a result of now they’ve one thing to shoot for and so they can truly be like considerably extra explosive. Similar particular person, they assume it’s the identical effort, however as a result of they’ve that exterior visible cue, they’ll truly produce extra power and generate, uh, a better price of power improvement.

So little issues like that may have a, a market distinction in your efficiency. 

Mike: Let’s speak about vitamin now. What are your ideas on, I’ll allow you to take it wherever you need. Approaching vitamin. In a sustainable method, um, which isn’t gonna be make a meal plan and weigh and measure all the things on daily basis and don’t eat out ever.

Like, that’s fantastic for those who’re preparing for a photograph shoot or attempting to get on stage or one thing. However for most individuals, once they begin to hear that, That’s once they, they only begin to take a look at and so they go, yeah, I can’t do that. Just like what you had been saying earlier about folks on social media figuring out seven days per week and doing two hour exercises and considering like, oh, I suppose that’s what it takes to, to look fairly good and to get match, and I can’t do this.

So I suppose this isn’t for me. 

Jordan: Yeah. So there are such a lot of methods to take this and I’ll, I’ll begin with one that’s simply so drained and so over spoken about, however it’s simply, it’s an important is for those who’ve by no means tracked your energy and macros, you simply fucking do it Like for per week. Should you do it for per week, you’ll be higher off for the remainder of your life for those who, than for those who’ve by no means carried out it.

I all the time begin with this. Would you like, 

Mike: do you need to simply rapidly remark as to why. Simply in case folks, possibly they’ve heard it, however they by no means understood why. What, what, what’s per week 

Jordan: actually gonna do? Truthfully, dude, it doesn’t even need to be per week. It may actually be 24 hours as a result of most individuals haven’t any clue how a lot they’re consuming, and so they don’t know what number of energy are in sure meals.

They only don’t know. Should you wanna see somebody cry, have them weigh out a real measurement of peanut butter for the primary time of their life. They may. It’s devastating. I keep in mind the primary time I did it. This isn’t price it anymore, and swiftly it goes from like one in every of your favourite meals to love this.

I’m simply, why would I waste my time on this proper, proper now? So once you actually begin to perceive and get very fast glimpses of what number of energy one thing is, it makes you consider is it price it? Is that this truly price it to me? Which brings up an incredible query as a result of for those who don’t know what number of energy it’s, then like all the things is price it.

Such as you simply don’t know. I’d liken it to funds and a funds. Should you’ve all the time simply been given cash by your mother and father and your mother and father are tremendous wealthy and cash has by no means been a problem for you, then all the things is price it. It’s not a giant deal as a result of you possibly can simply all the time go like, yeah, , mommy and daddy’s cash, I’ll go purchase it.

Not a giant deal. Properly, let’s say, God forbid Mommy and Daddy’s cash goes down the drain, you lose it, and swiftly you’ve gotta begin budgeting and taking good care of stuff. Properly, now you’re gonna begin, effectively, how a lot does this value? And the way a lot do I’ve within the financial institution and the way a lot am I bringing in? And now could be shopping for this Prada?

No matter. Value it. Possibly not. And so it, it’s the very related idea the place you don’t need to do it eternally. You are able to do it for a really temporary time period, however it’s going to radically improve the remainder of your life. And there’s 

Mike: a similarity there between energy in, energy out and cash in and cash out in that, simply as we solely have a lot cash to funds with, whether or not we prefer it or not, we solely have so many energy to funds with, so to talk, whether or not we prefer it or not.

If we spend greater than we now have, there are penalties there. There’s bank card debt, excessive curiosity, blah, blah. Equally, if we constantly eat extra, Energy, then we burn. There are penalties. We’re gonna get fatter and that isn’t essentially a problem if we’re okay with it as much as a sure level, however you simply have to know there are actual penalties whether or not, whether or not you need it to work that method or not.

Jordan: Man, it’s so humorous to me how a lot the trade has modified over time the place it’s like, now we’re identical to, uh, it’s okay if you wish to. It’s like after I acquired within the trade, that may simply by no means be one thing that was mentioned. It’s identical to we’re all the time checking, like, as a result of individuals are getting so mad and offended by all the things these days.

