4 Checks to Resolve Quick Naps


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We’ve all been there – you place your child to sleep for his or her nap and also you’re blissful to lastly have time to hash out some work or clear up the home or possibly simply take a break for an hour and a half.

However then… like clockwork, 29 minutes later or half-hour and even 32 minutes and 45 seconds later, they’re awake!

At present I’m going to provide the 4 checks that we’re going to make use of to resolve your child’s brief naps. They are often so irritating however get able to kiss them goodbye and welcome longer naps!




Earlier than we leap in, let’s discuss why they’re waking up round half-hour after they go down for a nap after which provide you with 4 issues to search for as you’re employed on extending these brief naps.


Nights & naps are completely different. Even the sleep cycle hyperlinks are completely different. 

At night time time, often we’re working at about 90 minutes of sleep cycles they usually repeat all night time lengthy.

Through the day, your child’s sleep cycles are extra like half-hour and for this reason typically proper on that 30 minute mark they’re waking up. It’s as a result of one sleep cycle has ended.

Let’s undergo our guidelines for extending these naps!


There are numerous various things we might look into right here however the major elements we’ll take a look at right now are gentle and noise.


I’m an enormous proponent of TOTAL darkness when it’s time for sleep. For infants and toddlers, they don’t know learn how to learn a clock and so whereas as adults we all know that it’s solely been half-hour, so they need to return to sleep, they don’t know that. They’re awake! And what else is there to do apart from get up, name out for you, and transfer on with the day? Gentle is VERY difficult. But when anybody ever tells me that they’ve brief naps, I’ll at all times ask – is the room tremendous darkish? 

And if it’s not, then we will simply take steps to alter that.

  1. Block daylight from home windows: Even when our eyes are closed, daylight can nonetheless register by closed eyelids and inform our mind it’s time to get up. In case you are in your youngster’s darkened room and you may nonetheless see your palms in entrance of your face and all of the objects within the room, it’s too vivid. (Click on right here to see all my favourite merchandise, together with room darkening options!)
  2. Block gentle coming beneath the door: In case your youngster’s room is all blacked out apart from the door, a very nice method to repair that is placing a fitted sheet across the door or seize a door buffer to assist with effectivity with heating in there.
  3. Cowl any sneaky blue lights: Blue lights are the WORST on the sunshine spectrum in relation to sleep, versus pink lights that are completely effective. Blue lights from issues just like the humidifier will trigger wakings. Flip these on night time mode or cowl them with tape or a post-it to cover the blue gentle.
  4. No extra night time lights: They’re useful when you have got a new child and also you’re coming out and in of the room, but when your night time lights have stayed previous the new child section, flip these off now. They may very well be inflicting your brief naps.


Inside the atmosphere, are we utilizing white noise? White noise is my favourite as a result of it buffers and blocks all of the noise that’s outdoors of the kid’s room and protects that sleeping atmosphere. Right here’s my favourite white noise machine!

In the event you stay in an residence or a apartment and there are shared partitions, having white noise in there’ll assist to resolve and block that out!

Or possibly there are different kids in your house or you have got a busy hallway proper outdoors your youngster’s door – that is one other alternative to place a separate white noise machine outdoors their room.

Be sure you search for a steady loop of noise that lasts all through your youngster’s total relaxation. We don’t wish to play any music or something that principally might run on a monitor after which finish as a result of as soon as it’s over, it might wake your child! 


Typically we discover a 7-month outdated on a 4-month nap schedule and I understand how it will get! Time flies. However you wish to be certain you’re giving your youngster the suitable quantity of awake time earlier than a nap, even when they appear sleepy forward of time. 

In the event that they must be awake 2.5 hours and also you’re solely protecting them up for two as a result of they’re rubbing their eyes and appear sleepy, however then they’re solely sleeping for half-hour once they do go down, that slight adjustment could do the trick.

All of the schedule adjustments as they develop is strictly why we’ve put collectively The Full Schedule Information. You’ll actually have each schedule you’ll ever want fantastically laid out, designed, and able to print off and put throughout your own home so that each month what to do as much as age 3 years outdated. 

That first 12 months particularly, when you’re experiencing numerous brief naps, it may very well be since you’re not utilizing the proper schedule.


I’m the primary to lift my hand right here and say I’m a Sleep Coach NOT a Feeding specialist! So, we positively need you to see a lactation guide or a feeding specialist when you have questions on all issues feeding.

Nonetheless, similar to schedules, time flies. So whereas you could have been utilizing the Eat/Play/Sleep schedule as a new child, now with a 9-month outdated, Eat/Play/Sleep isn’t a factor anymore. It could begin to really feel such as you’re feeding them A TON throughout their awake time as a result of they’re awake for thus lengthy, however that’s regular!

You might be feeding them a bottle earlier than and after a nap along with solids, too. Simply ensure that they’re feeding for nourishment, stay awake. 

Feeding for sleep can truly trigger brief naps.


Typically the infant is having brief naps as a result of they’re getting an excessive amount of nighttime sleep. 

Appears like an excellent downside doesn’t it? Nonetheless, in case your child is sleeping over 12 hours at night time, they’re doubtless stealing the totals from the daytime.

For 0-16 months we’re in search of 11-12 hours of sleep at night time. (For newborns as much as 6 months outdated, they are going to in all probability have an evening time feed or two!) So in case your child is getting 12-13 and even 14 hours of sleep at night time, when you could also be considering that is superb, it may very well be inflicting brief naps.

And if that’s the case, do some math rearranging right here and reduce off their nighttime sleep at 12 hours in order that we will reallocate a few of these hours for the daytime.


Whenever you’re going through brief naps along with your child, be sure you:

  1. Take a look at their sleep atmosphere
  2. Ensure you’re on the proper sleep schedule
  3. Ask your self if child’s consuming on the proper occasions and never waking up hungry
  4. Consider their whole sleep wants together with nights & days




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