2 Hip Flexor Power and Flexibility Workout routines for Tight Hips


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Shakira stated it finest: Hips don’t lie. And if yours have been significantly achy or tight as a consequence of spending much more time sitting down in the course of the pandemic, first know that you simply’re not alone, and second, know that these hip flexor power and suppleness workout routines may also help. Present analysis reveals most American adults spend over eight hours per day sitting (and people findings are from earlier than WFH eradicated every day commutes). Now, many simply need to stroll from the mattress to the lavatory to the kitchen and at last to their work station within the morning, that means you’re not getting as a lot time to stretch and strengthen the muscle tissue round your hips. In consequence, they’re changing into much less cell—therefore why they could pop up in surprising methods once you do attempt to use them.

You’ll doubtless really feel these clicks throughout strikes that contain bending and lengthening your leg, like going from sitting to standing. “When our psoas muscle—what most individuals are referring to after they say hip flexor—will get stiff from not utilizing it by way of its full vary of movement usually, it makes that ‘snapping’ sound,” explains Carolyn Lyons, founding father of Wild Lady Wellness.

Lyons is a private coach who studied train physiology and stresses on social media that tightness within the hip flexors can result in instability within the pelvis, which has a ripple impact alongside the physique. These imbalances usually trigger one aspect of your hip to overcompensate, affecting your posture. Ceaselessly sitting is a serious explanation for tight hip flexors, because the hip stays flexed and is shortened on this place. The excellent news is there are two easy hip flexor power and suppleness workout routines you are able to do (no weights required!) to assist improve your hip mobility and cut back these clicks and creaks.


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1. Seated straight-leg hip flexion

Begin sitting down on the ground along with your legs straight and wider than your shoulders. Place a weight or object (like a small water bottle) on the ground between your calves. Place your proper hand on the ground in between your legs and left hand on the ground to the skin of your left leg. Holding your legs straight, raise your left leg up and over the article, subsequent to the precise, tapping it gently on the ground then returning to your begin place. Purpose for five–10 reps, then change sides.

“[This] hip-flexion train can at all times be made harder by elevating the peak of the factor you raise your leg over or [sitting] towards a wall, which will not can help you lean again,” shares Lyons.

2. Supine straight-leg hip circles

Lie in your again along with your legs straight and arms bent and fingers positioned behind your head. Carry your left leg straight into the air, forming a proper angle to the physique. Utilizing your hip muscle, draw 5–10 tiny circles clockwise after which counterclockwise within the air (protecting your again flat to the ground and limiting physique motion). When you’re completed, change legs and repeat.

“Each of those will be completed two to 3 occasions every week,” says Lyons. “If these are difficult for an individual, I work the strikes into the physique of their exercise as an everyday hip or abs transfer, and as they get stronger with them, I transfer them to their heat up.”

Not solely will these hip-flexor power and suppleness workout routines assist ease your hip clicks and creaks, however analysis reveals that they could assist enhance your operating and leaping, too. For much more profit, take standing and brisk strolling breaks all through the day. Your hip flexors—and posture—will thanks.

To deal with your tight hips to some additional TLC, add this hip-opening yoga movement to your health routine: 

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