Like I acquired within the trade, it was, I believe it was like 2008, 2007, 2008 is after I actually began like changing into a coach and began making content material in 2011. It’s simply wild to me how a lot time has modified in such a really temporary time period and like total messaging. It’s simply humorous 

Mike: now. Now BMI is racist.

You didn’t know 

Jordan: that. Oh dude, I’ve been which means to make content material on this. I’ve been which means to make a video about it and 

Mike: I, for those who wanna touch upon it, uh, briefly, be at liberty. It’s 

Jordan: simply ridiculous. It’s, what I believe, right here’s what I believe. I believe that by folks going out of their approach to say that that is racist, it truly diminishes how unhealthy racism actually is.

The phrase begins to imply 

Mike: nothing cuz trigger all the things’s racist. Math is racist. B m i is racist. What does that phrase imply? Then give me an actual definition of the phrase then. If all this stuff, particularly one thing like B m I is racist. 

Jordan: It’s a kind of issues the place, from what I’ve seen, individuals are saying it’s racist as a result of it, it solely included white males within the preliminary analysis That may imply.

That there are far more issues which might be racist than simply that. If we have a look at what number of research solely embrace one group of individuals, so does that imply all of these research at the moment are racist? Like 

Mike: how a lot foundational, seminal analysis is on the market that actually brought on a, uh, a sea change by way of, , breakthrough new understandings of, of issues that simply due to the consequence of, I imply, simply take into consideration in America up till the sixties, I imagine is when it modified.

There have been legal guidelines in place, immigration legal guidelines to keep up a white tremendous majority in America. So for those who have a look at the share of of America that. Was white, it was most likely, I’m guessing you return to the 40s and fifties, it was most likely within the 90 one thing p.c can be my guess. After which it’s, it has steadily declined since then.

And I believe because the sixties it’s, it’s began to say no sooner. And so then what? You’re gonna say that merely due to that, All types of scientific breakthroughs that had been made throughout that interval are racist and ought to be questioned. Or possibly simply, possibly simply we must always simply, , throw them out.

They’re completely invalid and we simply want to begin 

Jordan: over. Yeah. However my largest gripe with that is that whether or not it’s math is racist or the BMI is racist, is we at the moment are actually diminishing how terrible actual racism truly is. It’s unhappy, man. It’s unhappy and it’s scary and, and it’s, uh, I’m attempting to determine the phrases to articulate it.

It takes the eye away from the actual huge points that we’re truly dealing with. It’s like, come on, B m i has a, has plenty of points and, and like, I don’t assume it’s, it’s the best software. Do I believe there are some points of it which might be, are, are literally worthwhile? Yeah, I do. One hundred percent. 

Mike: Yeah. I imply, l let’s, let’s simply begin with additionally on the opposite facet of this coin, it diminishes the validity of B M I and that if someone’s B M I is 27 and so they’re not.

An if F B B professional, they most likely have to lose some fats. In the event that they need to optimize their well being, they’re most likely now obese or overweight and there are actual well being penalties related to these circumstances. And so one thing like, uh, B M I is racist and right here’s why it’s not legitimate, may then discourage folks from attempting to lose some fats once they actually may benefit.

It’s not only a matter of what they see within the mirror, it’s a matter of what’s occurring inside their physique and what which means for his or her future. However as a result of, oh no, scientists have now mentioned that complete factor’s racist and no person pays consideration to that anymore. I don’t have to lose fats. I’m simply stunning the best way they am.

Uh, then, then there may very well be very actual well being penalties that they might have averted if they’d’ve not been fed that line. 

Jordan: One hundred percent. Yeah, dude, I, I agree with you utterly. It’s, uh, it’s very fascinating to see what folks select to, to place of their content material and all that. So yeah, 

Mike: I, if we’re gonna be cynical, I imply, minimally stuff like that’s, it’s nice for getting consideration.

