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Can you reside longer by altering the best way you eat? 

There are lots of claims on the market about intermittent fasting and its influence on well being and longevity. Some folks say you’ll be able to prolong your lifespan simply by rearranging the time window of once you eat day-after-day. 

Is that true, although? What does science say about fasting in people and its results on how lengthy you’ll stay? 

Relatively than analyzing this myself, I invited an intermittent fasting professional, Dr. Grant Tinsley, to discover the subject. Grant has been on the podcast earlier than to talk about physique fats measurement methods, however as a scientist who’s been concerned in lots of time-restricted feeding research on athletes, he’s the proper visitor for this matter. 

Grant is an Affiliate Professor at Texas Tech College, the Director of the Vitality Stability & Physique Composition Laboratory, and is a Licensed Energy and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Licensed Sports activities Nutritionist (CISSN). He has over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles and abstracts, together with his main analysis pursuits being sports activities diet methods, physique composition evaluation methods, and intermittent fasting in energetic populations. 

Grant and I chat about . . .

  • The function of mTOR, AMPK, and sirtuins in ageing
  • Metabolic age versus chronological age
  • Rodent metabolism and why we are able to’t apply analysis in animals to people
  • Autophagy, how lengthy it takes to ramp up with fasting, and whether or not it issues
  • Who ought to strive fasting and who may doubtlessly profit
  • Fasting’s results on muscle retention
  • And extra . . .

So, if you happen to’re within the science of fasting’s results on longevity and the way severely you must take daring claims about lifespan and time-restricted feeding, take a look at this podcast and let me know your ideas! 


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5:45 – Is intermittent fasting important for total well being and longevity?

10:11 – What are a few of the issues that individuals are in analysis and are being extrapolated into people? 

16:05 – What are your ideas on the validity of metabolic ageing?  

22:36 – What are the advantages of fasting? 

25:44 – What are some causes I ought to take into account fasting?

27:26 – What are your ideas on fasting rising longevity?

35:23 – How lengthy do it’s a must to quick for to make a significant well being distinction?

41:25 – Does fasting trigger muscle loss?

49:03 – What are your ideas on the significance of minimizing mTOR to maximise longevity? 

1:01:30 – The place can folks discover you?

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Grant’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grant_tinsley_phd

Grant’s Web site: www.granttinsley.com

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