Ep. #1016: Q&A: Chilly Showers, Monetary Freedom, Legion Vitality Drink, My Favourite Cardio, and Extra


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Hey, hey and welcome to Muscle for Life. I’m Mike Matthews. I’m barely congested on the time of recording this, therefore un simply voice. However thanks for becoming a member of me at this time for one more q and a episode the place I reply questions that individuals ask me over on Instagram. So what I do is each week, often Tuesday, Wednesday, I put up an Instagram story.

Getting questions, you realize, with the little questions sticker, they ask me something sticker, after which I’m going by the entire questions 24 hours later, and I select often 15 to twenty which can be fascinating to me or topical, or issues that many different folks ask me about and that I haven’t already overwhelmed to dying, and I reply them temporary.

There on Instagram in my tales, after which I carry every part over right here to the podcast so I can reply the questions in additional depth. And so if you wish to ask questions of me, comply with me on Instagram at Muscle for Life Health and simply search for that story each Tuesday or Wednesday. Submit your questions and.

I get far more than I may ever reply, and so please don’t take it personally if I don’t reply yours. And even when you submit questions commonly, I do want I may justify sitting there for 4 or 5 hours answering each single query, however I’ve gotten myself into too many different issues, so I’ve about an hour to reply questions once I do it on Instagram, and that offers.

Sufficient time to seek out a solution about 15 to twenty. And once more, I’m in search of questions which can be going to serve my viewers in the beginning. Once more, issues which can be fascinating which can be topical, issues that I haven’t already answered many, many instances earlier than. And so sure, let’s transfer on now to what I’m going to be speaking.

In at this time’s episode, whereas I’m going to be answering questions on chilly showers, on reaching monetary freedom on Legion and an vitality drink, is that going to occur on sodium consumption? What’s my suggestion on my favourite kind of cardio and extra? Additionally, how would you want a free meal planning software that figures out your energy, your macros, even your micros, after which means that you can create 100% customized meal plans for chopping, lean, gaining, or sustaining in beneath 5 minutes?

Properly, all you gotta do is go to purchase legion.com/meal plan b u y legion.com/meal plan and obtain the. And if I’ll say, this software actually is implausible. My crew and I spent over six months on this factor working with an Excel wizard, and inferior variations of this are sometimes offered for 50, 60, even 100 {dollars}.

Or it’s a must to obtain an app and pay each month or join a weight reduction service and pay each month, 10, 20, 40, 50, even $60 a month for. What is actually on this free software, so in case you are struggling to enhance your physique composition, in case you are struggling to lose fats or achieve muscle, the appropriate.

Meal plan can change every part. Weight-reduction plan can go from feeling like working within the sand in a sandstorm to using a motorcycle on a breezy day down a hill. So once more, if you would like my free meal planning software, go to by legion.com/meal plan b y legion.com/meal plan. Enter your electronic mail tackle and you’re going to get on the spot.

All proper. The primary query comes from Adam Beginner 86, and he asks ideas on chilly showers after exercises. The lengthy story quick is it’s not gonna assist or harm. It might really feel good. I prefer it greater than taking a scorching bathe after coaching personally, as a result of if I take a scorching bathe, then I preserve sweating for like the following half-hour.

Chilly bathe will cease me from sweating, and that feels good. And if you wish to study extra about my place on chilly showers and why I’m saying they gained’t do a lot of something a method or one other, head over to legion athletics.com, seek for chilly bathe, and also you’ll discover an article that I wrote on chilly showers.

There was a time when for I take into consideration two years straight, I took chilly showers kind of on daily basis. That is once I was dwelling in Virginia. And I may really take a chilly bathe. Now I’m in Florida and the most effective I can do right here is sort of a lukewarm bathe, cuz the water by no means actually will get chilly. However in Virginia it will get chilly, particularly within the winter.

And so I speak about my expertise with it in that article, and I speak about a few of the analysis on chilly publicity and why chilly publicity. Can positively profit you in numerous methods, however chilly showers nearly definitely can not. So once more, to study extra about that, go over to legion athletics.com and seek for chilly bathe.

Alright, Andre Eckhard asks, the place do you see humanity 100 years sooner or later. I put up a ballot often because I used to be curious what my beautiful followers thought, and the primary choice was Idiocracy. That could be very doable. In the event you don’t know what that’s, it’s a film, it is best to positively watch it as a result of it’s sums up numerous the place we’re at and going no less than right here within the West.