I imply, look, we’re speaking about it. Numerous different individuals are speaking about it. Lots of people I’ve seen posting about it. It’s getting plenty of, plenty of clicks, plenty of eyeballs, plenty of ears. So there’s a perverse incentive to provide you with wacky theories, particularly for those who can tie it into this very, Inflammatory matter 

Jordan: of racism.

That’s such a very good level as a result of any content material creator will know that it, it’s been getting exponentially and incrementally harder to get folks to see your content material, particularly since TikTok got here out. It’s been very fascinating, Pret TikTok, how a lot your content material was seen was normally nearly based totally on how giant your viewers was.

That was actually like what, and, and you’ll slowly and incrementally construct your viewers. Possibly typically you had one thing go viral, however virality was much more uncommon at that cut-off date. TikTok made a complete new idea the place it was much less about what number of followers you had and it was extra about, alright, how lengthy are folks watching this one piece of content material?

What number of occasions are they sharing it? What number of occasions are they saving it? After which we’re simply gonna blow it up if it’s getting plenty of views very, in a short time and individuals are watching the entire method by way of. And so now that we’ve seen primarily the TikTok ization of Instagram and Fb and YouTube reels and all these items, and that’s led folks to vary what kind of content material they’re making.

And I believe there are professionals and cons, however one of many main cons is that now individuals are, Particularly making inflammatory content material as a result of they understand it’s going to go viral. And their egos hooked up to the virality of their posts and what number of likes they get, what number of views they get, what number of followers they get, and it’s truly making content material worse than ever earlier than as a result of this extremely watchable, we will possibly even, it’s like extremely palatable content material that individuals are actually viewing.

It’s prefer it’s so inflammatory. It’s like, effectively, I acquired BMI is racist. I’ve gotta watch this complete video. Versus a video that may truly be useful. Like, Hey, let’s determine what number of energy it’s best to eat. Nevertheless it’s not practically as as palatable 

Mike: as subsequent boring. I imply, you, for those who see how folks, I don’t for those who’ve ever seen how folks use TikTok particularly, the place it’s like, Nope, subsequent one, two seconds.

Boring {couples}. It boring. Okay. No, no. I’m bored now. Subsequent, subsequent. Think about spending hours a day doing that. What that’s even gonna do to your mind and your consideration, your management of your consideration. It’s unhealthy. 

Jordan: Yeah. And it’s humorous as a result of what number of occasions, primarily do you say no to a bit of content material earlier than you say sure to a bit of content material?

After which that one piece of content material you say sure to can be the content material that’s making it look like the world is crumbling round you. The world is terrible. Everybody’s horrible, all the things is racist, all the things is, is bigoted. All the things. It’s like, however what number of did you say no to? And what number of great tales had been in every of these items of content material?

You solely mentioned sure to that one as a result of it acquired your consideration, as a result of it’s preying on understanding like, oh, that is what you’re gonna discover essentially the most fascinating. It’s actually fascinating to me how that is affecting our day-to-day lives, the way it’s affecting our brains, the way it’s affecting our, our worldview.

It’s, it’s fairly wild. 

Mike: Possibly for those who, for those who layer in among the developments with AI that, I imply, Quickly, most likely comparatively quickly, definitely sooner slightly than later. There’s gonna be a lot faux stuff on the web that it’s gonna be unattainable to know what’s actual and what’s not. And I don’t know at this level if it’s gonna have the ability to be stopped.

So possibly that plus a few of this that you simply’re speaking about will, will simply trigger like a mass exodus from simply. The web the place folks will spend truly simply begin spending quite a bit much less time on social media and on their telephones. Cuz it’s a complete faux anyway. You don’t know what’s actual, what’s not. And, and it’s, these networks are flooded with 100 million AI posts a day.

Uh, deep fakes of individuals saying all types of issues that you simply actually say that, who is aware of? After which they only go, all proper, that is an excessive amount of. And so they simply go exterior and, and what, what do the youngsters say? Contact grass or one thing. Like, simply go, begin interacting. A minimum of, not less than I do know that, that that tree is actual.

