Does Ingesting Plain Water Not Hydrate You Sufficient?


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If you are like us and you’re keen on nothing greater than scrolling round on well being and wellness TikTok, you’ve got doubtless stumbled throughout quite a lot of chatter about whether or not or not ingesting plain ol’ water is sweet sufficient for you—or if you have to be including electrolytes, a pinch of salt, a squeeze of citrus, or one thing else.

In fact, we all know that ingesting water is crucial for almost each bodily operate. Nonetheless, the query is: Would we profit much more from ingesting water with few further components? In a current TikTok video, @thetigerlilyxx claims that ingesting plain water alone isn’t hydrating sufficient. As a substitute, they recommend that you simply want different minerals to replenish your physique with important vitamins that may be acquired by supplementing the drink with components like lemon, lime, or Himalayan sea salt.

To make sure we had been crystal clear (pun supposed) about what we ought to be ingesting, we spoke with useful medication physician Jill Carnahan, MD, Your Practical Drugs Skilled and creator of Sudden, who revealed that ingesting water plain is totally stellar, however including a couple of further components might be useful for sure populations, as a result of wants can fluctuate from individual to individual.

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Does ingesting plain water not hydrate you adequate, based on an MD?

In keeping with Dr. Carnahan, ingesting plain water is one hundred pc superb and wholesome for almost all of individuals. Including further components, nonetheless, may be useful in a couple of circumstances.

For starters, your physique may profit from added electrolytes (and never simply plain water) in case you are beneath quite a lot of stress or have a hormonal imbalance. “Adrenals are a stress response organ, and they’re answerable for regulating and [producing] mineralocorticoids that are additionally associated to electrolytes [and influence salt and water balances],” Dr. Carnahan says.

Which means that any disruptions that have an effect on your adrenals can have a unfavourable impact in your hydration ranges. “So mainly, if we’re beneath excessive stress or our adrenals aren’t functioning nicely for some cause, it is very important add electrolytes, particularly sodium, to your water as a result of ingesting simply free water can truly trigger hyponatremia, or low sodium, and that may result in difficulties in the event you’re sweating excessively,” Dr. Carnahan says. These instances are, after all, few and much between.

“Additionally, utilizing an infrared sauna, excessively exercising, and any giant lack of sweat may even trigger lack of salt and electrolytes,” Dr. Carnahan provides, which is why she recommends giving water slightly enhance of minerals and electrolytes containing sodium.

Plus, in the event you’re coping with an upset abdomen or different gastrointestinal points that may result in diarrhea or nutrient loss, replenishing with extra than simply plain water is vital. “If for some cause you have got stomach points like gastroenteritis or diarrhea, you lose extra potassium by way of the intestine, and in that case, it will be greatest to complement water with further magnesium and potassium for these losses by way of the intestine,” she says.

So, what ought to we be ingesting as a substitute of simply plain water?

So what’s Dr. Carnahan’s drink of selection, you may ask? Nicely, it’s water…with a twist. “Once you drink mineral-enriched water, like San Pellegrino or different European mineral waters, you’re ingesting an alkaline product. The minerals in these drinks may help preserve wholesome bones,” she says, which is barely true for mineral waters with or with out carbonation. (And helps make a case for ordering the flamboyant, non-complimentary bottled water on the menu.) “That being stated, I’m not an enormous fan of flavor-enhanced waters or plain carbonated waters with out minerals.”

So how will you up your water ingesting in the event you discover plain water completely unappealing? “If somebody doesn’t just like the style of fresh water, then including lemon or lime, or cucumber is a superbly good various,” Dr. Carnahan says. Cheers.

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