And 33% of individuals stated Idiocracy. That’s. Humanity will likely be 100 years sooner or later. And choice quantity two right here was nuclear holocaust. Undoubtedly a risk. Sadly, 17% of individuals selected that. The third choice is international techno communism. Shout out to Klaus Schwab and all of his minions, 29% of individuals selected that.

And at last, we’ve. Golden age, 21% of individuals selected that. So extra folks count on us to be in a golden age than a nuclear holocaust, which I want to imagine is true, however I can’t fairly get there. I believe it’s a toss up, probably between Idiocracy and international techno Communism. With nuclear holocaust coming in third place and golden age coming in a distant fourth place.

Alright. CJ noticed your re asks, the place did slash do you get all your health information? I’ve simply been very constant in my self-education for nearly 15 years now. It’s quite a bit like figuring out, proper? You simply preserve displaying up and you retain doing the work and ultimately you get jacked studying. Properly, something is kind of the identical course of.

You simply preserve displaying up and you retain learning and you retain making use of, and you retain reflecting on the outcomes of your software and also you permit that to tell. The route of your continued learning and software and ultimately sooner or later you might be actually good at one thing. Daniel B seven asks, how does utilizing wine slash beer and cooking have an effect on the energy if alcohol will get burned off?

It’s a great query. Properly, the caloric content material is lowered just a little bit, however do not forget that alcohol is just a fraction of the liquid by quantity of no matter you’re utilizing. And so calorically, it’s in all probability pretty negligible in comparison with the carbs within the liquid. After all, it relies on the drink, however that’s usually the case.

And so personally, I wouldn’t make any adjustment. As a result of in any case, it’s simply too small to matter, and if I’m monitoring my energy or planting my energy rigorously, as a result of let’s say I’m chopping and I’m lean, eager to get actually lean, and now I actually have to concentrate, I’d fairly simply sort of err on the quote unquote.

Protected aspect and by accident eat possibly just a little bit lower than I meant fairly than just a little bit extra. Subsequent query comes from immortal extra, they usually ask any probability of eradicating sunflower leftin as a result of it’s a seed oil out of your dietary supplements from legion’s dietary supplements. Sadly approach is actually not good to drink with out an emulsifier, and that’s what the sunflower reduce is.

However the excellent news is principally the entire seed oil hysteria is pseudoscientific nonsense. To study extra, head over to legion athletics.com, seek for seed oil, and take a look at the article that I wrote on the subject. There’s numerous analysis cited. In that article, and my place is that seed oils will not be unhealthy for you and also you don’t have to fret about your consumption of them.

Now, in fact, when you ate an excessive amount of seed oil, it could be unhealthy for you, however that’s true of actually something. In the event you drink an excessive amount of water, you die. All proper. J C D AK 77 asks what are the steps to succeed in your monetary freedom? Properly, this has modified for me over time. Once I began within the health business about 10 years in the past, I began with publishing a e book referred to as Massive Leaner Stronger.

I had a job on the time and I used to be making respectable cash, however I additionally had a good quantity of debt from simply. Touring and losing cash in my early twenties. My spouse on the time, girlfriend, she was my spouse 10 years in the past, however once I was doing the entire touring, she was my girlfriend. She is from Germany, and so I used to go over there each a number of months or so.

We’d simply sort of alternate. She would come to the states. We did lengthy distance for 2 and a half years, so she would come go to me. Right here within the States, after which the following journey I might go go to her, and once I would go go to her, we’d journey round Europe and waste cash, keep in good inns, and eat good meals and do no matter we wished.

And so in any case of that, I had about $50,000 in bank card debt that I had racked up over a number of years of doing that I might get some cash from my mother and father. They had been keen to subsidize my touring, I suppose. To a point, however I didn’t ask for the entire cash that I might spend after these journeys.

So would possibly go on a visit and spend like 10 or 15 Okay after which be like, I can’t ask my mother and father for 10 or 15 Okay for one journey. All proper, I’ll get like 5K or one thing, after which simply. Roll the remainder, uh, over on the cardboard after which one other journey and more cash spent than I acquired for the journey. Rinse and repeat till once more, I used to be about $50,000 in debt.

And so once I began out with Larger Lean Stronger, and I had this different job, I used to be simply working to eliminate bank card debt as a result of shopper debt. Simply unhealthy. There aren’t any circumstances beneath which shopper debt is sweet, which means utilizing bank cards that it’s a must to pay numerous curiosity on to purchase trinkets, to purchase experiences.

Do it when you pays the playing cards off in full as a rule. I imply, you would possibly be capable of consider some cheap ex exceptions, however as a rule, you probably have the cash and also you wanna simply. Put it on a card to get factors. Okay, I perceive that. However spending more cash than you have got on a visit on a trinket after which simply carrying that debt is only a unhealthy thought.