I can go like, see, contact the tree. And that’s about as actual because it’s gonna get. And possibly I ought to even have some actual social interactions with actual folks. I do know these folks exist. They’re not simply AI constructs. 

Jordan: Yeah, dude, I, I hope that occurs. I, I believe it’d be much better for humanity if it did.

It’s humorous, we now have a nanny that helps us a, a pair days per week with the newborn, and she or he’s younger, she’s new to the town, and, and I used to be asking her, do you have got any buddies within the space? And she or he was like, effectively, I’ve met some on-line. I used to be like, what do you imply you met them on-line? So like, , courting apps now, courting apps have the, or not less than this one, Bumble.

Apparently there’s like a bit the place you can simply meet buddies on-line the place it’s identical to, 

Mike: I’ve heard that it’s extra marketed towards girls, I believe, proper? To fulfill different girls or I. I’ve 

Jordan: no concept. She simply instructed me about it like an hour or two in the past, which I believed was very fascinating. Yeah, it’s, I’d adore it.

And, and that is coming from somebody whose complete enterprise is solely based mostly on-line and a serious a part of it’s pushed by social media. We went again to flip telephones and simply getting exterior and spending hours at being bored 

Mike: and being okay with being bored. 

Jordan: Yeah. Sure. Yeah. And that’s simply a part of life. That’s it.

Mike: Yeah. Typically you’re bored and that’s okay. Particularly for those who, I imply, I don’t know for those who’ve skilled this in simply artistic work that , is only a huge a part of your small business and your private model. That boredom is, is type of part of the artistic course of too. And typically you get nice concepts type of out from nowhere in durations the place you might be simply downshifted and, and you might be bored and your consideration’s type of simply wandering.

I, I’ve learn a little bit of analysis on this and there appears to be a transparent hyperlink between that and inventive concepts. 

Jordan: Dude, anecdotally I couldn’t agree with that extra. Everybody all the time says they get all their finest concepts within the bathe. Properly, why? It’s cuz hopefully you’re not spending all of your time within the bathe consuming content material.

You’re not most likely having conversations. Hopefully you’re not consuming con, you’re such as you’re a bit bit bored and that you would be able to truly lastly let your mind go. It makes all of the sense on the planet to me. And I typically have my finest content material concepts. I’m simply on my own or typically after I’m lifting, after I’m lifting or doing cardio and I’m simply not listening to the rest.

It’s humorous. I’ll simply have a random concept and that’s it. After which I textual content it to myself. Trigger I maintain all of my, my concepts in a textual content thread with myself and that’s it. 

Mike: By like sitting down at your pc and attempting to get right into a hyper-focused move state. Like, alright, it’s a brainstorming session. It’s time to have good concepts go.

Jordan: And even, even in conversations like this, for instance, I used to be actually comfortable. Once we had been speaking about, about why it’s necessary to depend your energy even for a bit bit, and also you pushed me on it and also you’re like, effectively, give an instance on the spot. I’ve by no means used that analogy earlier than, like, for those who’re utilizing Mommy and Daddy’s cash, like I simply made that up.

However I by no means would have ever made that up. And take into accout, I’ve been making content material now for like, what, 11 years? It’s like that is the primary time I’ve, I’ve used that particular analogy, which I’m most likely gonna make content material on with that analogy. Trigger I used to be like, oh, that is truly a very good one. I believe individuals are gonna hit house with this.

That wouldn’t have occurred for those who and I, we weren’t like, we had been simply having a dialog. And that’s, , whether or not it’s enterprise progress or no matter, having conversations, sitting down, getting out of your individual head and simply having an actual dialog with somebody can be a tremendous software for artistic progress.

Mike: Completely agree. For me additionally, though it’s normally not, hopefully not a boring exercise, however consuming content material. However for me, notably studying, I typically. We’ll get good concepts. If I’m studying great things associated to no matter, I’m attempting to have concepts that’s additionally been simply constantly productive for me, that’s normally extra productive than not having any concepts and sitting down and attempting to provide you with concepts.

