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“The sixth sense” isn’t only a traditional late ’90s M. Night time Shyamalan thriller. It’s additionally a nickname for the mind-body connection we expertise referred to as proprioception. This time period would possibly sound international, but it surely’s at give you the results you want proper now, guiding your physique consciousness in on a regular basis life, affecting the whole lot out of your stability and coordination to your posture

What’s proprioception?

Proprioception, typically known as kinesthesia, is our notion of our physique’s place and motion. Coined by neurophysiologist C.S. Sherrington on the flip of the twentieth century, the time period “proprioception” is a mixture of the latin phrase for “one’s personal” (proprius) and reception. Basically, taking note of ourselves. 

“That is the physique’s approach of taking sensory info from our surroundings to tell us the place [the different parts of our] physique are positioned in house,” says bodily therapist Ashley Taylor, DPT, of Coast Bodily Remedy in San Diego, California.

And in line with the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, “These sensations come up from indicators of sensory receptors within the muscle, pores and skin, and joints, and from central indicators associated to motor output.” Proprioception helps us pay attention to our personal limbs in relation to exterior objects, management our motion by means of the world, and preserve our our bodies correctly aligned.  

Why proprioception issues

“From bettering your response time and pace, to stopping accidents and bettering stability, and even decreasing stress, taking note of—and finetuning—proprioception could be extraordinarily useful to our our bodies in quite a lot of methods,” says Taylor. 

As a result of proprioception can worsen as we age, we could be at increased danger for damage—assume stumbling and twisting an ankle, mistakenly thwacking the sting of the desk, and so forth. Accidents and illnesses comparable to Parkinson’s also can hinder our proprioception. 

5 methods to enhance your proprioception

You’re not doomed to say no, although! “There are workout routines that may enhance your proprioception and strengthen your brain-body connection at any age,” says Taylor. Forward, a number of science-backed and PT-approved workout routines.

Yoga-based stability poses

“Tree pose or a single-leg balancing pose is a wonderful place to start out,” says Taylor. “Stand on one foot and fake someone is pulling an imaginary string up out of your secure foot—from the bottom up by means of the crown of your head.” This may permit you to not solely deal with and enhance your stability, but additionally helps to kind that acute focus, noting how you’re feeling and the place you’re in house.

Watch Lena Dunham observe tree pose together with her yoga teacher Beth Cooke:


Generally referred to as “earthing,” Taylor suggests awakening your bodily physique by means of some barefoot time exterior. “Stroll exterior barefoot and really feel the bottom beneath you, whether or not it is sand or grass or pavement. Stand with each toes on the bottom and get in contact with nature and your self!” Added bonus: stress discount.


“Lateral hops, speed-skaters, or related varieties of train (ultimately shifting as much as plyometrics) might help enhance your basic response time, which in flip might help forestall accidents within the knee or ankle sprains,” says Taylor. “Your physique will be capable of higher adapt to modifications in numerous circumstances, too, comparable to on uneven sand or perhaps a slippery ground.”

Do this traditional plyometric transfer:

Savasana with guided meditation 

Whether or not you utilize an app, a YouTube video, or attend a category, taking a body-scan such as you would on the finish of your yoga observe is considered one of Taylor’s favourite methods to enhance the mind-body pathway. “I personally use such a guided rest to assist myself tune in with every a part of my physique,” says Taylor. “Even simply mendacity on my again, feeling my lungs and rib cage, this can be a observe that not solely might help your proprioception, however will assist mitigate stress as effectively.” 

Tai chi workout routines

A latest research discovered that Tai Chi (an historic Chinese language custom now typically used as light, swish train) was efficient in bettering proprioception in a demographic over 55 years previous, citing “considerably optimistic results” on the decrease limb joints.

Don’t overlook to go to your PT!

If you happen to’re recovering from an damage, or have skilled a neurological change or physiological occasion (comparable to being pregnant), and you are feeling “off” in your proprioception, it’s all the time a good suggestion to examine in with a doctor or bodily therapist. If you happen to really feel significantly injury-prone, having an skilled in your nook might help preserve you protected as you’re employed to enhance stability, notion, and response time.

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