4 Month Outdated Sleep Schedule


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Are you presently holding a cranky 4 month, questioning if there’s a magical 4 month outdated sleep schedule you could comply with?

Are you questioning, “When does my child must go down for his or her subsequent nap?”

“How lengthy ought to my 4 month outdated be awake for?”

Perhaps you’re feeling fully misplaced as a result of there’s not a variety of data on the market particularly a few 4 month outdated’s sleep schedule.

I imply, there’s loads of data on new child sleep schedules and 6 month outdated sleep schedules…… however what a few 4 month outdated?

In this video, I’m going to offer you every part you’ve been trying to find!

I’m going to stroll by way of my complete 4 month outdated sleep schedule together with naps, nighttime, and every part in between.

Fast Info

With a view to rapidly perceive how you can implement the knowledge on this video together with your 4 month outdated, let’s check out some fast info collectively.

4 Month Outdated Sleep Schedule Defined

It’s true that we’re speaking a few “schedule” for the day, however the precise time and size of every nap will fluctuate from everyday, so the 4 month sleep “schedule” acts extra like a routine than a schedule.

At 4 months outdated, your baby can go to mattress for the evening and sleep a complete of 11-12 hours with one optionally available evening waking.

In case your jaw simply dropped once you learn that and your 4 month outdated remains to be waking a number of instances all through the evening, then you want to try my Child Sleep Course HERE. My course walks you thru precisely how you can obtain a full evening of sleep in your child with solely ONE optionally available evening waking for a feeding.

In terms of naps in your 4 month outdated, we’re on the lookout for 4 hours of daytime sleep unfold between 4 naps.

Perhaps every nap is 1 hour lengthy, however the actuality is that your child will most likely take two shorter naps (30-60 minutes) and two longer naps (1-2 hours).

At 4 months outdated, your baby ought to be awake not more than 1.5-1.75 hours at a time.

I promise you that this size of wake window goes to be the candy spot in your child.

Discover I’m not specializing in set nap instances however somewhat on how lengthy your child ought to be awake.

The 4 month outdated schedule doesn’t have set nap instances as a result of it’s constructed round wake home windows and never set nap instances. The size and time of day for every nap will differ a little bit every day, however the routine would be the similar.

For instance, in case your child wakes up at 7:00 AM to begin the day, you are taking a look at an hour and a half wake window earlier than you supply nap 1 round 8:30AM.

Keep in mind, the morning wake window in your child goes to be the shortest wake window of the day.

Beneath is a snapshot of a 4 month outdated’s every day sleep schedule constructed round wake home windows.

4 Month Sleep Schedule

The above nap schedule goes to be your 4 month outdated’s rhythm all through their complete day.

On a 4 nap schedule, you’re most likely considering, “Becca, am I actually alleged to be chained to my home all day, for all 4 naps?!”

Please hear me say, no!

Please don’t keep house all day! Please exit and stay your life.

Go take a stroll, go run some errands.

However right here is my one suggestion – I extremely counsel that you just supply nap 1 and nap 3 within the crib.

This can assist to set you up for some success once you implement a two nap schedule afterward down the highway.

If nap 1 and nap 3 are supplied within the crib, then naps 2 and 4 will be supply them in a child service, stroller, or in within the automotive when you’ve acquired errands to run!

Discover that I didn’t say any of the naps might be supplied on you as a result of the core of our sleep plan is that your child will sleep INDEPENDENTLY, with out assist from you or props.

Impartial sleep can undoubtedly nonetheless occur in stroller or within the child service, however we need to ensure that we’re providing impartial sleep areas somewhat than contact naps as a result of at this age contact naps are going to trigger sleeping disruptions.

As you implement the 4 month outdated sleep schedule together with your child, honor the 1.5-1.75 hour wake home windows and please don’t go previous them.

You shouldn’t be ready in your child to yawn, rub their eyes, or present sleepy cues.

Moderately, you ought to be ready on the clock, following wake home windows with constancy and providing your baby a spot to nap when it’s time.

When Ought to I Feed My Child?

Now that we’ve talked by way of naps and nights, let’s speak about your child’s feeding schedule!

First, let’s acknowledge that the “Eat-Play-Sleep” rhythm could not occur throughout each single wake window.

It’s possible you’ll start the day with an Eat-Play-Sleep mindset, however by nap 3, it’s already out the window as a result of nap 1 was a very good size however nap 2 was solely 20 minutes and your child isn’t able to eat simply but.

At this age, your child ought to be breastfeeding or bottle feeding each 3-4 hours.

Typically, your child would possibly end their feeding after which must go down for his or her subsequent nap 10-20 minutes later – and that’s okay! 

Sleeping and feeding schedules are going to be a little bit completely different for each single youngster.

You’re doubtless going to supply some feedings proper earlier than a nap as soon as and some time and that’s completely okay.

Don’t maintain on to the Eat-Play-Sleep rhythm so tightly you could’t stay your life or take pleasure in your youngster’s candy, fleeting babyhood.

Don’t Settle

Above all else, I would like you to keep in mind that you shouldn’t accept much less sleep simply since you are in a season of “limbo.”

Simply since you not have a sleepy new child or a 6 month outdated on a predictable two-nap schedule doesn’t imply you could’t make sleep at factor!

Personally, I’m particularly enthusiastic about this age as a result of that is when my husband Chad and I discovered my oldest daughter a sleep plan.

We have been in a position to train her to sleep all evening lengthy at 4 months outdated and it was a sport changer for our household.

Once I wakened after my 4 month outdated (who was beforehand waking up each 90 minutes all through the evening) slept a full 12 hours by way of the evening, I needed to inform EVERYBODY.

You may expertise this, too!

You don’t have to attend to make sleep a factor at this age and also you don’t must let the “4 month sleep regression” scare you.

Your child is experiencing a 4 month sleep regression as a result of their sleep cycles are maturing and now could be the PERFECT time to show them how you can self-soothe and sleep independently!

Should you’re prepared to assist your youngster learn to sleep independently, then test my Child Sleep Program HERE to be able to get began together with your youngster’s plan and have it prepared at your fingertips!


Your 4 month outdated could make sleep a factor and have a really perfect, predictable nap schedule for days and nights.

  • Exchange the phrase “schedule” with routine and construct your youngster’s 4 month outdated sleep schedule round their wake home windows (1.5-1.75 hours).
  • The 4 month outdated sleep schedule will be applied as early as 16 weeks from due date.
  • Purpose for 4 naps per day, totaling 4 hours of daytime sleep.
  • 2 of the 4 naps ought to occur in your child’s crib.



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