Jordan: Yeah, I believe the, the worst kind of content material to eat in your personal well being and for concepts as quick kind, if there’s an extended kind, just like the extra effort you must put in to getting the content material, the higher total. Whether or not it’s sitting down and studying or listening to a podcast that’s a co like, like this for a pair hours lengthy.

Typically I’ve discovered that’s the place the very best concepts come from. For me, one in every of my favourite ones is I really like standup comedy. I completely adore it and I really like the artwork of it and searching on the transitions and searching on the setups and just like the punchline is clearly the place the humorous half is available in, however I really like watching the setup.


Mike: once they’re actually good at it. Trigger you possibly can admire, they make it look really easy and so pure. However , what you’re is the results of, who is aware of, I imply a whole lot of hours of iteration and apply and self-critique. And 

Jordan: I believe it’s such an unbelievable artwork kind. And also you’re proper, the the very best.

They only make it look so easy. And even it’s, I really like the supply of how they’ll do sure issues. Like typically they’ll. The best way they ship, it may very well be the identical phrase, however the best way they ship that phrase, they could even fake to stumble or stutter over that phrase, however it’s truly deliberate as a result of it makes that supply a lot extra fi.

It’s a fantastic tuned machine that’s simply hours and hours and hours and hours of rehearsal and apply. And I get plenty of concepts from standup comedy as a result of I, it’s an incredible artwork that’s exterior of health that really offers me so many concepts for a way I can incorporate it into my very own, into my very own content material and training.

I like 

Mike: to attempt to incorporate humor, uh, typically relying on what kind of labor I’m doing. And, uh, I suppose my, my temper on the time of. Am I going to attempt to inject humor into this? However I’ve, I’ve, I’ve tried to do it semi constantly as a result of I do truly like attempting to be humorous. It’s, I, I believe one of many harder modes to speak in and make it truly work.

Like folks truly chortle once they learn your tweet or, , watch your video versus identical to, haha Yeah, okay. No matter. You recognize what I imply? So I, I can admire, I just like the quote unquote problem of that. And like, you, I can admire the artistry that goes into it, so I perceive. I perceive it’s tough to do.

Proper. However I believe additionally from a content material creation, I imply, relying on the undertaking, it wouldn’t be applicable for all tasks, however typically with plenty of various kinds of content material, for those who can. Make humor work not less than decently effectively. I believe it’s an effective way to make your content material extra participating with out cheapening it.

Like in some, , among the examples that, that we’ve gone over. And it additionally lets you present a little bit of your character, assist folks join with you on a bit bit extra of a private degree. It’s simply arduous to do. So most individuals don’t do it or don’t do it? Properly, for my part, not less than in health.

Jordan: Yeah. Yeah. I, I utterly agree. And it’s humorous, I get plenty of coaches being like, are you able to assist with my gross sales copy? Are you able to assist with my gross sales copy? And, and I don’t assume that gross sales copy is nugatory in any respect. I believe it’s, it’s extremely necessary. However I believe that for those who can simply make somebody chortle, the gross sales copy simply writes itself at that time.

Prefer it, cuz for those who can break down the wall, there’s, everybody has a giant wall in entrance of them proper now. Everybody And the wall’s gotten thicker and greater over time. Like, I’m considering again to when electronic mail advertising and marketing first got here out, the wall was like, okay, effectively like I wanna get your electronic mail. However the wall wasn’t even there cuz everybody was like, electronic mail, yeah, I’ll take your electronic mail.

Like, no matter. It’s, it wasn’t a giant deal. 

Mike: I imply, I keep in mind when my first AOL deal with, it was truly cool to get electronic mail. Like, I needed electronic mail, such as you acquired mail. Oh, what was it? 

Jordan: Precisely, you had been tremendous enthusiastic about it. However then as soon as folks realized, oh, I’m gonna get marketed too, and there’s gonna be spam, all proper, effectively now to get my electronic mail, it will get a bit bit harder.

