Are My Hamstrings Tight? Right here’s How To Inform


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You know the way it’s “by no means lupus”? With aches and pains in your physique, generally it might probably really feel prefer it’s “at all times hamstrings.”

Our hamstring muscle mass, which run alongside the again of our thigh and join our hip joint to our knee joint, are vulnerable to getting quick and stiff due to the lives stuffed with sitting that we lead. “They’re actually fascinating in the truth that they’ve influence on two totally different joints,” says Abbigail Fietzer, DPT, an affiliate professor within the bodily remedy program at Mount Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles.

Low again ache? Knee soreness? Out-of-whack posture? It might all be due to the hammies.

Fietzer explains that sitting for lengthy intervals of time trains the hamstring muscle mass to shorten and grow to be rigid, or stiff. Collectively, shortness and stiffness is called “tightness.” However that’s not all. Sitting along with your legs tucked underneath you, or ready wherein your knees bend at greater than a 90 diploma angle, solely compounds that impact. That leg posture is often accompanied by slouching ahead in a chair, so that you’re sitting in your tailbone as a substitute of your butt muscle mass, which inform your hamstrings to get even shorter. Womp womp.

Tight hamstrings could make utilizing so lots of your different muscle mass, each whereas exercising and whereas going about your each day life, tougher. For instance, when you’re doing a bending-down movement and your hamstrings are tight, you’ll overly depend on stretching in your decrease again, which may result in low again ache.

“You are making it work more durable than it is alleged to must work to perform the exercise,” Fietzer says of the low again.

Or, when you’re standing upright with tight hamstrings, your pelvis would possibly tilt ahead, getting your complete posture out of alignment and inflicting ache in different elements of your physique. “In the event that they’re too quick or too stiff, they will pull you out of that good standing posture,” Fietzer says.

How one can check in case your hamstrings are too tight

Mainly, the hamstring is a large nexus level in your physique, and in the event that they’re too tight, they will pull every part out of whack. So how have you learnt if in case you have tight hamstrings? There are a few easy exams.

Fietzer says, until you’ve gotten some pre-existing harm, most individuals ought to have the ability to contact their fingers to the bottom once they bend over. Sound like a tall order? That’s most likely as a result of your hamstrings are tight!

There’s one other check, generally known as the 90-90 check, that bodily therapists use to diagnose tight hamstrings, says Brad Baker, DPT, a efficiency coach at Future.

“Lay in your again, bend your hips and knees to 90 levels, so you might be in table-top place, and assist behind your thighs along with your fingers,” Baker says. “Straighten your knees into full extension. A optimistic check, that means you’ve gotten tight hamstrings, could be in case you are unable to increase your knees to inside a 20 diploma angle of vertical.”

What to do for tight hamstrings

What’s the decision? Tight hamstrings? In that case, there are methods to loosen these unhealthy boys up.

Fietzer says heating them is the primary key to relieving tightness. Your hamstring stretches shall be much more efficient when you use a heating pad earlier than going into stretching. Or you’ll be able to think about doing a warmup first (or ready till after your exercise to stretch), so that you’re heating up the physique from inside.

She additionally recommends a dynamic stretching routine over a static one. That’s, pairing strikes like hamstring extensions with the act of leg swinging or strolling.

“Static stretching may be efficient, however dynamic stretching is healthier,” Fietzer says. “So whenever you be sure the muscle is de facto heat, and also you sort of stroll and do form of mild leg swings, then put the hamstring on stretch, that is higher than simply sitting along with your legs out straight in entrance of you attempting to achieve to your toes.”

Do not let your each day miles tighten up your hammies. Settle down post-run with this dynamic stretching routine:

Strengthening your hamstrings can be the lacking element that brings reduction.

“If in case you have hamstring tightness, probably the greatest issues to do is definitely to strengthen them by full vary of movement,” Baker says. “Workout routines like staggered deadlifts, single leg deadlifts, and Romanian deadlifts are nice examples of this. Tightness typically correlates with weak point, so when you strengthen by full vary of movement, your muscle mass get extra snug permitting you to entry extra flexibility.”

And naturally, an oz of prevention goes a good distance. Fietzer recommends taking breaks from sitting, and guaranteeing that when you find yourself seated, to sit upright and plant your toes on the bottom along with your knees bent at 90 levels. That, after all, requires strengthening your abs and again muscle mass.

Who knew retaining your hammies flexy required so many shifting elements?

Construct a robust core to assist higher posture with this exercise:


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