And so initially, Monetary freedom was no bank card debt and construct up just a little little bit of a, an emergency fund, which I didn’t have on the time, and I didn’t actually care what I needed to do to perform that. Which means there was numerous work that I did at first that I didn’t significantly get pleasure from in and of itself, however I used to be glad to do it as a result of it was contribut.

To this e book, larger, leaner, stronger. That was beginning to choose up, and that then led to the following e book, which could have been The Shredded Chef or Thinner, leaner, stronger, I don’t bear in mind. And that led to the following, and ultimately that led to the Muscle For Life web site, which led to Legion and so forth. And so throughout that interval, I needed to do numerous issues once more.

I didn’t inherently get pleasure from, however I used to be keen to do them as a result of I actually wished to get out of debt and I wished to place my funds so as. I wished to extend my earnings. I wished to have the ability to get married and assist a household. And at the moment I acquired numerous satisfaction out of how folks had been receiving my.

That individuals had been studying my books and liking my books and utilizing my books to get in higher form and liking my muscle for Life web site and my articles, and utilizing these to get in form. And sooner or later, I believe across the launch of Muscle for Life, possibly it was across the launch of Legion, I began this podcast and in order that was very satisfying.

However the cash was additionally very satisfying as a result of I had cash issues and so, That was then. And if I quick ahead to at this time, issues are very completely different financially. I don’t speak about it very a lot as a result of I don’t care to, however I’ve offered over 2 million books. 90% of these gross sales are self-published, which signifies that I’ve acquired someplace between, let’s say, three to $5 per e book on common.

Legion goes to complete up this yr with about 35 million in gross sales, and subsequent yr we’re forecasting about 45 million in gross sales with a, a really wholesome quantity of revenue, not extravagant, as a result of it is extremely costly to supply good merchandise within the complement recreation. You can not have nice margins and nice product.

You possibly can select one or the opposite. If you need nice margins, you’re going to have mediocre or worse merchandise. If you need nice merchandise, you’re going to have mediocre or worse margins, however I’ve been capable of create nice merchandise with wholesome margins. Higher than mediocre, principally as a result of I don’t should spend almost as a lot on payroll on folks and advertising and marketing as my rivals.

So these are primarily the place I’m capable of make up some margin. I pay everybody who works with me very properly, however I don’t have as many workers as a few of my rivals which can be at the same measurement, and that’s principally as a result of the workers that I do have are. Good. I don’t have to have as many workers as a result of I’ve been pretty choosy with my hiring.

So all of that’s to say that I now not have any monetary issues. I don’t have any shopper debt, in fact, and I’m greater than capable of. Pay my payments and canopy my life-style, which isn’t very extravagant. And so now for me, what monetary freedom means and what it actually represents is incomes sufficient cash to spend as a lot of my time as I can doing stuff.

And actually all I do is figure, however doing work that I love to do. And that’s principally artistic work. And you realize, like writing. Recording podcasts. I additionally like advertising and marketing, partly as a result of it’s a artistic exercise, and so I wish to work on excessive impression advertising and marketing actions versus decrease impression. Often extra routine sort of upkeep stuff, you realize, the place a system is already labored out and now any individual simply has to sort of push the buttons and pull the levers in the appropriate order on daily basis.

It’s boring, however I wish to create these programs or work out methods to enhance these programs. And I additionally wish to spend as little time as doable doing stuff, doing work that I don’t love to do. And sadly that’s numerous the opposite issues that entrepreneurship entails. That’s one thing I’ve discovered about myself.

I don’t love enterprise in the identical approach that a few of my very profitable. Love enterprise. They, for instance, simply get a visceral thrill from rising their enterprise, making extra income, making extra revenue, although they don’t personally want any more cash. I imply, in some circumstances, they’re very wealthy. They don’t want one other greenback, $10 million.

In some circumstances, even 10 million. Makes no distinction to them. They only love to determine make their enterprise. And leaner and stronger. And so I’ve discovered that I don’t have that very same drive to simply develop my enterprise and to get numerous satisfaction out of merely seeing my enterprise or companies, I suppose.

Trigger I’ve a publishing enterprise and Legion, I don’t derive a lot satisfaction merely from watching them develop. It’s good to win, in fact. And I might a lot fairly the companies develop than shrink. Once more, I’ve discovered that what I discover most fulfilling is artistic work, and so monetary freedom is the liberty to deal with the stuff that I like essentially the most.