After which, and say like, cellphone numbers and all of this now, like even individuals are like, individuals are personal with their social media accounts. It’s like, I don’t know if I wanna give that to you. The wall has gotten larger and thicker and harder to get previous. So I discovered humor is the only finest approach to break down that wall.

I don’t care how good your gross sales copy is, I don’t care how good. Like, for those who can simply make somebody chortle or simply smile. Sure, it’s carried out. You’re, you’re good. 

Mike: I’ve consciously labored towards that. Notably I’m considering with legion’s, electronic mail advertising and marketing over time, fairly just a few completely different autoresponders and sequences that fireplace off relying on what individuals are interested by, how they’re coming into the, to the highest of the funnel and so forth.

However the work that I’ve type of iterated on over time, um, plenty of these, particularly the primary contact emails the place like, all proper, who is that this man Mike? I’ve examined fairly a little bit of even the, the person mess, like paragraphs in there and altering issues and, and attempting to precise character and get a smile.

A minimum of attempt to get a smile out of them as rapidly as I can, and I’ve seen that constantly. If I can get someone to smile inside the first, type of, above the fold, possibly one little half swipe on the cellphone, proper? If I can simply do one thing that will get them to smile a bit bit, that simply goes a good distance in getting buy-in to not less than learn the remainder of the e-mail and care what I’ve to say.

Jordan: Yeah, it’s humorous, I believe earlier in my profession after I was like entering into like, I simply thought so as to do rather well as a coach, I simply needed to be a very good coach. It’s not, it, there’s quite a bit that goes into it. And after I began to comprehend that and understood that, okay, effectively I’ve to create content material, whether or not it’s writing or movies or podcasts, no matter.

I overlook who mentioned it, however I want I may keep in mind so I may give them correct credit score. However somebody mentioned to me, the purpose of each phrase is to get them to learn the following phrase. And, and that’s whether or not it’s a video, podcast, electronic mail, no matter. And for those who perceive that, it’s like, cool, how do I simply get them to only maintain studying a bit bit extra, a bit bit extra?

It’s like break it down, be humorous, be be you. And that is the, the age of private manufacturers and proper the place it’s prefer it’s uh, it may be, I believe, A neater begin in case your face and your identify are behind it. That’s one of many issues that’s so impressed about Legion is like, it doesn’t essentially need to be about you particularly.

That to me is masterful. That these days is, I believe, the toughest factor to construct from a enterprise perspective, roughly a anonymous, faceless model that’s nearly, like, that’s one thing apart from one particular person, which is likely one of the many the explanation why I provide you with a lot credit score and a lot respect, as a result of constructing a model not round you is really infinitely harder than constructing a private model.

And for those who, and if in case you have a private model like I do, utilizing who you might be and your character and having that behind you is I believe one in every of your best benefits. 

Mike: I, I completely agree. And that was by design. Even after I began Legion, , no matter, eight or 9 years in the past, I had a, a following of. I had an electronic mail listing, I had some social media, I had some stuff going for me then.

However I used to be very a lot considering particularly about that. Like, I don’t need this to only be Mike Matthews dietary supplements. And so what must occur for this to be, uh, an entity unto itself and one thing that doesn’t solely depend on the Mike Matthews model and the ebbs and flows of. That. And so it’s gone pretty effectively in that regard.

And it’s fairly simple, the, the general technique, however it’s a technique that you must pursue deliberately as a result of it requires doing issues that you simply wouldn’t essentially do for those who had been simply working in your private model and treating it like Mike Matthews dietary supplements. However, effectively, we, we’ve gone everywhere and talked about all, all types of issues, which, uh, possibly that’s what we must always do in future interviews is simply see the place issues take us.

Trigger I, it’s all the time enjoyable to, simply to speak to you about health, about advertising and marketing, about enterprise. Clearly there’s much more that may very well be mentioned about sustainable health, which was. My concept going into this dialogue, however I’m fairly comfortable truly with among the, the opposite little facet roads that we wandered down.

