Assist Your Toddler Fall Asleep Quicker with 4 Pure Treatments


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As a sleep guide, I don’t promote treatments or methods to “magically” get your youngster to go to sleep sooner.

Nonetheless, there are some pure treatments that you are able to do to assist your toddler go to sleep sooner in case you really have an impartial sleeper who is aware of tips on how to sleep.

On this YouTube video and podcast episode, I’m sharing my 4 favourite pure treatments that may assist your toddler go to sleep sooner at bedtime. 

Does Your Toddler Have the Proper Schedule?

I’ve one essential disclaimer to share earlier than we dive additional into the subject of serving to your toddler go to sleep sooner at evening.

Although I’m not speaking about your youngster’s schedule on this video, it’s extraordinarily essential to appreciate that your youngster’s every day schedule actually issues.

The truth is, your youngster’s every day schedule is what’s MOST essential relating to serving to your youngster go to sleep at evening.

Nonetheless, I’m not going to speak about your youngster’s schedule on this video.

This video assumes that your toddler is following the fitting schedule.

In case you are at present doubting your toddler’s nap schedule, I need to level you to our Full Schedule Information HERE.

My full schedule information gives you each single piece of knowledge that you simply’ll want in your youngster’s sleep schedule from 0 to three years previous.

There are a number of schedule adjustments between 4 to 16 months previous and this entire schedule information gives you the precise, age-appropriate schedule that your youngster wants.

<<< Together with following the fitting schedule, it’s additionally extraordinarily essential that your youngster is aware of tips on how to sleep independently. In case your toddler at present wants assist falling asleep at evening, I need to level you to our Sleep Coaching Packages HERE.

Find out how to Assist Your Toddler Fall Asleep Quicker At Night time

Right here at Little Z’s, we offer sleep help for kids ages 0 to five years previous.

We’ve got a selected sleep coaching program for every of those age teams in addition to schedules and guides that may make it easier to proceed to maintain sleep a factor.

Our sleep plans focus deeply on constant routines and timing.

They don’t comprise nightly regimens of holistic oils, nutritional vitamins, or dietary supplements that declare to assist your youngster sleep all evening.

The truth is, a capsule, juice, powder, or an oil is likely to be good within the second, however they won’t be the saving grace in your toddler’s sleep, nor are they a long-lasting answer.

Though a product will not be going to be a saving grace in your youngster, I do need to share about 4 pure treatments that I consider in.

I train and help these treatments inside my programs as a result of I’m really assured that they may help your toddler go to sleep sooner and extra simply at bedtime.

1. Expose your youngster to daylight within the morning and the night

The primary pure treatment that I would like you to work on along with your youngster is solar publicity.

Publicity to the solar helps to energise your physique within the morning and put together your physique for sleep at evening.

It’s important for an excellent evening of sleep.

Due to this, I would like you to goal for solar publicity each within the morning and within the night.

Within the morning, when your youngster wakes up, go exterior and blow some bubbles whereas breakfast is cooking.

Or, in case you’re in a extremely chilly space proper now and you’ll’t go exterior, discover some sunshine shining by means of a window.

Exposing your youngster to the solar very first thing within the morning indicators to their mind and physique that it’s time to begin the day and it’s time to cease sleeping for some time.

In case your toddler has been struggling to go to sleep at nighttime, solar publicity within the night may help remind their physique of their inside circadian rhythm!

On the finish of the day, when the solar sits decrease within the sky, it cues our mind to supply melatonin.

Melatonin is the “sleepy” hormone and the extra your physique makes, the higher!

I need to pause for a second and clarify that melatonin dietary supplements usually are not wanted in your youngster to sleep.

The truth is, in case your youngster is at present utilizing them, I extremely advocate that you simply cease utilizing them as quickly as attainable.

There are a number of points with utilizing melatonin dietary supplements, and if you want to know extra, please try my YouTube video and weblog on Melatonin HERE.

Your youngster has sufficient pure melatonin inside them and all we have to do is get them exterior within the sunshine extra.

Solar publicity triggers your youngster’s suprachiasmatic nucleus of their mind, often known as their “grasp circadian pacemaker,” which alerts their physique to supply extra melatonin in order that they’ll go to sleep and keep asleep all through the evening.

Solar publicity will not be solely a pure treatment that helps kids sleep higher, however it additionally helps adults sleep higher, too, so we will all profit from this treatment.

So seize your toddler, go exterior, benefit from the sunshine, and count on to sleep soundly tonight.