That, in fact, helps folks and helps my companies and to delegate. Mainly every part else. Okay. That was a protracted reply. Jenkins Williams asks, home of Dragon or Rings of Energy, is that Home of Dragon or Home of Dragon’s plural? I don’t know. Anyway, properly, neither. Each had been so unhealthy that I really didn’t even end the primary episodes.

Rings was. Worse although. Plot Mary Sue, protagonist. Goofy casting. Completely cringe dialogue nearly as if the writers had been simply trolling the little ship and stone metaphor, you realize, stone sink as a result of they give the impression of being down and ships float as a result of they give the impression of being as much as the celebs. Ooh, . Deep, profound, life altering.

That’s one thing to. Tattooed in your forearm and have a look at each morning as you begin your gratitude journaling. Anyway, I believe principally everybody liable for that present ought to simply be fired, apart from possibly the graphic designers, they did a great job these. Vistas they created had been fairly gorgeous.

Alright. Josh Creighton 1 29 asks, how ought to a person discover a respectable lady on this tousled world? Properly, I can’t say for positive as a result of I’ve not been single since I used to be 17 years previous. That’s once I began relationship. Now, my spouse, nevertheless, I’m fairly positive that the first step has to. Change into the kind of man respectable lady needs.

Now, I’m not saying that that is Josh Creighton, 1 29, however I’ve all the time been amused by people who find themselves all the time complaining about their relationship ELs with out realizing that. They’re the one frequent denominator of all of their dysfunctional relationships. It’s very very similar to the individuals who merely refuse to simply accept that they’re obese solely as a result of they simply eat an excessive amount of meals, that it’s their life-style.

Not their genetics, not their surroundings, which might incline folks towards weight problems, towards overeating, beneath transferring. However in the end it comes down to non-public decisions, comes all the way down to dwelling a sure approach. Mfs Wellness says I practice 5 to 6 days per week. Keep away from most extremely processed meals. What’s your sodium consumption suggestion?

I don’t see something flawed. The time confirmed normal suggestion of two to 4 grams of sodium per day, that needs to be high-quality and I additionally suggest getting sufficient potassium. Many individuals don’t know that potassium is essential as properly, and that they need to be going for 5 to 6 grams of potassium per day, and most of the people don’t get that a lot.

They get possibly about half that quantity. So take note of your potassium consumption in addition to your sodium consumption. MICROCUTS zero seven. Says Legion Vitality drinks, or we riot , um, excuse me sweetie. I believe you imply peacefully protest bigot. However there will likely be no want for that as a result of Legion is doing an vitality drink.

It’s on the anvil and the. Pattern has been, the manufacturing pattern has lastly been improved. It took fairly a little bit of backwards and forwards to get it to style proper, as a result of pure sweeteners and pure flavoring is a ache within the ass. Synthetic stuff is far simpler to work with, however we acquired there and so subsequent yr, let’s say Q1 to q2, in all probability someday between April and June, legion’s drink will likely be obtainable.

All proper, Mopar. Asks, favourite automotive. I’m not a lot of a automotive individual, like I drive a Tesla Y, which I suppose some folks assume is cool. I didn’t get it as a result of I believed it was cool. I acquired it as a result of I like Elon Musk and I don’t drive a lot. I drive principally to the health club and. Residence, and I preferred the thought of simply not having to go to the gasoline station and it was comparatively cheap, and that’s about it.

That’s why I selected that automotive. Whereas my final automotive earlier than that was a Mercedes S 63 A mg, and that was a a lot quote unquote cooler automotive, and it was very good to drive. And it was only a very good automotive interval, however I don’t drive a lot once more. I used to be driving that principally $200,000 automotive to the health club after which driving it dwelling on daily basis.

And a part of the rationale why I acquired it within the first place is I sort of wished to look cool. I cared extra about that once I was youthful. So earlier than the Mercedes, I had. Porsche gts, which is a enjoyable automotive, however a part of the rationale, if not no less than 50% of the rationale why I acquired the automotive is I sort of wished to look cool and be cool.

And now as I’ve gotten older, and paradoxically as I’ve made more cash and gotten wealthier, I suppose you can say I actually don’t care. Attempting to look cool anymore. So I removed the Mercedes and I simply went with one thing That to me, is only a automotive. It will get me round and it’s good sufficient and that’s ok for me.

Now, if I had more cash than I even knew what to do with and I wished to spend a few of it on a automotive, I might go together with one thing older. I genuinely like a few of the previous and sadly outrageously costly collectible vehicles. The Aston Martins, Lamborghini, and Ferrari of the Fifties and sixties and seventies, for instance.