So we’ve been at it right here for about an hour. Earlier than we wrap up, for those who’re so inclined, for those who needed to provide folks a pair fast hits on the vitamin facet of issues, only for the sake of. Steadiness, I suppose. We talked about, effectively you talked about monitoring energy and macros for a brief interval. Is there the rest that you simply had teed up that you simply had been gonna share after which I took you 

Jordan: off on Yeah, I imply, I believe that’s the primary.

Try this for a short time period. I believe particularly, I’m positive your listeners know like protein is tremendous necessary. Like that’s, particularly within the science-based world. I believe everybody, hopefully everybody who’s listening to this already is aware of 

Mike: that. And I’ll say although, if there are some girls listening who’ve been proof against that, and I, and the explanation I say girls is simply in my expertise, it’s simple to persuade a man simply eat extra, eat some meat, dude, you’ll be fantastic.

No matter. Proper? However girls could be resistant, particularly if I consider my spouse, who she doesn’t naturally, she’s not, she doesn’t actually like meat. She doesn’t, she’s not drawn to a excessive protein weight-reduction plan. And so for those who haven’t given it, it an actual strive but, commit to only. Max, let’s say 4 weeks of constructing the modifications and it’s, you’re not, it would really feel a bit bit awkward, you may really feel excessively full for the primary week or two, however you may additionally be shocked at how rapidly your physique composition responds.

If you’re at the moment not consuming sufficient protein, you could be shocked at how significantly better your exercises get, like pretty rapidly. You additionally could be shocked at how a lot it, it brings starvation ranges down, even for those who don’t have an issue per se. With starvation, you possibly can go from getting hungry just a few occasions per day, however proper up main as much as meals to love actually not feeling hungry in any respect, or ver at at most simply delicate starvation.

So simply sharing that for any girls who haven’t actually tried it 

Jordan: but. Yeah. Simply so as to add onto that, I’d say the one different factor I’d say that I believe extra folks have to give attention to is fiber, particularly in, in a day and age through which I’m seeing plenty of content material round how fiber is now unhealthy for you and toxic and da, da da.

It’s, um, 

Mike: greens. Greens, Jordan, greens are gonna kill you. They’ve antinutrients, they’ve fiber. You’re such an fool for consuming spinach on daily basis. I can’t, I simply, I simply have to finish this dialog. Proper. You’re, you’re a kind of folks. 

Jordan: I’m a bigot. Fiber is bigoted, by the best way. 

Mike: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fiber’s racist. Really, that’s the issue as a result of the analysis, the analysis that has been carried out on fiber was principally white folks, so subsequently it’s simply mistaken. I imply, that’s it. That’s the way it works. 

Jordan: Yeah. That’s the way it works. I actually assume protein and fiber are, for those who give attention to protein and fiber at each meal, it’s very arduous to overeat.

Mike: Let’s say not, not, you’re not saying protein dietary supplements and fiber dietary supplements. You’ll be able to, I believe protein dietary supplements particularly could be handy. Fiber dietary supplements, I believe extra of an outlier, like for those who’re consuming effectively. Yeah, cuz I see, I’m positive you see that too, the place folks, they’re so, they’ll say, yeah, okay, they’re gonna agree.

Yeah, fiber’s good, pleasure, I like that. So I’m simply gonna take some Metamucil and in any other case I’m gonna eat like shit. Oh, and I’ll take my inexperienced complement too, so I don’t need to eat greens. 

Jordan: Precisely. Yeah. It’s actual meals. And once more, dietary supplements are nice. I’ve used lesion dietary supplements for years. I’ve had the protein for years.

Should you’re taking the complement after which your plate doesn’t look any completely different. That’s a fucking downside, proper? It’s actual protein, like actual complete meals protein, actual complete meals fiber. And there’s fast, off the highest of my head, raspberries. Blackberries have insane quantities of fiber. I attempt to have these with my breakfast on daily basis.

Pumpkin seeds have a bewildering quantity of fiber. Navy beans have an insane quantity of fiber. Any beans, seeds, lentils, for those who’re into the chia seed kind stuff, these issues are nice as effectively. However extra fruits, extra greens, and extra protein. 

