Can the Hair of the Canine Technique Assist Remedy a Hangover?


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Picture it: an ideal summer season day spent consuming with mates, hopping from brunch or a barbecue to your favourite bar, then again to your home for a nightcap. Because the traditional track goes, summertime and the livin’ is straightforward… that’s, till you get up with a raging hangover, a dry mouth that rivals the situations of the Sahara, and the worst case of Sunday scaries in current reminiscence. You hobble over to the kitchen to pour your self a glass of water—and then you definitely spot your assortment of prosecco whereas your jug of OJ within the fridge stares you within the face. Will a bit “hair of the canine” mimosa provide the reduction you desperately must overcome your hangover, or will it simply make issues worse?

To seek out out as soon as and for all whether or not the hair of the canine technique for hangovers is legit, we requested Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, of Actual Diet in New York Metropolis.

However first, what causes hangovers?

Just a few issues are at play in terms of dreaded hangovers, which kick in as your physique breaks down alcohol to return to its sober baseline standing. For starters, Shapiro reminds us that alcohol is a diuretic, that means it prompts extra frequent urination and fluid loss, thus contributing to dehydration. “Being dehydrated may cause you to have a headache and really feel drained, dizzy, and thirsty,” she says.

From there, Shapiro explains that extra alcohol consumption disrupts electrolyte steadiness, doubling down on the signs of dehydration. “Alcohol consumption can even result in low blood sugar,” she provides, making a triple whammy to make you’re feeling like full rubbish and vowing to by no means imbibe once more… or a minimum of till the following weekend rolls round. “Lastly, alcohol consumption can disrupt sleep, and when we don’t get sufficient sleep all of those signs are enhanced,” Shapiro says.

So can the hair of the canine assist to stop or alleviate a hangover?

Once more, hangovers are a direct results of the method of metabolizing alcohol. Whereas including gas to the flame gained’t do you any favors in the long term, it *can* present some short-term reduction at most. “By consuming extra alcohol, you’ll merely delay this impact and subsequently not really feel your hangover—that’s, till you cease consuming at a later time,” Shapiro says. “Moreover, consuming alcohol is claimed to extend endorphins, which can probably masks your hangover signs.” Nevertheless, the operative phrase at play right here is “masks,” which isn’t synonymous with “treatment” or “stop.”

Furthermore, as a number one dietitian, Shapiro doesn’t endorse the hair of the canine technique (or consuming to extra in any kind, for that matter). Keep in mind: Alcohol continues to be a toxin and your physique registers it as such. In brief, this standard hangover hack “doesn’t stop a hangover, however will solely delay it,” she reiterates. “And naturally, it may also be harmful.”

Hangover hacks that really work, in accordance with an RD

Because the hair of the canine will find yourself hurting fairly than serving to you within the hangover division, attempt giving these RD-approved hangover suggestions a (no pun meant) shot as a substitute. Simply observe that you just’ll must put them into play each earlier than and as you imbibe.

1. Keep away from consuming on an empty abdomen

To begin, should you’re going to drink alcohol, it’s greatest to take action after consuming a meal or a snack (on the very least). “I counsel in opposition to consuming on an empty abdomen,” Shapiro says. “I additionally advocate having some carbs together with your meal previous to consuming, which can assist gradual the absorption of the alcohol.”

2. Preserve water in your rotation

By no means underestimate the advantages of staying hydrated, particularly when hangovers are involved. Once more, keep in mind that alcohol is a diuretic—so should you neglect so as to add H2O to the combo, your odds of getting hungover the following day might be all of the extra seemingly. “Alternate every alcoholic beverage with a glass of water,” Shapiro advises. You also needs to take care to hydrate earlier than and after you sip in your liquor, wine, or beer of alternative—and even go for glowing water and hydrating fruits as mixers.

3. Select your alcohol correctly

Do you know that sure forms of alcohol can probably result in stronger hangovers? As Shapiro says, “Darker drinks like crimson wine or whiskey are inclined to have congeners, which have been related to worse hangover results.” (FYI: Congeners are naturally occurring compounds apart from ethanol that contribute to alcohol’s physiological results.)

In accordance with one medical overview, bourbon is the very best congener beverage whereas vodka has few, if any, congeners. Nevertheless, vodka nonetheless accommodates ethanol, and “ethanol results per se had a significantly stronger impact on hangover than did congener content material,” the overview reads. In different phrases, whereas skipping darkish drinks for lighter grownup bevs *could* assist to alleviate hangover severity, there are not any ensures.

4. Be secure and sensible when consuming

In fact, this hangover tip is a no brainer. On high of heeding the recommendation shared above, attempt your greatest to drink moderately. Plus, if you already know that sure forms of alcohol, dietary habits, or different elements inevitably go away you feeling dizzy and nauseated the following day, discover your patterns and break the cycle. “Know your restrict and get sufficient sleep,”says Shapiro. Whereas all of those insights will provide help to in the long term, keep in mind that the identical can’t be stated about reaching for the hair of the canine.


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