Efficiently Transfer Your Toddler to a Massive Child Mattress


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When it’s time for the crib to mattress transition on your toddler, there are some essential issues you must know.

On the high of the record there’s one, key phrase you ought to NOT say to your youngster when shifting them to an open mattress, in any other case, they probably will get out of their mattress. 

On this video and episode, I’m going to stroll you thru how and when to efficiently transition your youngster from a crib to an enormous child mattress!

The Crib to Mattress Transition Defined

Though shifting your youngster from a crib to an enormous child mattress appears intimidating, it may be so thrilling. 

Personally, it’s one in all my transitions as a result of there’s nothing like cuddling up together with your youngster, leaning on them, and studying a bedtime story collectively.

Earlier than you make this modification nonetheless, it’s essential and useful to have a plan, so let’s dive into my high ideas and techniques relating to transitioning your youngster from a crib to an enormous child mattress!

Tip #1 Start when your youngster is 3 years or older

You’ll be able to transition your youngster to an open mattress if they’re 3 years of age or older.

That’s my one age requirement.

Beneath 3 years of age, your youngster won’t perceive the implications, boundaries, or expectations that exist with an enormous child mattress. 

When your youngster turns three, that’s a good time to make this transition. 

Tip #2 Skip the toddler-sized mattress (or flooring mattress)

When it comes time to transition your youngster out of their crib, be sure to are shifting them right into a “massive mattress,” comparable to a twin, full, or queen measurement mattress. 

You don’t have to do the toddler sized mattress, simply skip that utterly.

Why is that? Nicely, it’s usually because this might invite your youngster to get out of their mattress extra as a result of it’s not as completely different as an enormous mattress.

Give it some thought, with a toddler mattress, your youngster is sleeping of their crib with one of many sides off.

They may notice, “Oh that is cool! Now I can get out of my crib!”

So go forward and arrange an enormous mattress. 

There’s a lot energy in organising an enormous mattress on your youngster that’s larger and sits greater than their crib.

In the identical breath, I extremely suggest avoiding a flooring mattress.

A flooring mattress, identical to a toddler mattress, is simply an invite for the kid to get out and discover their room in the course of the nighttime. 

I do know flooring beds are the fashionable, “Montessori” means, however I don’t suggest them as they could encourage your youngster to discover and play when they need to be resting and sleeping.

Save your self one other transition by skipping the toddler mattress or a mattress on the ground and transfer your youngster from a crib into an enormous child mattress from the very begin.

Tip #3 Announce the transition proper earlier than you do it

Don’t inform your youngster weeks or months prematurely earlier than you progress them right into a mattress. 

Quite, put together them for the transition a day or two beforehand. 

Toddlers and preschoolers don’t have any idea of time. 

Even my eight yr outdated doesn’t perceive time simply but! 

For instance, in case your going to make the change on a Friday, inform them on Wednesday, and perhaps take them to the shop and permit them to pick like a brand new pillow or a brand new bedspread to go together with it! 

***Professional tip*** Be sure the brand new mattress is definitely in your house! I’ve had too many dad and mom start getting ready their youngster for the transition solely to search out out that the mattress hasn’t arrived on time as a result of transport has been delayed.

NEVER Say This To Phrase to Your Baby 

Consider it or not, most children don’t get out of their mattress!

If have a very good, strong sleeper, they know precisely what to do and they’ll keep sleeping of their mattress.

Nevertheless, there’s one key phrase that you must NEVER say to your youngster. 

When transitioning your youngster to a mattress, by no means say, “Don’t get out of your mattress, Okay?!”

The MOMENT that you simply inform them “Don’t get out of your mattress,” will probably be the second they REALIZE they CAN get out of their mattress.

Your youngster probably has by no means considered getting out of their mattress.

So don’t plant the seed or introduce the concept of getting out of their mattress.

As a substitute, assume the very best in your youngster and maintain to constructive expectations. 

Say “Goodnight,” give them hugs and kisses, and shut the door! 

In case your youngster is an impartial sleeper, then they’ll go to sleep inside 10 to fifteen minutes (perhaps slightly longer since a brand new mattress is so thrilling!) of their new mattress with no drawback in any respect. 

Make Sleep a Factor For Your Preschooler

Utilizing a toddler clock system can be a terrific instrument to make use of relating to instructing your youngster open mattress sleep expectations. In case you are unfamiliar with how a toddler clock works, take a look at my video on Get the Most Out Of Your Toddler Clock HERE!

In case your youngster does get away from bed, don’t freak out.

Calmly (that’s key!) stroll them again to their door and ask them to climb again into their mattress.

Merely say, “It’s time to sleep get again in your mattress, please.” 

In the event that they want slightly additional reassurance, you could possibly additionally say, “ If you get again in mattress, I’ll come again to verify on you in 10 minutes.”

The essential factor is that your youngster must be reminded and inspired that they’ll get again into their mattress and so they can put themselves again to sleep, all on their very own!

In case your toddler wants a brand new bedtime routine that’s easy and enjoyable, you may as well take a look at my Superb Toddler Bedtime Routine HERE and obtain our FREE Toddler Bedtime Routine Playing cards. 

These easy, but highly effective bedtime instruments may have your toddler experiencing candy desires very quickly.

“However Becca, what if sleep hasn’t been a strong, constant factor for my preschooler or my household?” 

In case your youngster isn’t an impartial sleeper but, and waking up tirelessly all through the night time with them is “regular,” then now’s the PERFECT time to sleep prepare them, or re-sleep prepare them!

In reality, let me introduce you to my Preschool Sleep Program HERE.

This program is not like any of my different plans as a result of preschool aged kids require a distinct stage of sleep coaching.

At 3-5 years of age, your youngster can speak to you and this side enormously impacts the coaching course of!

As a result of your youngster is ready to speak to you and talk with you (not like a child or younger toddler) my preschool program accommodates an in depth, step-by-step information and script so that you can comply with every day of coaching. 

In contrast to infants and toddlers, preschoolers also can bodily get out of their mattress. 

So that you’re most likely questioning what occurs in the course of the night time once they get up and get away from bed or come to your room?

My preschool program accommodates EXACT eventualities and examples of scripts to make use of together with your youngster in an effort to educate them that they’re totally able to sleeping all night time with out getting out of their mattress.

Inside this program I give you clear, step-by-step directions on the right way to educate your youngster to remain and sleep of their mattress all night time lengthy.

My Preschool Sleep Program has been confirmed and trusted by pediatricians and I’m so excited so that you can get your fingers on it in the present day, so that you simply and your loved ones could make sleep a factor, collectively. 


The crib to mattress transition is a HUGE and thrilling milestone on your youngster! Though it’s an enormous transition, you don’t need to be intimidated by it! You may make the crib to mattress transition successful for you and your preschooler by:

  1. Transitioning your youngster when they’re 3 years of age or older.
  2. Skipping the toddler mattress and shifting your youngster to an enormous, elevated mattress.
  3. Asserting the transition proper earlier than you do it.
  4. Involving your youngster within the transition WITH you.
  5. Avoiding the phrase, “Don’t get out of you mattress!”

Most significantly, bear in mind to PRAISE and ENCOURAGE your youngster via this course of, expressing what an unbelievable job they’re doing with the brand new duty of sleeping of their very personal massive mattress! 



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