Most consultants take into account the again squat the “king of workouts.”

It will get this moniker as a result of it’s maybe the one finest train for growing each main muscle group in your physique.

That’s solely true should you do it accurately, although. Luckily, that’s exactly what you’ll be taught on this article.

What Is the Barbell Again Squat?

The barbell again squat (or “BB again squat”) is a leg train that entails squatting with a barbell throughout your higher again.

There are two methods to place the bar in your again whilst you squat:

Right here’s how they appear:

back squat with barbell

As a result of the low-bar again squat means that you can leverage your massive leg muscle tissues higher and elevate extra weight, I like to recommend inexperienced persons begin with the low-bar variation. As such, that’s the squat variation we’ll deal with on this article (and the model I like to recommend in my health books for women and men, Larger Leaner Stronger or Thinner Leaner Stronger).

Nonetheless, should you discover the low-bar squat uncomfortable in your shoulders and wrists, the high-bar squat is a superbly viable different. 

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Again Squat: Advantages

1. It trains a number of main muscle teams.

Whereas the again squat with a barbell is primarily a leg train, many additionally take into account it a full-physique train as a result of it trains virtually each main muscle group in your physique.

Particularly, the primary muscle tissues labored by the again squat are the quadriceps, glutes, erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, calves, and abs.

2. It improves athletic efficiency.

The again squat improves your athletic efficiency in 3 ways:

  1. It helps you develop lower-body energy, velocity, and energy.
  2. It trains “hip extension” (shifting your thighs away out of your higher physique), which improves your efficiency in sports activities that contain operating, leaping, climbing, and so forth.
  3. It helps you construct lower-body stability, making you much less liable to damage, so you’ll be able to spend extra time competing and fewer on the sidelines. 

3. It means that you can elevate heavy weights.

The again squat enables you to elevate heavier weights than most different workouts and prompts extra muscle teams throughout your total physique, making it incredible for constructing muscle and energy and burning fats.

It additionally means that you can progress commonly, which is one of the best ways to maximise the muscle- and strength-building, and fat-burning advantages of weightlifting.

back squats with barbell

back barbell squat

Again Squat: Type

One of the simplest ways to learn to again barbell squat is to separate the train into three components: arrange, descend, and squat.

Step 1: Set Up

Modify the hooks in a squat rack so the bar is on the top of your midchest like this:


In case your squat rack has security arms or bars, set them to in regards to the top of your midthigh. Load the bar along with your desired quantity of weight (or not, if the bar alone is sufficient). 

Grip the bar along with your palms dealing with ahead and your arms about 4-to-8 inches wider than shoulder-width aside. 

Place your toes beneath the bar somewhat wider than shoulder-width aside. Then, push your torso below and up towards the underside of the bar so it rests towards the again of your shoulders. 

Pull your shoulder blades collectively and right down to create somewhat “shelf” out of the bony protrusions of your shoulder blades, after which maneuver your torso so the bar nestles into this shelf. 

Unrack the bar by standing up and taking one step again with every foot (one after the other). Modify your squat stance in order that your toes are somewhat wider than shoulder-width aside, and level your toes out about 20-to-25 levels (round one and eleven o’clock). 

Right here’s what you need to appear like from the back and front:

barbell back squats

Step 2: Descend

Take a deep breath into your abdomen, hold your torso upright, push your chest out, brace your core, then push your hips again and bend your knees concurrently. Hold sitting down till your thighs are parallel to the ground or barely decrease.

Should you discover again squatting with a full vary of movement difficult, use the stretches in this text to enhance your hip and ankle mobility and carry out squat variations that permit you to extra simply squat deeply (e.g., Bulgarian cut up squat, entrance squat, and goblet squat) till your flexibility improves.

Squatting in squat sneakers with a raised heel may also assist. Nonetheless, I don’t suggest elevating your heels on weight plates as that is unstable and may improve your danger of damage.

Right here’s how you need to take a look at the underside of the again squat: 

barbell back squat

Step 3: Squat

Drive your toes into the ground, making certain your shoulders transfer upward on the identical charge as your hips—a mirror picture of what you probably did throughout the descent. About midway up, push your hips ahead and beneath the bar to return to the beginning place.  

Right here’s the way it ought to look while you put all of it collectively:

back barbell squat

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