2. Give your youngster cherry juice 

In case your youngster has been taking melatonin dietary supplements, then you definately’re going to like this subsequent treatment.

Cherry juice is among the solely meals that accommodates traces of pure melatonin.

As a substitute of giving your youngster a melatonin gummy or powder complement earlier than mattress, merely give your youngster a couple of ounces of 100% tart cherry juice earlier than bedtime.

It received’t harm your youngster to do that pure treatment, and if something, your youngster will profit from additional antioxidants!

In case you suppose the juice goes to style too tart for them, then merely combine it with some apple juice or orange juice.

I can’t 100% assure that that is going to assist your youngster go to sleep sooner like I can with daylight.

Nonetheless, in case your youngster has been “relying” on melatonin gummies, then it’s value a shot to interchange it with a secure and pure dose of cherry juice.

3. Enhance your youngster’s magnesium ranges

Having the correct amount of magnesium in our our bodies is important for an excellent evening’s sleep.

The upper your magnesium ranges are, the better it’s to calm down and sleep.

Sadly, it’s quite common for adults and kids to have decrease than superb magnesium ranges.

Low ranges of magnesium have been linked to stressed leg syndrome.

The excellent news is that there are a couple of pure methods you could guarantee your youngster’s physique (and yours!) has sufficient magnesium.

First, you’ll be able to eat meals which might be excessive in magnesium. 

My good friend, who’s a holistic nutritionist, created a muffin recipe particularly for Little Z’s households that’s PACKED with components which might be excessive in magnesium!

This granola muffin recipe is a good way to incorporate components which might be naturally filled with magnesium right into a meals supply for you and in your youngster.

Bake these scrumptious muffins by utilizing our Granola Muffin Recipe HERE!

Subsequent, you’ll be able to take an epsom salt bathtub.

Our pores and skin is the biggest organ on our physique and after we get into an epsom salt bathtub, our pores and skin absorbs the epsom salt, producing larger total magnesium ranges in our physique.

Your youngster doesn’t have to take an epsom salt bathtub each single evening.

I like to recommend only one epsom salt bathtub every week to extend your youngster’s magnesium ranges!

A shower generally helps kids to go to sleep, and that’s the reason I incorporate bathtime into my Splendid Bedtime Toddler Routine HERE. 

A shower is useful for falling asleep as a result of it helps to decrease our inside physique temperature, which in flip relaxes us and helps us to go to sleep extra simply. 

In case your youngster is tossing and turning and struggling to go to sleep at evening, contemplate giving them a soothing, epsom salt bathtub as soon as every week.

4. Use a Zenimal

The final and remaining “bonus” treatment I need to share with you is the Zenimal.

This can be a product that we have now personally been utilizing with our daughters for over a yr.

The Zenimal is a guided meditation machine that’s screen-free.

It’s really a one-of-a-kind product.

There are totally different playing cards you could insert into the Zenimal, and these playing cards are designed to “quiet a busy thoughts.”

For my oldest daughter, I’ve accomplished the solar publicity, cherry juice, and epsom salts, however I’ve discovered that the Zenimal is the one treatment that really helps her to to settle and quiet her thoughts efficiently at bedtime.

I’ve a wonderful podcast interview with the creator of the Zenimal, Anna, and I encourage you to hearken to Find out how to Assist an Anxious Baby Settle to Sleep (With Zenimal) HERE. 

In case you have a baby who’s 5 years of age or older who simply can’t calm their racing ideas at evening, then the Zenimal is likely to be the lacking hyperlink they want to go to sleep peacefully.

>>> Use the code LITTLEZSLEEP at checkout to avoid wasting 5% off your Zenimal machine HERE.<<<


It may be frequent for toddlers to start to take longer to go to sleep at evening. If this begins to occur to your youngster, it’s essential to first test their every day schedule and make sure that their schedule is age acceptable. In case you are not sure of your youngster’s schedule, try our Full Schedule Information HERE. 

As soon as your youngster’s schedule is appropriate, contemplate implementing the pure treatments beneath to assist your toddler go to sleep sooner.

  1. Expose your youngster to the solar within the morning and the night.
  2. Give your youngster a couple of ounces of cherry juice earlier than bedtime routine.
  3. Enhance your youngster’s magnesium ranges with epsom salt baths and meals excessive in magnesium.
  4. Introduce a Zenimal in your youngster to make use of throughout their bedtime routine.



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