Does Pineapple Truly Make Your Vagina Style Higher?


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Considering how asparagus can infuse your pee with a brand new degree of pungency or how pink meat could make your sweat scent, properly, meaty, it is solely pure to marvel if the fluids that secrete out of your nether areas are additionally affected by what you eat—each from a scent and style viewpoint. And that query of style can turn into all of the extra related throughout oral intercourse. In reality, a want to enhance upon or optimize style has spawned a number of city legends about meals and drinks with vagina-altering powers. However, to me, the rumor about pineapple, particularly, is maybe most enduring. So, I sought out to analyze, as soon as and for all, can pineapple actually sweeten the style of your vagina?

First, it is price noting that there is definitely no rule for what any vagina ought to (or should not) scent or style like. Identical to the individuals who have them, vaginas are all naturally distinctive. On the identical time, style is subjective, so what one oral sex-giver would possibly deem nice, one other won’t. All of that mentioned, there’s probably not any motive, per se, to start out messing with the style (or scent, for that matter) of your vagina, whether or not to purportedly enhance it or in any other case. Even so, mainstream tradition has sadly pushed many vagina-havers to assume in any other case.

“Persons are fascinated with the subject of consuming pineapple to alter the style of their vagina as a result of we are usually overly self-conscious about how we scent and style throughout intercourse,” says sexologist Rebecca Alvarez Story, founding father of sexual-wellness market Bloomi. In reality, a 2019 survey of 1,000 individuals who establish as girls discovered that two-thirds of them have turned down intercourse because of considerations concerning the scent of their vagina. However, once more, a vagina would not have to scent or style significantly candy or floral or the rest. “It is a vagina, not a piña colada,” gynecologist Jen Gunter, MD, beforehand instructed Properly+Good.

That mentioned, sure components of your way of life, together with what you eat, might have an effect on the same old style of your vagina (no matter that could be) by altering your vaginal pH and, in flip, supporting the expansion of wholesome micro organism…or doing simply the alternative. That is why a different food regimen wealthy in fruits, greens, and fermented meals is usually linked to a wholesome V (and, maybe, “good” vaginal style) whereas a food regimen missing in these vitamins might result in an imbalance within the micro organism in your bits and possibly a distinct style, too. So, the place, precisely, does that depart pineapple within the vagina-taste division?

Although there are not any particular research on the connection between consuming pineapple and having a vagina that tastes “good” (once more, a tricky factor to measure, anyway), analysis does assist that “fermented pineapple juice may help assist the expansion of wholesome vaginal micro organism, simply as yogurt and kombucha can,” says OB/GYN Amy Roskin, MD, JD, chief medical officer at birth-control supplier Favor. And once more, wholesome micro organism is what a vagina thrives on, so a great bacterial abundance might theoretically maintain a vagina from taking over a funkier or stronger odor than it usually has.

“Skilled tasters do report that whenever you eat candy fruits, greens, and herbs, it appears to intensify the sugary taste of vaginal fluids and ejaculate.” —Jess O’Reilly, PhD, sexologist

With regards to common previous pineapple and pineapple juice, although, the intel is extra anecdotal. “Skilled tasters—or people who’ve tasted many a lover’s juices—do report that whenever you eat candy fruits [like pineapple], greens, and herbs, it appears to intensify the sugary taste of vaginal fluids and ejaculate,” says sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD, host of the Intercourse With Dr. Jess podcast. “Additionally they counsel that smoking, caffeine, and processed meals may end up in a extra bitter vaginal style,” she says, talking of her purchasers.

These anecdotal associations nod to the aforementioned profit in your vagina of simply following an general wholesome way of life—of which pineapple can actually be an element. Consuming pineapple has a large number of well being advantages, says Dr. Roskin, like combating irritation, selling tissue therapeutic, and boosting your immune system. To not point out, pineapples are additionally notably composed of between 85 and 89 p.c water, and “staying hydrated can also be essential to selling pure vaginal lubrication,” says Dr. Roskin. The extra lubricated your vagina is, the extra diluted its secretions could also be, probably reducing among the tang from its style.

All that mentioned, Dr. Roskin has a concluding thought: “In the event you begin to expertise a nasty or fish-like odor in your vagina, this might be an indication of a medical situation—like an an infection or bacterial vaginosis,” she says. So, when you discover any huge odor adjustments out of your common scent (or, maybe, a associate does), it is a good suggestion to seek the advice of your physician.

Need to incorporate extra pineapple into your food regimen? Take a look at this video for a wholesome pineapple the wrong way up cake recipe:

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