Mike: And that, see, that doesn’t make for a very good TikTok video, that’s the issue.

How do you flip that? Or there’s a problem not less than like. Possibly for those who inject sufficient humor, I don’t know, how do you make that message right into a viral TikTok video? And that’s the issue with, with health content material. 

Jordan: Yeah. It’s exa it’s very tough, which is why years in the past I began carrying wigs in my content material, simply actually for that goal.

And I haven’t carried out it in a very long time as a result of it simply, it takes plenty of, I’ve to be in the correct temper to place a fucking wig on. And I’m, I identical to, I’m bored with it. So like, in the future I would get again into it. 

Mike: You recognize, , you haven’t had a lot wig vitality in you 

Jordan: just lately. I’ve not had the wig vitality recently in any respect.

Precisely. Though my daughter’s been sleeping, I, the wig vitality has been missing. However, uh, yeah, I, 

Mike: I’ve discovered that in talking about creating humorous content material that I typically need to get myself type of in the correct temper or it simply doesn’t move. I, I can’t even make myself smile. So how am I gonna make a reader smile?

There’s a, a quote unquote vitality. I, I truly don’t even like utilizing that phrase as a result of any like, slang time period that’s in style I refuse to make use of, that’s identical to a normal standing rule of like my vocabulary. However no, I, I, I discovered that fascinating that if I’m not in the correct temper, so to talk, and if I can’t get myself into that type of playful.

Wacky type of temper, then it’s very arduous to create one thing that I even discover amusing, not to mention what different 

Jordan: folks will. Dude, it’s very tough, particularly a lot of my content material strateg, like not even technique’s a lot of a purpose why I’ll make content material is as a result of I get indignant at what another person mentioned, and the anger is gas is is because of my ardour.

So then I’ll wanna make a bit of content material. So then the very last thing I wanna do is come throughout as indignant. Like that. I don’t assume that’s a very good technique. So I’ll transition extra to the tutorial. However to go from indignant to humorous may be very tough. And particularly like once you simply wanna get that content material carried out proper there.

That’s why typically it may be useful, , let me take just a few hours, get right into a playful temper, take into consideration how I may do that, however possibly watch some 

Mike: standup. It’s a great way to not less than get laughing your self and get in a bit little bit of a jovial, a jovial good friend, uh, state of mind. 

Jordan: Yeah. Yeah. However yeah, man, this, this has been nice.

Thanks a lot for having me on. It’s all the time a pleasure. And, and I admire you and, uh, we’ll get you on my podcast subsequent. 

Mike: Completely. Yeah. Each time, everytime you need, you simply let me know and I look ahead to our subsequent dialogue. Certain. There might be a subsequent one. And earlier than we wrap up right here, why don’t we simply let folks know the place they’ll discover you, discover your work, if there any, if there’s something particularly you need 

Jordan: them to learn about.

Yeah, simply Jordan Syt, s y a t t, Instagram, YouTube podcast. Not TikTok although. Uh, fuck TikTok. I acquired off TikTok a very long time in the past. I’m don’t, no, I’m on it, however I don’t use it, so Completely not. Okay. 

Mike: Good. Superior. Properly, thanks once more, Jordan. This was enjoyable. Thanks, man. Have a very good one. You too. Properly, I hope you favored this episode.

I hope you discovered it useful, and for those who did subscribe to the present as a result of it makes positive that you simply don’t miss new episodes. And it additionally helps me as a result of it will increase the rankings of the present a bit bit, which after all then makes it a bit bit extra simply discovered by different individuals who might prefer it simply as a lot as you.

And for those who didn’t like one thing about this episode or in regards to the present normally, or if in case you have, uh, concepts or options or simply suggestions to share, shoot me an electronic mail, [email protected], muscle f o r life.com, and let me know what I may do higher or simply, uh, what your ideas are about possibly what you’d wish to see me do sooner or later.

I learn all the things myself. I’m all the time in search of new concepts and constructive suggestions. So thanks once more for listening to this episode, and I hope to listen to from you quickly.


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