An absence of sleep could set off seizures in epilepsy


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Epilepsy is a neurological dysfunction that’s characterised by recurring seizures. The precise reason behind epilepsy shouldn’t be all the time recognized, however it’s regarded as associated to irregular electrical exercise within the mind.

There’s proof to counsel that sleep can have an effect on epilepsy, and epilepsy can contribute to sleep issues.

Sleep deprivation could set off seizures

For folks with epilepsy, sleep deprivation has been linked to an elevated danger of seizures. This can be as a result of sleep deprivation can disrupt the conventional functioning of the mind, resulting in a rise in irregular electrical exercise that may set off seizures.

It’s essential for folks with epilepsy to get sufficient high-quality sleep to assist handle their situation.

Sleep issues linked to epilepsy

As well as, sure sleep issues, equivalent to sleep apnea, have additionally been linked to an elevated danger of epilepsy. Sleep apnea is a situation wherein an individual’s airways turn out to be blocked throughout sleep, interrupting their respiratory. This will trigger the mind to turn out to be oxygen-deprived, which can improve the danger of seizures.

Epilepsy could also be linked to different sleep issues as effectively. One examine discovered that 43 p.c of individuals with epilepsy had clinically important insomnia. On this pattern, researchers discovered that insomnia was related to poor short-term seizure management and worsened high quality of life.

How epilepsy impacts sleep

Whereas sleep issues could have an effect on signs of epilepsy, epilepsy may worsen the power to get good sleep or worsen current sleep issues.

Nighttime seizures can result in sleep disruptions or awakenings. In truth, the Epilepsy Society notes that, for some folks, the consequences of getting a seizure could upset sleep patterns for a number of days.

Additionally, some medicine used to deal with epilepsy could intrude with sleep. Some medicines could make folks sleepier or result in issues falling or staying asleep.

Managing sleep and epilepsy

Getting ample, high-quality sleep could assist to scale back the frequency and severity of seizures in folks with epilepsy. Observe these 14 ideas to enhance your sleep.

Folks with bother sleeping ought to communicate with a well being care supplier to determine the reason for their sleep issues.

Medical evaluate by Rafael J. Sepulveda-Acosta, MD


Authored by: Kate Robards


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