However even then, I’m not that a lot of a automotive individual, so I won’t get sufficient pleasure from driving it, from proudly owning it to warrant the expense. Like it could look cool in my storage and I might have a look at it and go, Ooh, that’s a very nice trying automotive. Simply as I might say if I had been it in an image. But when I didn’t get no less than like just a little bit giddy once I was driving it, I don’t assume I might spend the.

Nicole Mains asks, is popcorn a horrible snack? Completely not. Sarcastically, popcorn is definitely fairly filling for the energy when you don’t butter it up, making it a terrific snack. P W M three asks Favourite kind of cardio? Properly, sports activities. Are my favourite, however I don’t play sports activities nowadays and due to this fact, principally all different types of cardio are equally boring to me.

Really, that’s not true. I hate working. I’ve by no means preferred working for no matter purpose, so that’s my least favourite. However every part else is sort of simply equally boring. So what I do is one thing that’s sort of simply sensible. So I’ve an upright bike I hop on that I grind out half-hour. 5 to seven days per week.

Though the previous few weeks have been lower than that simply because I’ve been busy with different issues. However often 5 to seven days per week, I do half-hour on this upright bike. After which whereas I’m on the bike, I do one thing that I’m going to additionally do anyway. So studying, for instance, I learn on my telephone.

Cool. I can simply try this on the bike. Making a private or a piece telephone name that I have to make or I’m going to make, okay. I can simply try this on the bike and I’m doing average depth cardio, so wouldn’t document a podcast on the bike, however I can have a dialog. I’m simply respiratory just a little bit. You possibly can inform that I’m doing one thing, but it surely’s not obnoxious to take heed to or I’ll.

do my little Instagram q and a, for instance. I’ll usually be doing that on the bike. In order that’s only a, a great way to layer some cardio into my regular sort of work slash private routine. And if I weren’t doing that, I suppose I might get. A rowing machine as a result of rowing isn’t any impression. I like that, identical to biking isn’t any impression.

So it doesn’t lower into your restoration, significantly your restoration out of your energy coaching. Additionally, rowing is a, an entire physique cardio exercise. It burns a good quantity of energy and it feels good, and you probably have a type of, That has a, it’s like a round container filled with water. It additionally sounds good.

There’s one thing soothing about it. Proper. Okay. Subsequent query comes from the proper man of, after which there’s an ellipsis. So I’m unsure what the remainder of the deal with is, however they ask, give hair routine. Uh, right here it’s. I wash my hair with shamp. Or typically cleaning soap if there isn’t any shampoo useful. After which I simply sort of let it develop till I look homeless.

After which I get a haircut and I rinse and repeat. Two bit. Three by three asks, ideas for studying in your telephone for lengthy durations with out straining your eyes or neck. What I do is I simply take a break no less than each half-hour or so, and I rise up and I get some water. I’m going to the lavatory. I simply stroll round, go searching, and that’s sufficient for me.

And I’ve the final query right here from, whoa, it’s Manny. They usually ask, I’m 18 and I wanna begin a enterprise. How did you begin? Properly, Finest recommendation, and that is how I began, is studying and practising gross sales and advertising and marketing, getting good at gross sales and advertising and marketing, and particularly getting good at speaking interesting provides, understanding create services and products that individuals wish to purchase.

I believe that that’s really the bulk. Of efficient advertising and marketing basically is creating good provides. And so which means creating good services and products, however then additionally taking these services and products and providing them in a approach that makes folks need them. And when you wanna study extra about that, try the e book, the Irresistible Supply by Mark.

Joiner. There are in all probability different nice books on the market particularly on creating provides, however that one simply popped into my thoughts. I learn it a few years in the past and I bear in mind liking it and utilizing a few of the data in it and discovering it useful, and so I like to recommend it. Properly, I hope you preferred this episode. I hope you discovered it useful, and when you did subscribe to the present as a result of it makes positive that you just don’t miss new episodes.

And it additionally helps me as a result of it will increase the rankings of the present just a little bit, which in fact then makes it just a little bit extra simply discovered by different individuals who could prefer it simply as a lot as you. And when you didn’t like one thing about this episode or concerning the present basically, or when you. Uh, concepts or options or simply suggestions to share.

Shoot me an electronic mail, mike muscle for all times.com, muscle f o r life.com and let me know what I may do higher or simply, uh, what your ideas are about possibly what you’d wish to see me do sooner or later. I learn every part myself. I’m all the time in search of new concepts and constructive suggestions. So thanks once more for listening to this episode, and I hope to listen to from you.


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